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Tate: Staffer misspoke on 'will not accept'

...Regarding last night’s call, it’s been brought to my attention one of our staffers misspoke regarding the nomination last night on the call saying Ron Paul “would not accept the nomination.”

Of course, if handed the nomination, Dr. Paul would gladly accept.


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There's a lot of noise from all corners.

Paul can speak for himself, and until he does, everyone please chill.

Unfortunately Octavian

we have waited and waited for Ron Paul to speak.
I personally have waited long enough, so I'll look at the facts and come to my own conclusions.

Have faith

When has Ron steered you wrong so far? I realize the stakes are high, but he's always followed through on his words throughout this campaign, despite criticism from some of his closest allies. I think if he stays true to his principles, he'll magnify by comparison the corruption and duplicity of the establishment, Republican and Democrat.

That is a huge gaffe. How can

That is a huge gaffe. How can anyone make such moronic blunders? Maybe the staff are not convinced about RP - pretty strange. I was a bit put off in the politico article where it said the RP campaign ...was it the press secretary...was hired by the Romeny campaign...things like that if true need to be met with some strong criticism. I'm not sure what else can be done.

Oh come on people

Now that the RNC has passed a rule binding delegates to popular vote the RP campaign comes out and says a staffer misspoke, or course Ron Paul would accept a nomination from the floor.

When are you all going to come to terms with the fact that Ron Paul IS NOT hog tied and gagged in some backroom while his campaign staff and his campaign lawyers make these decisions.

Something happened to this campaign very early on and Ron Paul was well aware of what it was. He has not once come out and denounced a fucking thing Benton, or Tate, or anyone has said, or any of the decisions that were made.

I am not going to start spouting off about lives being threatened but it dam well better be something that has risen to that level, if not then we have all been working our asses off to get a man elected that never wanted to be president!

By the way, to continue with this blind allegiance is really embarrassing to we the supporters.

Now let the down votes begin.

I down voted you. Ron Paul

I down voted you. Ron Paul can't micromanage every aspect of his campaign...hes constantly traveling, writing, and doing his congressional job...I think he is doing his part amazingly well.

Ron Paul just isn't the kind of guy who turns people in. He rolls with things just as he has with the racist accusations. He never ratted out the author of the newsletters to this day despite immense pressure. Benton is now a relative of his so of course he isn't going to throw him under the bus. Also, RP has got to pretty happy with how far things have come. I don't think he is disappointed. I'm sure he hates the RNC GOP corruption but he knows well the evil of the organizations that run things and that are sucking off the teat of gov't. To allude to some sort of nepharious deception of RP is ridiculous. I know everyone is disappointed in the blunders of the campaign, and they are far from perfect, but lets also admit that our movement has come a long way and that no matter what the campaign says or does the real action is in our hands.

Ron Pauls

campaign is not running for president Victoria. Stop making these ridiculous excuses. If Ron Paul became president how long do you believe these types of excuses would be tolerated.

Who did Ron Paul throw under the bus while he tolerated Jesse Benton treachery and blunders. The people who believed in his message, campaigned at the grass roots level, donated millions, and got arrested and assaulted?

I'm not alluding to anything other than the facts.

Yes our movement has come a long way, and we have to come to terms with the power of the man that delivered the message is not quite equal the power of the message.

You cannot continue to blame the campaign without holding its commander and chief also responsible.

The question is not whether Ron Paul is happy with how far things have come. The question is when were we going to be told that this was never about getting Ron Paul into the White House.

You can settle for more lies and deception Victoria, that is your choice. My eyes are wide open and I can clearly see that Ron Paul has not been totally honest with the people that brought him as far as he has come.

The saying goes, "A man is

The saying goes, "A man is known by the company he keeps".

There are only two choices here. Ron Paul is just as corrupt as the men he hired are made out to be, or Benton, Tate and Wead are doing what they are supposed to and the detractors don't understand what is going on.

By watching the GOP/RNC dig themselves ever deeper, I can see that THEY don't understand.

Will Ron Paul be nominated from the floor? Sure. If he is handed the nomination.
So what should the question be?

