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Post for DP Member ProudAmericanFirst who is in Tampa re: Delegates

"I have limited access as I am in Tampa. I leave this to you, I hope that somebody will turn this post into a thread."


It is incredible that the young generation is fully engaged in this process. Many older folks can learn a thing or two. Likewise, the younger folks can learn from the older folks, there is a lot of school of hard knocks material.

RP did NOT suspend or drop out. He handed the torch to We the People, as our system was designed.

1. I spoke to people "in the know". We MUST do on the floor what we had been preparing all along.

2. Yes, answer the questions AS YOU WISHED THEY WERE ASKED. This is your last opportunity to be heard. Do not waste time or words.

3. It is NOT up to RP or Romney - it is up to the DELEGATES to vote on a nominee.

4. Stand as true Americans. Do not fall or concede to opposition rhetoric. Do what is right for your country!

As the letter that went to delegates stated, it is NOT up to msm , the candidates or their campaign to determine the nominee. That is YOUR job to decide!

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