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Romney Campaign: The second day of the Republican convention will feature a video tribute to Ron Paul

The Romney Campaign: The second day of the

By Justin Sink - 08/24/12 10:42 AM ET

The second day of the Republican convention will feature a video tribute to Ron Paul, the Romney campaign announced Friday.

The film is one of many accommodations for the former Republican presidential hopeful and his network of supporters at the convention. Paul's son, freshman Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), will be speaking on Monday, and the Texas lawmaker himself is planning a day-long rally with supporters on the Sunday proceeding the convention.

"While they certainly disagree on many issues, they have always had, if you watch the debates, a lot of mutual respect between them. Congressman Paul's people came to us and said they'd like to do a small tribute to him, and we said absolutely," said Romney adviser Russ Schriefer during a conference call with reporters.

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We all knew this was coming, but do they know the rEVOLution is?

At least the real rEVOLutionaries will be at the RNC and not crying about money and boohooing about Paul.

Is America worth it or not?

It would be a shame if Code Pink has a larger presence.

Fight the Ron Paul blackout on the Daily Paul (now 'P AU L'), put his removed poster back as your avatar:

They will be there

And, as usual, they will be ignored and have no meaningful impact on anything. Maybe they will get enough libertarian presence that the media makes the republican party out to be a libertarian organization. Then if romney is elected and the inevitable continuation of crap continues, it can be blamed squarely on libertarianism or a decrease in government. This is a huge setback for liberty.

lol some cheese with that whine?

I make impacts on things other than keyboards.

It's called meeting up in real life and doing things.

We have the plans, we just need the people.

Viva la rEVOLution!

Fight the Ron Paul blackout on the Daily Paul (now 'P AU L'), put his removed poster back as your avatar:


good luck with that.


All this hard work within the political system really works! Now Ron Paul can be part of the Romney Campaign!

THAT is the REAL purpose of the Tribute

video. They are hoping the less discerning masses will simply think Ron Paul is all about Rombama.


These people are the all encompassing embodiment of absolute Scum. Honestly the only reason I can accept that Ron would even put himself near this filth is because of his love for Jesus and to love thy enemies and to forgive is divine. After all of the absolute fraud and corruption that has been seen. This is just insulting. I am so glad this election is going to be over soon. I cannot wait to rid myself of this filth..

"I have found that being rich is not about having the most but about needing the least"

You can take that video

And shove it up somewhere nice you filthy cheaters. I'm done with this good for nothing party

Obi-Wan remembered

All across America, viewers will be asking, "When did he die?".

Honesty and integrity mean a lot to me.

Honesty and integrity mean a lot to me. Willard Romney has none . The fact they will not let Dr. Paul speak is simply disgraceful. On top of that , the fact that the voting was moved up to Monday to be sure delegates were not swayed by learning the truth from talking to Paul delegates is a sign of weakness.

I would like nothing better than to watch Willard Romney come up short when the votes are cast. I would like to think that the actions taken by the Romney camp have left a large number of his supporters with a bad taste in their mouths towards Willard Romney.

A brokered convention with a floor fight would be fine with me.

There is no way I can vote for Romney .

Its up to the delegates .

Tin Pan Miner

Everything the Republican establishment does show how

desperate and weak they have become. Rigging the vote, cheating, changing the rules mid-game, denying Paul a speech, moving up the nomination, etc. They are motivated by fear and distress.

They are weak and dying. Our liberty movement is growing. We are here to stay and WE are the future. Their dirty deeds will not save them but will backfire on them.

Ann in Florida

Cyril's picture



"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

Dr. Ron Paul

has been silent and is resting because he is going to have a hard two months of campaigning against Obama. GIVE EM HELL AT THE CONVENTION DELEGATES!!!!

Make sure every single party elite and insider knows that Romney doesn't have a prayer of winning.

Yes "Small" is Not Appropriate

...however "tribute" is. Hopefully our delegates will not be so disrespectful to Dr. Paul as to chant or leave or in any other way dishonor a tribute to Ron Paul. How could anyone view Ron Paul on a video and boo?

