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Ron Paul Sun Dome Rally/ P.A.U.L Festival: Live Stream Links + Open Thread

Noon - 5pm Sunday.

Ron's full speech here.

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It's NOT about Romney

It's about keeping a seat, to which I signed a loyalty oath, and IF I have to vote Romney (note I did not say FOR) I WILL.

WE ARE THE FUTURE OF THE GOP and I will do what I must do to keep that seat so that the next election, I WILL CREDENTIAL DELEGATES.

Keeping the seat is what changes the party. The GOP wants us OUT. You are giving the GOP Neocons what they want, exactly what they want. How is that eliminating the evil?

But Grander

Why hurt your conscience and vote Romney. I voted Obama once and it still hurts and I will not make the same mistake and vote Johnson or Romney or Obama....just warning you.

It's not like that leslymill

If it wasn't for Ron Paul, I would have NEVER joined the GOP. It was NOT easy joining the GOP. My conscience really had a struggle. I actually got sick.

Next step was getting a committee seat. Might not be many of them, but they were ALL against Ron Paul Republican me from getting a seat or being a delegate. I think the effort tweeked my conscience.. the fact they didn't want me.. why not? They needed people. I was a guest for a year, had to petition, qualify, sign oaths.. they put me through the ropes and treated me really shabby hoping I would guit.

But, I wanted to be a delegate, so I didn't quit. Now I'm in.

I'm voting GOP because I am GOP. No one on my committee wanted Romney. We're all in the same boat, and in truth, they are coming around to Ron Paul's perspective.. we just voted on 10 issues,, we went against the state on three..

So for me, this committee work is far more imporatant than a general election vote. and the fact they are coming around... I think we're going do do very well in 2016.

My only regret is not joining the GOP in 07.

Granger,You are a true

You are a true patriot. Thank you for sticking your neck out there and getting the job done. I would have done the same but all the seats were taken. In the mean time, I have mingled and made friends, attended meetings, walked parades, gone to fund raising events and even joined a "club" so the next seat that comes available I will be there to take it. there is a lot of turmoil in my county and a big transition taking place. The good guys are winning but the party is split. The old guard is refusing to back our guys. We are going to lose because of them. That is why it is imperative for this movement to take action. We must become the GOP or we lose. We have had 2 election cycles to get it together. We should be ahead of the game by now but people refuse to listen. Yeah...we can certainly shout lowd and cause a ruckus but this movement is not a protest like "occupy wall street". This needs to be a serious political movement if we expect any results. We're not going to get results by shouting "Ron Paul, Ron Paul, Ron Paul". Come on people! Get involved. Go to the meetings. Take a seat. So next time we have such an opportunity it won't be such a battle.

I had this discussion with

I had this discussion with you once and I for one fully agree with you. This is what Ron Paul asked us to do.

FYI...that is also the reason for Rands enforcement. So suck it Rand haters!

And Rand Gave Quite a Speech

Yesterday....I am so glad there were no haters there booing.
Rand seemed energized and renewed in front of the entire Paul Family.

It was a real feel-good moment.

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

You were there but, we who watched on

livestream or on C-SPAN heard the boos when Carol Paul first introduced Rand. Not at all overwhelming but, enough to be heard us and by the Paul family in attendance. We could see from the look on Rand's face that he was expecting it and dreading it. I'm not sure why there weren't anymore boos later on. It could have been the look his mom shot at the audience or the fact that those people were in the miniority.

In fact, by the time Rand was done with his speech and the crowd was chanting "Rand '16", his mother asked him what they were saying. The look on her face transformed when he gave her the good news.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

The boos were defiantly the

The boos were defiantly the worst part of the rally. I'm glad they were followed by other warm greetings.

Rand knew what he was doing. It took couriage for him to publicly endorce Romney. It was a sacrifice he had to make and he knew the backlash he would receive. People...you must move on. He is playing ball with the power elite. Infiltrate and take over! That is the name of the game. One cannot survive as a politician based solely on principle. Rand needs to be excepted into their club before he can get everyone on board.

Amen to that.

Rand was "excepted into their club before". Because of his courage and sacrifice he is now "accepted" and in a better position to get "everyone on board". That's how to play the game from the inside. His father never did it that way because he didn't have to. This is a new generation and far worse times. Rand did what he had to do for us and our country.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

Thanks for the correction.

Thanks for the correction. And it was a curtious correction! Thanks for not being a jerk.

It's only just begun... (la, la, la)

I earned my stripes. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moneybomb#Eric%20Nordstrom

Y'all remind me of the following: http://gifs.gifbin.com/320sw0sw7847.gif

Good luck.

no need to leave the gop to

no need to leave the gop to vote for Gary Johnson, Stop chasing your tail!

