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Plurality. In how many states did Ron Paul get more votes then Romney ?

If Ron Paul got more votes in 5 states then Romney, then Ron Paul got the plurality in those states, since the other candidates dropped out.
See the definition of "plurality"


Ron Paul got more vote then Romney in North Dakota. So North Dakota should be included in his "plurality". Paul got 3186 vote in North Dakota and Romney got 2691 votes. So between the two candidates left, Ron Paul got the majority of the votes or the plurality between Romney and Paul. Also, Ron Paul won the Virgin Islands. And Ron Paul got more votes then Romney in Minnesota. Paul got 13,282 . Romney got 8240. So North Dakota should be added unto Ron Paul's plurality. The Virgin Islands is not a state so I do not know if that can be added as part of the plurality.

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We can't have it both ways

We can't have it both ways lol.

Even if we did get more votes in those states Romney has the delegates. We're using the argument that we have at least 5 states in which a plurality of the delegates support Ron Paul.

Going off your argument we would only have 2 states then if its based on popular vote.

There shouldn't even be a discussion about this. You simply can't have it going both ways


I understand the OP is looking for loopholes, or at least appearing to.

But the claims the OP makes have no merit in the context of the party rules.

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