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Marine Veteran Brandon Raub Released, Freedom Through Technology

On August 20,2012, Brandon Raub, Marine Veteran, Citizen of Virginia, was illegally kidnapped by members of the FBI and other Federal “Law” enforcement agencies for Free Speech he made on his Facebook. Authorities, without warrant, detained Brandon, and stated they would hold him for 30 days, against his will.

Whether this unlawful and Unconstitutional arrest is related to NDAA Indefinite detention or not is still to be figured out. The Obama administration is currently refusing to notify Judges if it is illegally enforcing the National Defense Authorization Act, despite being ruled Unconstitutional.

But even without taking into consideration the possible NDAA Indefinite detention link, members of Federal Agencies held Brandon Raub without warrant, and imprisoned him within a government psychiatrist ward with force and against his will, without releasing any information, until wind of the arrest went viral over the internet and throughout social media websites.


LINK: http://livingnotsurviving.com/2012/08/24/brandon-raub-marine...