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Maine Delegation Thrown Out

The RNC has voted NOT to seat the elected Maine delegation, and NOT to follow rule 13 which will allow the remaining five delegates to vote on who to seat in Tampa.

The RNC will choose the delegates from Maine.

The Honorable Paul LePage, Governor of Maine will not be attending the GOP Convention.

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Why voting for Romney

was ever an option when Libertarian Party is registered in 50 states for November?

of course our amazing delegates

... will pull off a miracle by talking with the other delegates as has been the way for over a century... oh wait ... the RNC is taking very deliberate steps to keep our delegates away from the other delegates. Only a couple of days to outdo that tactic... let's put our forumheads and superhuman creativity together and get 'er done

full disclosure: I've got me some roots in Maine down east


I've got me some roots in Casco Bay.

I agree. Behavior is the

I agree. Behavior is the strong indicator of character. The RNC, Romney, and some staff within the Paul campaign have exposed their questionable character.

We all knew this would happen--STOP ACTING SURPISED

Ron Paul's plan is working because it relies on losing to win and requires civil disobedience. Ever heard of Gandhi or MLK?

Maybe you need a refresher course because they are miles away from Washington, Jefferson and the violence they endured.

The oliGOP is exposed every time they do something like this.

Crying and pouting about how you're going to unregeister or vote GJ/Obama is DOING WHAT THE oliGOP WANTS.

The olGOP is a one party system with different heads. Their goal is business as usual.

Get serious and suck it up already. This is a rEVOLution--how many of you have a broken hip or have been arrested for America yet?

This thing is just getting started.

Fight the Ron Paul blackout on the Daily Paul (now 'P AU L'), put his removed poster back as your avatar:

Very sleek

to compare Gary Johnson with Obama.

You feel contempt for you.

PS, you also lie that we all knew. I have never seen post from you predicting Maine fate. Benn Swan, TMOT, MatLarson10 all were singing super optimistic songs until recently. They were even selling us "lawyers for RP" magic.

I was thinking

the same thing. Remember, it took 40 years (1968-2008) for the leftists to take over the Democratic party. They never gave up; just kept on infiltrating until they owned it.

It just shows the GOP are

It just shows the GOP are learning just as the liberty movement has learned. In Ron Paul's first run for president he learned he needed to be part of the two party system to stand a chance. In his second bid he learned the only chance was the delegate system. This time we have learned they will stop at nothing to hold power. The rule changes have made it impossible to beat the establishment as the popular vote will now rule the delegates. How do you propose we fix the rigged electronic machines? No longer will the only fair vote of paper and hand count caucuses be available. It appears the GOP has learned as much as we have from this cycle.

I have mocked the Johnson supporters all along... Upset they keep pushing him on us before the vote is done in Tampa. I'm starting to think they may have the answer. Not that Johnson will be elected but, if we can get enough support behind the Libertarian party we may have much more of a chance than trying to join a GOP who will do anything to keep us out. It's to early for this.. Next week will tell all.

Conservatives are not LIBERTARIANS

A lot of 'modern' libertarians are:

-atheists who hate religion
-believe in pure globalism with a country without borders
-pro-amnesty/illegal immigration
-pro NAFTA/China/'free trade'
-pro-corporations are people
-pro war as long as they twist it as being 'forced' to defend individuals

The Libertarian party is a joke overall run by corrupt elites and fueled by utopian idealists.

Fight the Ron Paul blackout on the Daily Paul (now 'P AU L'), put his removed poster back as your avatar:

My point is that the Libertarian is just as Corrupt

You can't have a country without borders.

Otherwise you just have an international zone UNDER THE CONTROL OF FOREIGN GOVERNMENTS.

The whole scape-goating illegals is just a strawman. If you want to live in a country without borders that means that everywhere, ie China, is now your country and your people. Do you think the Chinese are going to go along with your Utopia? If you moved all the people from China into the USA would it still be the USA? Really?

Sorry, reality says the whole thought process is broken and is willfully ignorant of culture, identity, and sectarian divides.

I can't debunk all of Libertarian utopia in one comment though. Feel free to use google to fill in the blanks.

Fight the Ron Paul blackout on the Daily Paul (now 'P AU L'), put his removed poster back as your avatar:

pretty much like a lot of 'modern'

Republicans and Democrats then? lol!

No party is monolithic. I am Republican but I almost throw up a little every time I say that... I identify more with the Republican principles than I do with those of any other party. It's most of the rest of the "Republicans" these days who don't! I am much more liberty-minded than almost all of the Republicans I know personally, but I am not a Libertarian.

I felt compelled to respond to this one...

