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What is the Real Deal with Maine?

Will they be seated? Is the fight still on? It is important to get this straight as so many versions are flying across the media.

Appreciate latest updates as I am looking to write a major blog piece to set the record straight before convention. Please use this thread to hash out the facts. Thanks.

Portland Herald piece:


Posted: August 22
Updated: Today at 3:55 PM
Maine's Ron Paul delegates stand their ground

By Kevin Miller kmiller@mainetoday.com
Washington bureau chief

WASHINGTON – National Republican leaders have recommended that elected Maine delegates who support Ron Paul give up half of their seats at next week's GOP convention or risk losing all 20 because of major problems during the delegate-selection process, a Maine official said Wednesday.

But Paul's delegates insisted they were duly elected and said they were not interested in giving up any seats.

"We reject that," said Matt McDonald, a Paul delegate from Belfast, regarding the latest compromise floated by Republican National Committee officials. "No compromise, no deal."