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Rand Paul's Fight to Legalize Industrial Hemp

The United States of America is the ONLY industrialized nation that does not permit the growing or production of industrialized hemp. Please read the first sentence again if your jaw did not drop to the floor. The United States Government does not exactly practice what is preaches when it advertises herself as being the “land of the free”. Thankfully, Senator Rand Paul from Kentucky has added energy to the fight to turn back the clock and make industrialized hemp growth legal in America again.

Earlier this month Senator Paul, a Republican, teamed up with Senators Ron Wyden, Bernie Sanders, and Jeff Merkley to introduce Senate Bill 3501. The bill would amend the Controlled Substances Act to exclude industrial hemp from the definition of marijuana. This would allow farmers to legally grow industrial hemp and clearly differentiate hemp from marijuana. Ron Paul always says that liberty brings people together, and the group of Senators that support this bill is a prime example of how the message of liberty unifies different ideologies. It’s not every day that a Republican, two Democrats, and a Socialist agree on anything!

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for legalizing freedom

Time to start building mills and bio-deseil refinery's


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Supreme Bump for Industrial Hemp...

This is a brand new supreme bump for Industrial Hemp in the United States of America.