...being that I'm a member of LP of Florida and Libertarian National Committee, so let's address this one by one:
-atheists who hate religion: I'm an Orthodox Christian, but I would never imagine immoral representatives anywhere dictating their version of morality on anyone,.
-believe in pure globalism with a country without borders: Libertarians always have to focus on the way things ought to be, irrespective of what they are now. Though I personally hope that one day artificial borders drawn by the governments will stop being the sources of our divides, I also understand the reality we live in. The reason why borders and immigration has become such a hot topic, is because we've compromised (in a bi-partisan way) our way to bankruptcy, and it's a lot easier to blame immigration that works for substandard wages (thanks to the big corporations that hire them) than look in the mirror to find the people who consented to the "leaders" not enforcing the border policies.
-pro-amnesty/illegal immigration - Same as "borders"
-pro-abortion: Libertarians as pro-choice on everything, as long as your choice doesn't violate someone else's freedoms or property. This stems from the fact that unlike DemoPublicans, Libertarians want to treat you as an adult responsible for the choices you make for yourself.
-pro NAFTA/China/'free trade': NAFTA/CAFTA are NOT examples of free-trade, but rather government managed trade. All Libertarians will object to anything "managed" (or mismanaged by the government bureaucrats)
-pro-corporations are people: Freedom of association is enshrined in the Constitution, and as such, Libertarians support the association knows as "corporation". However, since we believe in equality of all under the law, if the corporation mismanages investor's funds or commits fraud, they should go bankrupt without any possibility of being bailed out like our current two party duopoly practices.
-pro war as long as they twist it as being 'forced' to defend individuals: No war in history has ever been waged in the name of individual, and no war in the history was declared by a common individual outside of government power circles. Individuals do not go to war. Criminal organizations such as drug cartels, governments and pimp unions do. War is hell. Since I've personally experienced it, I can attest to that. Since Libertarians treat ever life as sacred, we do not rush in to send our sons and daughters to war to protect the interests of multinational corporations. If it gets to war, that means that we've all already lost, since no war ever proves who was right - only who was left.
I am sorry some republicans and democrats still have this silly opinion about Libertarians in general, but most of the people of the USA identify themselves as "fiscally conservative and socially liberal". That description doesn't make them republican or democrat. That description makes them libertarian. The streak that founded and made this country great.
I believe we can reclaim it.

In Liberty!

I am

I am:

- an atheist who isn't a fan of religion (not biased against religious people so long as they aren't forcing religion on anyone
- someone who believes in an ideal society we would have open borders (ideal = no welfare state so no reason to limit immigration)
- pro-choice (no one is pro-abortion)

Looks like a meet three of your criteria that you implying makes me not a legitimate liberty advocate. Sorry that I was a fake. I'll make my Romney signs this weekend.

Sounds much like what we have

Sounds much like what we have now! We need another answer then.... The GOP isn't it... The scope of the rule changes today make that very clear. The number one issue for everyone should be these electronic machines..... Nothing will ever change when a vote isn't fairly counted.

Goodbye RNC.

Goodbye RNC.

It must be fun being able to

It must be fun being able to make up the rules as you go along. Wait until the Liberty movement has thrown out all of these cowards.. we could have a rule that states 'Neocons who want to attend GOP functions must do so wearing a dunce cap'.

Sorry to hear this Ginger, been thinking of your group all week since this hit the news.

It's Trulely Sickening!

We all worked so hard and we played by their rules. And, this Private Party no longer represents the voters of America. The lessor of the two evils continues.

And, as of today the platform has new rules that will never again allow allocation of delegates in the causus states. Both parties select their own candidates and the voters voices are silenced to the Liberty Constitutional Candidates.

There will be no 2016 for me..

Now, they will come after us. Most of us will have to find refuge in caves. The rein of terror is about to begin. When it happens, you won't believe it. It is going to get horrible..

This is how republics end. They end badly..There will be blood everywhere..


that made my stomach turn... the gut feeling should never be ignored :/

I don't believe some of these post until you see facts,

but just received word from our Minnesota delegation that this story is correct. It's just sicking that you play a fair game and the elite still pull the strings. It sounds like its not going well as far a the ruling committee.

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I know it's a long shot but

I know it's a long shot but is it too late for RP to run as an independent?

On the inside, I'm still standing up!!

A little boy got himself in trouble with Mom as little boys often do and he was firmly told to sit down and be quiet.

The little fellow had a stubborn streak and flatly refused. Mother became even more firm and told him to sit down before he got into more trouble than he was already in.

Reluctantly, he plopped down in the chair and declared, “Ok, on the outside I’m sitting down, but in the inside I’m still standing up!”


Mitt Romney may be declared the GOP nominee. And the GOP may tell us all to sit down and take it.

Mitt Romney may be the GOP's guy, but Ron Paul is the President of the United States by the will of the people!

Whenever there is a yoke of oppression on a generation, someone will always rise up to destroy it.

I remember the state

I remember the state convention, and how hard the Paul delegates worked legally to get those delegate seats while we were all watching and cheering from the sidelines. This is sickening. Karma is a biatch Charlie Webster.

Take to convention floor

Let governor speak for the delegates

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Don't believe the governor

Don't believe the governor will be there.

I am going to wait until we hear from Paul

I really don't know what's going on, who's cutting a deal with whom and what power Paul has in these talks.

No deal

There was no deal struck. Romney and Priebus STOLE them from we the people.

I believe they still get 10.

I believe they still get 10. Am I right?

I think this is the reason other deals were recently cut because the campaign knew the contests would be lost.

I do think they can vote on the rulings...but I don't think that will be any different.