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Reach out to Iowa, Oregon, Colorado, even Virginia to submit notarized letters

Our next goal, whatever the campaign staffers think, is to get Dr. Ron Paul the speaking time he deserves at the Republican National Convention.

1. Nevada has jumped on board with the Texas congressman, having already collected over half the signatures from the delgation to nominate Ron Paul: http://www.lasvegassun.com/news/2012/aug/23/nevadas-ron-paul...

2. Chairing the Minnesota delegation is Ron Paul supporter Marianne Stebbins, who says that 32 of the 40 delegates plan to vote for Ron Paul.

3. We all know the liberty lovers in Iowa too well. Be sure that they know that the RNC rules now require delegates to have a pledge 1 hour before the roll call process.

4. Some sort of compromise the campaign has made with the RNC will allow 17 delegates from Louisiana to be seated, the entire Oregon delegation to be seated, and rumors of 5 Massachusetts delegates to be seated. Make sure Oregon delegates understand that the roll call process is entirely different from the ballot voting process: to my friends north of California, it's highl recommended that you create a list of signatures from at least half the delegation and a notarized letter to nominate the good doctor.

5. To Colorado: it's been rumored that we barely have a plurality with 17 to 18 delegates. If we do, we have to reqch out to them, even the Rick Santorum delegates who we worked with in the state to suppress Mitt Romney. Hold some kind of meeting, gather signatures, formalize a letter. Let the RNC know that you want to nominate Dr. Paul.

6. And finally, Virginia. Signatures are probably so crucial in this state because who knows how many stealth supporters there are. Everyone needs to gather the pledges and show your governor that Mitt Romney's not the person we want during roll call.

It's time to line up behind Nevada and Minnesota and do whatever we can to get our leader onto the podium so he can work his magic on the American people.

I'm typing this on my phone at 1 AM. I am that determined to hear him speak.

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Awesome collecting signatures so far

But this is disturbing how they change the rules and put up new hoops to jump through because they are losing and NO ONE WANTS MITT THE TWIT. And changing the rule so close to convention time. Does oromney have to get his states delegates to sign a notarized letter too? If not then we have been punked...

Keepin' it real.