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When Republicans Become Democrats

There are many different ways to define the differences between a republic and a democracy, but at the core is this:

A Republic is ruled by the Law, a Democracy is ruled by the Majority.

That may seem a simple explanation, but it is a core issue. Benjamin Franklin is frequently attributed to this quote and he may not have said it, but I like it:

Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote.

And this brings us to the Republican Party, the Committee on Contests, and the states of Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, and Oregon. Four of these states are under challenge and are represented by the Ron Paul campaign on one side and the GOP/Team Romney on the other. One is an orphan, and that is Oklahoma. It is represented by non-attorney (that would be "regular people") representatives, and all of their fillings were assembled by non-attorneys (although they were sent to Herb Titus and William Olson of www.lawandfreedom.com for review).

In all cases, all decisions by the Committee on Contests and the RNC went in favor of the Team Romney side, and against the Ron Paul side (and the grassroots activists from Oklahoma). Today, the Credentials Committee of the Republican National Convention - which is a different group than the Republican National Committee - is hearing a final appeal to the Rules. Rules are the Laws an organization is governed by.

If one person has the Rules (or the Law) on their side in a Republic, they should win. All members of the political process - especially Delegates to Conventions - have a duty as citizens, and a duty to those they represent, to stand for the Law (and the Rules).

What do you call a Republican who violates the Rules in favor of the majority?

A democrat.

UPDATE - The State of Maine just had their legally, lawfully elected Delegates and Alternates replaced by the Republican National Committee and the Credentials Committee of the Republican National Convention. So much for the Right of States to select their representation.

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Makes perfect sense.

Just goes to prove once again...left wing, right wing, same bird.=/

I guess it was officially when GHWBush started IDU

The Republican Party in the USA is part of a larger INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION started by GHWBush while he was the Republican Vice President of the United States of America.

The organization is called the INTERNATIONAL DEMOCRAT UNION. They get together and discuss policy and procedures to basically create an international voting block that would support UN initiatives.

This may explain GHWBush's famous NEW WORLD ORDER speech
(That man should have been impeached right then.)

And it may explain why the Republicans were debating sex education during the creation of the Party platform this week and why they support NDAA. And why they would choose nearly impossible to differentiate Romney as the GOP Nominee to oppose Obama.

It may also explain why Ron Paul endorsed like every third party candidate he could think of last election.

NOTE: Iceland on the chart at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Democrat_Union
This organization is in the minority now -that tells you that they used to be in the majority and tells you what the IDU stands for.

That's right. The Republicans really are Democrats.




Thank you for the update

I will be using the quote you provided at my own commitee:

What do you call a Republican who violates the Rules in favor of the majority?

A democrat.