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Co-option - It Was the Only Way We Could be Stopped...

This strategy has been applied by our country here and throughout the world. The communists were famous for it.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: A co-option (also cooptation, co-optation, cooption) is an act of absorbing or assimilating. It is normally used in the context of a group of persons assimilating a weaker or smaller group, with the intention of neutralizing a threat from the weaker group.


To take or assume for one's own use; appropriate: co-opted the criticism by embracing it. To neutralize or win over (an independent minority, for example) through assimilation into an established group or culture.

It was the only way we could be stopped...

Listen to the interviews of Penny Langford Freeman. Listen with your heart. If this is simply a head trip for you, then you will continue to be duped...

Benton, Olson, Fein & company have been brilliant from the beginning of this campaign and it has been excruciating to watch.

Victory, for me, always includes a willingness to face the truth...No Matter What

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Oh boy...

You don't know ANYTHING, let alone the TRUTH if you believe the BIG $$$$ Holocau$t(tm) myth was an historical event.

The BIG $$$$ holocau$t(TM) myth is the FOUNDATIONAL LIE on which the NEW WORLD ORDER IS BEING BUILT.

The gospel of Jesus Christ IS NO MORE.

Now you must accept the Holocau$t(tm) myth and the 9/11 myth-THE TWIN TOWERS of the new world order, otherwise you are a terrorist, and a NAZI.

Well I'm not a terrorist or a NAZI, I am just an OBJECTIVE RESEARCHER who has spent HUNDREDS of hours verifying my initial conclusion(which only took me 5 minutes to reach, any other objective observer would come to the same conclusion, the problem is hardly anybody is brave enough to be ABSOLUTELY OBJECTIVE) that the Holocau&t story every American is taught in school is completely bogus.

I have talked to many hundreds of people about my findings, and very few are there INDEED who have ever contemplated the notion that the Holocau$t(tm) was just a FALSE FLAG EVENT.

And why not? Why should this ONE EVENT be merely accepted?

Just as there is no physical evidence that 9/11 happened the way the government and the media claim, no air planes, no black boxes, no bodies, there is also NO physical evidence the Holocaust happened the way the government and the media claim, NO MASS BURIAL SITES where the ashes of 6 million, or 4 million or 1 million people have memorials built on their remains.

Believe me, NOTHING IS GOING to change so long as that Holocau$t lie is still accepted as truth. The Holocau$t(tm) myth is a turkey that would have died it's natural death at the end of WWII, but a turkey that lays golden eggs you just can't let die...

Maybe not a terrorist or a nazi,

Just insane. And really not helping things.

When I was a kid, there was an old lady who used to babysit me and my brother. A Holocaust survivor. You're telling me that she was just making things up when she told me about being forced into a ghetto, then forced into a boxcar, and then forced into a concentration camp? It was a hell of an acting job, apparently.

Heads of State do genocides all the time and we're supposed to believe you when you say the Holocaust is made up? By the way, the Holocaust is only the most recent genocide against Jews. If you need some evidence for this, go DuckDuckGo the term "genetic bottlenecks" and "Tay-Sachs disease".

I recognize your right to be wrong, but wow. Change is coming no matter what we believe.

Of course you can't argue the facts, so you devolve into a Zomne

I'm not telling you she didn't ride a train to an internment camp, I'm telling you she didn't take a Zyclon-B 'shower'...NOBODY DID!

What I am also telling you is you can't argue the FACTS concerning the Holocau$t(tm) TOTAL LIE, so you will make personal attacks against me.

Of course you can't see that you are blind...

Fein is ok as far as I know.

I haven't seen any evidence that Bruce Fein has
compromised himself.

Jesse Benton has been a d.b. scum from the get-go.

Please Read This


and let me know what you think

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. Martin Luther King Jr.