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2 US gov officials ambushed and shot in mexico

Fox just reported that two government officials have been shot and wounded in Mexico after their armored vehicle was 'riddled with bullets'.

Apparently there was also a Mexican Navy captain in the vehicle as well and was not injured in the ambush.

San Francisco Chronicle is reporting now as well. They still will not say who they were or what agency they were from, just they they were not FBI or DEA agents.


I *think* fox originally said reported they were dead. Guess we'll have to wait for youtube to see

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nice find - updated post

nice find - updated post

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Coming Attraction...

"The Empire Strikes Back"

Let's Declare War!

Oh, I forgot, we don't need to. Send in the drones!

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I hear the attack

Was very fast and very furious.

To my Liberal Trolls:
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Nice One


Mexican or US govt?


US - fixed the title

US - fixed the title

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Hey, thanks for the update.

Hey, thanks for the update. Lets see people were killed at the Empire State Building this morning, 2 US govt officials killed in Mexico today, and things are not going well for RP delegates at the RNC credentials hearing. Is to day the 13th? It sure feels like it.

what a day. you forgot lance

what a day. you forgot lance armstrong has been banned for life from cycling with no evidence of wrong doing. on the other hand maybe it means we are due for a big break?

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