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Repost: Contact Governor Paul LePage about Maine delegate purge! -Maine delegates please read! -Urgent!

Remember when Paul LePage promised to boycott the RNC if the Maine Ron Paul delegates were not seated? Well, 11 delegates were purged, giving Romney a plurality in the state.

Governor LePage has a lot more influence than we do. He also owes us, as he was elected by the Liberty movement and Tea Party on a socially tolerant, fiscally conservative platform. His approval rating remains low and he'll need to embrace us if he wants a second term. Also, during the Maine caucuses, the only candidates he chose to meet were Romney and Paul, so he clearly has a preference of Paul over Santorum and Gingrich. Paul LePage could well be our last hope.

So what can you do?
You can contact his office by phone:

And if you send it first class, a letter might also be possible:
Office of the Governor
#1 State House Station
Augusta, ME 04333-0001

You can email his office here:

If you are a Maine delegate, especially if you were disqualified, I recommend you attempt a direct phone call or a proper meeting with the Governor, you can arrange this here:
You'll get 10-15 minutes to talk to the Governor on Saturday, between 9-11am. If you want this, you must complete your request TODAY, as the Governor is a busy man.

Remember, be nice and respectful, and talk about the common ground he has with Dr. Paul (the Fed, the IRS, etc). It might also be wise to give him the necessary thanks and compliments for his hard work both in the executive branch and in defending Ron Paul delegates.

He is not our enemy, he is probably among the most, if not the most libertarian Governor in the United States and we should be happy this happened in Maine rather than somewhere with an establishment or Democratic Governor.

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Great idea.

Sweet Liberty

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Also, it'd be helpful if

Also, it'd be helpful if someone could get this message to the Ron Paul Forums or other Ron Paul sites, thanks!