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Ron Paul Tribute Film - Per Huffpo

Huffpo says Ron Paul supporters approached the GOP with the idea of a tribute film. 4 years of repressed emotions spilled out of me in their comments section... I think I was the first comment (it's awaiting moderation of course LOL ) My feelings posted below:

"Color me stupid, but I'm a Ron Paul supporter and I'd rather have Ron speak in person myself. I here that Ron's in town, something about he just sold out a 10,000+ Tampa stadium next door and will be speaking there live, and in living color."

http://www. huffingtonpost .com/2012/08/24/republican-convention-ron-paul_n_1827789.html

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Here's what they are saying, Jesse Benton, you f'n goop.

"I would have bet against Ron Paul (or his supporters) allowing such a demeaning demonstration of boot licking.
I would have lost. "


How do you all feel about Playing Nice with these Sunzabidges now?

It's time for you all to GET MAD!

They posted my rant....

This whole video tribute rubs me the wrong way.

Laugh Hard, Hang Tough, Lend a Hand
Ramblin Randy

Fanned and Faved

Huffpost has pretty much blacked out RP all summer. It used to be possible to have discussions there but now every comment takes 15 minutes to be posted.

They were never going to let him speak unless he endorsed Mitt. His message is not the one they want the public to hear.

Me too and I wish Ron would reject them doing it.

If he's not good enough to let his delegates be seated, and he's not good enough to give respect to for two plus decades, and he's not good enough to invite to your damn convention then...

Your not good enough to show my image on the screen!