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Ron Paul or Napolitano for Libertarian VP

I'm so sickened by all these shenanigans with delegates that I think the good Doctor should just sabotage any chance Mitt the Twit has to win by running as Johnson's VP (And I know there is a heated debate about Johnson on here, but that is besides the point). Alternatively Judge Napolitano could be his running mate as well.

Then when Fox and "Friends" start their whining, he could say" I said I had no intentions of running for President in a 3rd party. I've been forced to do this due to your slanted "journalism" and due to Mitt and the GOP cheating me out of my delegates.

This would accomplish hopefully a few things:

1. It would get Johnson polling at 15%+ and get him into the debates. With just 3 people on stage, everyone would be able to see that Obomney and Rombama are the same

2. Dr. Paul or the Judge(even better for a debate), would make Ryan and Biden look like fools. The way they talk about Ryan being a libertarian-leaning conservative is so f'ing laughable

3. Johnson would be able to get at least 5% of the vote which would entitle the libertarian party to $90 million dollars in Federal funding.. a much better use of my tax dollars than droning women and children

Me... I'm still hoping for some kind of miracle for President Paul (Ron that is)

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Ron Paul won't go against his

Ron Paul won't go against his son's endorsement.

Judge Napolitano was already consulted by the Johnson campaign about this and declined.

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