If you so do (and I do not believe the delegates will) you may well be the only prime time RP coverage other than snippets from the party down the street.

After all, he has stated that at the Sun Dome he will be delivering the speech they did not want him to give at the convention. We will hear it. We will hear his message to us.

Grass roots support is our hope. This convention and how Ron Paul supporters present themselves (honorable RP worthy behavior) is almost as important as the Sun Dome speech (the message).

Future relevance of this grassroots movement will be defined by your behavior and either strengthen the movement or or make the road ahead much more difficult.

I encourage you to do the right thing. That is not rolling over despite what many plants and operatives on the DP are saying.


If the Tribute is Aired, I think All Ron Paul Supporters should

chant "President Paul". 1. Blowback to Romney, RNC & GOP 2. Media is likely show a clip of Ron Paul tribute and his supporters chanting as it will be a news worthy event to cover.


C_T_CZ's picture

The Champion Of The Constitution

Deserves way more than a "video tribute". He deserves the nomination.

Screw these GOP beyotches.

Proclaim LIBERTY throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof

Is this when we all start shouting PRESIDENT PAUL!


Somehow it won't be the same if its just a video....


shout all you want

if the voting is on the first day and the video is being shown on the second day as the post says. If the video is being put together by the GOP or Romney Campaign we would probably be better off it not even be shown! Is this the sort of compromises the Paul campaign negotiated for to give up his delegates?


I hope they do ! Maybe not shout but if supporters in a normal voice together say it, it will be heard
and respectful to our "President Paul".

They can take their "Tribute"...

and shove it where the sun doesn't shine! They suck, and I will NEVER vote for Romney!

Horribly insulting!

We should respond to this gesture with a great big F U!

Looking back on it, I wish Ron would have went to the Libertarian Party after Super Tuesday...maybe we can take over that party because the fix is in at the GOP...don't see us taking it over in my lifetime.

I wish I could double down vote

Now THAT is not what RP has told us. Look how far we've come in such a short time. IF rebuilding the GOP with men of conviction is what is supposed to happen, it can and will happen in a shorter time than many think!

It will happen when men refuse to compromise.

I am for peace: but when I speak, they are for war. Ps 120:7
Better to be divided by truth than united in error.
"I am the door." -Jesus Christ


$30 million donated, almost 3 million votes and 40 years of defending liberty and he gets a tribute video and all his delegates' credentials revoked. Sounds fair.

Write in Ron Paul

or don't vote at all... Never compromise basic principles of liberty, that is how we got into this mess in the first place starting some 100 years ago...

Just don't vote for Romney

I cannot see how anyone that supports Ron Paul and truly understands why they support Ron Paul would ever vote for Romney.

We have been talking about ending the Fed for decades, they have been laughing at us.
We have been talking about small gov for decades, gov just grows and grows under either R or D.
We have been talking about natural rights for decades, they honestly don't know what that means.
We have been talking about individual liberty for decades, they cannot wait to install more body scanners to keep everyone safe.

How can you consider supporting Romney. Working with the GOP for 2012 has become a lost cause dont putt a Granger and get co-opted. It just doesn't make any rational sense. The only way to stop the spending is to end the Fed and on that there can be NO COMPROMISE. And trust me Romney has never seen a compromise he didn't like....

Oh please! Who cares?

Oh please! Who cares?

Insulting & U-N-A-C-C-E-P-T-A-B-L-E!

If the RNC can not allow Paul to make an uncensored statement, I don't want some contrived "tribute" created by the people who belittled Paul, abused their positions to cheat and exclude his supporters, and finally - stripped his duly elected delegates of their seats! "Accommodation", my ass!

Keep your tribute RNC!

Just complete convention business, and know that this is the last time the RNC will be holding a celebratory infomercial that is partially funded by the same taxpayers you hinder from having any real representation.





"We know we bent you over this whole process without any Vaseline so we'd like to give you a reach around to make up for it."