Ron Paul 2016

I'm NOT leaving the RNC!

Its payback time!!! Won't vote for Romney though!!!

Gary won't win...Romney won't

Gary won't win...Romney won't win. We must look to 2016. Take over the GOP seats. It was asked of us for two election cycles now and we have failed. Now do it.

Great Speech!

Rand's speech and introduction of Ron Paul & Ron's speech


Tolerance is the virtue of the man who no longer has anything to believe in....

Just got home from the sun dome.

We had a great time, screamed or selves horse. If we don't pull a rabbit out or hats, who knows what will happen to us by 2016. Whatever the future may hold, I will remain a Ron Paul Republican.

Oh yeah, I got a great picture with Jack Hunter who was just chilling, walking with the rest of us. I love the liberty people , there the best.

Off topic but on any given

Off topic but on any given day I may perform a search on RP sometimes 10 or more times. The other day I was prompted with a Captcha. Apparently I have done too many searches for RP and they want to make sure I am not doing something I'm not suppose to?

I think they are tracking us. Just saying.

Dr. Pauls 's speech

pure brilliance.

Aftermath of Ron Paul Festival and We Are the Future Rally

Since the aftermath of the Ron Paul Festival and We Are the Future Rally at the Sun Dome in Tampa, Florida, re energized my ideals and real activism for liberty.

Now, over two million voters for Ron Paul get educated and redouble our efforts to influence our neighbors and the Republican Party in 2012 and beyond. We must stay the course and volunteer our efforts within the Republican Party leadership. So, from August 26th to election day we need to volunteer to call on the US Senate to Audit the Fed, oppose more bailouts, reduce the debt, lower taxes, reduce the level of regulation, promote local control of education/more parental involvement, and elect candidates that will push the ball in the opposite direction of statism.

Ron Paul and others speakers believe our liberty movement is four to six million people strong, but many of us believe it is bigger. Let us learn from the successes, defeats, and pitfalls of 2007 to 2012 and redouble our efforts to reclaim our republic and restore Constitutional liberty to the United States of America. Do not get discouraged, but remember that are movement is carrying the torch of the founder generations into the 21st century. No matter what the RNC or also known as the Republicans for the Reelection of Barrack Obama do, we will fight. The members of the RNC are individuals just like us and their opinion should not be more important that the average person or Republican registered voter.

Hey, will4,

check this out: http://www.dailypaul.com/251122/the-splendiferous-crash-of-t... I think you'll like it.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

I was impressed by Carl

I was impressed by Carl Bunce's speech because he gave very instructive advice on why and how we need to stay in the party and become the party. Notice how there was not one person who said we should just give up, run away, join another party or the circus, or vote GJ? They all, including RP signaled a continuing effort.

Also, did you catch that part about Dr. Zhivago that RP referenced? He noted how Lara observed to Dr. Zhivaga, "What a terrible time to be alive!" as it dawned on her that they were headed into a dark and dangerous place in history for their lifetimes. RP seemed to allude that we too are at the same crux in our history...but not to despair because we can influence the course toward peace and prosperity. If we do nothing however, well ...so keep going!

nothing is stopping

nothing is stopping republicans from staying republicans and voting against romney by voting for Gary Johnson. Is it that hard to understand that folks can stay in whatever party they want and vote outside their corrupt party. Changing the gop does not involve voting for romney or people who support romney.

Ron Paul 2016

Anyone else catch

RP say, in regard to something else which I can't remember because I focused on this: He said "If I'm not nominated......." I know, I know, but it will not be over until....it's over, and then, as he said "It's just the beginning", and he is right, of course.

I can't tell you, I am still so excited to see what is going to happen this week. As someone else said, history is in the making.

I remember him saying something about

We do have the numbers....don't remember his exact words and cannot say for certain he was speaking of delegates or nomination support or just supporters in general...but it perked me up!

Attention All Delegates! Break your "Binds" and vote for the Constitution in Tampa! Ron Paul 2012

You're right

he did say we have the numbers....excitement!!!

Wow! Just wow! He should

Wow! Just wow! He should focus on doing speeches to keep the liberty fuel flowing now that he is retiring. That is of course if he is not too busy being president!

Carol Paul

said he is going to keep speaking for liberty, so I am sure we will have the pleasure and motivation of listening for some time. I'm sure he wants to make sure the people do not let the freedom movement slip back into oblivion, that they remember we are still in a country under the Constitution.

Remember, An idea whose time has come cannot be stopped by any army, or any government. He gave the credit to Victor Hugo, I believe, but I'm not sure whether it was a quote, or he paraphrased.

Is Cspan replaying the entire

Is Cspan replaying the entire taped segment of the rally or just Ron's speech?