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Thank You Gov. LePage for standing with Ron Paul

The RNC credentials committee has just ruled against seating the entire delegation from Maine. Cody Morgan sent us this message.

Thank you Gov. LePage for standing with me and the rest of the Maine GOP delegation. Being in Tampa now, the news hurts being $3,500 invested in the process, but as the appeals process continues, we hope that the Republican party of this great nation will come to realize the injustice aimed towards us, and will remedy the situation by allowing the duly elected delegation of Maine to be fully seated at the 2012 RNC. Once again, Gov. LePage, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Very Respectfully,
Cody Morgan, 19, Alternate Delegate Maine 2012 RNC

P.S. The good news: Gov. Paul LePage (keeping his word) will not be attending the Republican National Convention due to the last vote taken at the Credentials Committee.

More: http://iroots.org/2012/08/24/live-updates-from-ron-paul-dele...

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LePage 2016?

Maybe its worth a consideration?

Not really. He took the

Not really. He took the governorship with little over 30%. He doesn't have a large fan base here.

I hope LePage bails.

He is too good for the GOP.


...let's hope all our friends bail from the GOP, then next time we won't win a single delegate! That'll really show em! /sarc

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

were low on a key ingredient...press coverage

Will he bring these events to light? Where are the interviews?

This is important but i imagine not many have any clue what is happening except us Ron Paul supporters.


The GOP is a club and is at present not following it's own rules. I hate to resort to recommending lawsuits, but this seems to be the only way to reign in a club that seems incapable of regulating itself. Some Maine delegates have already started this process. I would recommend and hope Oklahoma, Louisiana as well as Arizona and Indiana delegates would follow the same path. This is not just about Paul this is about our U.S. election process.

Any chance that a suit

Any chance that a suit against the RNC by the delegates to recoup their financial losses and expenses could prevail? I think the delegates ought to get reiumbursed by the RNC and it doesn't hurt to attack the RNC from every angle.

I think this plus everything else just goes to show that our movement needs to focus on getting the laws of elections, debates, parties, campaign finance matching contributions changed. Anything that gives gov't financial compensation or any advantage to any party or individual must be halted. The money needs to stop flowing to these criminals. If the RNC is a private party then it needs to self finance and it needs to compete fairly against other contenders.

In addition to getting involved and overhauling things, repealing bad laws and taxes, and running competent candidates, getting unfair advantage out of the private parties should be a priority for our movement between elections.

i also think a suit to recoup the taxpayer money they recieved

i also think a suit to recoup the taxpayer money they recieved for the convention since it is, and considering their recent rule changes isnt really a convention, but just a big party. Let the RNC and DNC pay their own way

Attention All Delegates! Break your "Binds" and vote for the Constitution in Tampa! Ron Paul 2012

Did LePage get to keep his

Did LePage get to keep his own Delgate status?

No, he is being replaced with

No, he is being replaced with a Romney alternate.

Are you serious they even

Are you serious they even stripped LePage's Delegate Status? Did he let them or did they just take it? And who is "they" that did all this & who OK'd it?

He wasn't stripped. He chose

He wasn't stripped. He chose not to attend, so he is being replaced with an alternate.

Was he the only Ron Paul

Was he the only Ron Paul Delegate that was not stripped?

No. He was a Romney delegate.

No. He was a Romney delegate. There were 20 Ron Paul delegates, 10 were stripped. 2 delegates were already Romney supporters. So in total, it's 12-10 in Maine now.

No, there are 24 delegates. 4

No, there are 24 delegates. 4 were unchallenged. LePage was slated for RP. It's 14-10 in favor of Romster now.

What's the source for LePage

What's the source for LePage being an RP delegate? Pretty much every site says he was a Romney supporter.

Thanks for the correction btw.

I'll try to find you a

I'll try to find you a source. I'm using my phone so I'll have to get to a computer. Basically, he never came out to support anybody in particular. He's been kind of mum on it. I think for political reasons of course. We had him on our slate during the convention, not that it matters anymore considering we lost half our slate anyway.

LePage should of keep his

LePage should of keep his Delegate Status, go to the RNC to cast his vote for Ron Paul.

The governor isn't going

The governor isn't going because he is allowing this to happen.... from the distance... If he had any back bone he would be in Tampa speaking out and supporting the elected delegates... he is no hero!

I Agree with you! He Probably Didn't Care About going to Tampa

in the first place and this gave him the perfect opportunity to bail out.


He's doing what he promised

He's doing what he promised and is risking his relationship with the establishment. Good enough for most people.

Now That He Is Supporting Romney, he hasn't hurt his relation-

ship one bit. Just my two cents. He's a libertarian? I would have expected him to endorse Ron Paul and he never did. I think like most politicians, they will do and say anything to get elected, and Mitt is no different, in fact, Mitt the flip flopper is one of the worst politicians.


Where do you figure he's

Where do you figure he's supporting Romney? He wont even go to the convention. How is that support?

My Opinion, He Is Trying to Appease As Many People as Possible

to stay in office. Who has he endorsed? If he hasn't endorsed anyone, why not? If people are going to run for office they need to come out and let everyone know who they back.


He's playing the game... Why

He's playing the game... Why isn't he in Tampa talking to the press? Okay then he can talk to the press in Maine.... ?????

Paul LePage 2014! LePage

Paul LePage 2014!

LePage campaigned as a libertarian and has now proved himself to be one. It's sad the RNC won't listen to him, but at least he's kept his promise. The only reason he's supporting Romney is the same reason Rand is.

Or at least - thank you Gov LePage for standing up for the RULES

Because this is something many others in the GOP refuse to do. They make rules, and if they don't like the outcome they simply either break the rules or rewrite them, after the fact. Shameful.

that loyalty virtually

that loyalty virtually guarantees his re election.

If He Was Real Loyal and a Real Patriot He Would Be Supporting

Ron Paul and endorsing him. So impressed that Ron Paul hasn't endorsed Mitt and with his past record, I believe we can count on him not to endorse Mitt. All of the candidates and elected officials are sell outs. Mitt will not turn this country around nor will Obama.


Before we pat Lepage on the back too much..

I am hopeful that we can put this behind us and focus on the real issues affecting our nation. Our nation’s economy is struggling to recover and Governor Romney has put forward an agenda that will help us turn it around. “ – Governor Paul LePage