For Liberty

Our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.

John Adams

At my job i'd be fired for screwing up something like this

But I'm pretty sure that Benton (aka the thing who wormed it's way into Ron Paul's daughter) would give this guy a medal and a $5,000 bonus.

Another episode of Benton the Backstabber and Tate the Tapeworm!

The RP Campaign couldn't be run with anymore FAIL.

Deliberate fraud is the only word.

Fight the Ron Paul blackout on the Daily Paul (now 'P AU L'), put his removed poster back as your avatar:

Where exactly do you work?

Because I actually do work in media and communication and this happens at a professional level. We fire people who don't take responsibility and learn from their mistakes, but mistakes happen all the time. The people running the campaign are only human and the expectation that they will never mis-speak, go off message, gaffe, or otherwise screw up is completely delusional. A close look at Romney's campaign, Obama's campaign, or ANY campaign ever shows that Paul's campaign is not the only one that has ever had a mis-step. It's not all conspiracies, cloaks, and daggers. Sometimes, most of the time, people just mess up.

Sounds like your compnay is a joke

Are you government subsidized?

What's the name of it, Fox News?

This has nothing to do with cloak and daggers. They can't find someone with 2 braincells to rub together enough to know Ron Paul is running for President?

He should have said, "I DON'T KNOW." You know, what anyone with a working mind would say.

Q: "Hey, White House press secretary is Obama running for President still?"

A: "No he will not accept the nomination."


Even if he said "I don't know" there would still be a gasp and the press sec. would be let go.

lol you apologists are a joke.

This is EPIC campaign fail.

Fight the Ron Paul blackout on the Daily Paul (now 'P AU L'), put his removed poster back as your avatar:


Yet, somehow Obama managed to "let" his Vice President say "the Republicans are gonna put y'all back in chains"

And Romney let this one loose on his own: "I'm not concerned about the very poor."

In your last post you claim: "This has nothing to do with cloak and daggers" as if that absolves you of what you said earlier:

Washington_2020: "But I'm pretty sure that Benton (aka the thing who wormed it's way into Ron Paul's daughter) would give this guy a medal and a $5,000 bonus.


Deliberate fraud is the only word."

So, aside from your pointless personal attack on the man and Ron Paul's family, are you saying Benton a mole or not?

It is certainly a gaffe, but based on your attitude I would guess you are not actually qualified to speak about the professional world of communication, and you are more interested in venting or trolling. They made a mistake. It happens. If Paul thought someone was purposefully subverting his campaign, he would fire them, and I trust he has enough judgement to do that if he needs to do so.

Edit: I made a mistake too. It involved commas and periods.

That's not remotely

That's not remotely equivalent. If somebody asked Biden if Obama was running for reelection, and he said, 'I don't know,' that would be equivalent.

gold = money
war = health of the state
liberty = prosperity

The Point

First, that would not be equivalent. That would be a much bigger gaffe, since Obama is the current president and nobody would even have a reason to ask that question in the first place.

Second, my point is not about gaffes being equivalent. My point is that every PR, media, and presidential campaign has people making mistakes and mis-communication. Every organization has moments where they do not communicate effectively either internally or externally. What defines a group is not whether they make mistakes, but how they handle it when a member of the organization does make a mistake. Nobody and no organization is perfect, but that does not make the person or the organization worthless, a mole, or a waste of time.

I am fighting this perception that just because Benton has made mistakes or people under Benton have made mistakes that he is somehow our "enemy" now. I am fighting the idea that everything that goes wrong in the Liberty movement is somehow orchestrated by outside forces. I am fighting the bad management principle that a person should be fired simply for making a mistake. These are stupid and ignorant things to say and it hurts our cause when people act in stupid and ignorant ways.

Benton is and has been an invaluable ally. Sometimes, no matter how hard you work, things go wrong. There are things we can do better and things the Paul campaign could have done better, but mistakes made by the campaign are not the work of outside forces conspiring. They are simply mistakes. Anyone with management experience will tell you that everyone makes mistakes and firing someone for making a mistake is not a good practice if you want to retain talented people in your organization. There are times where one should fire someone for making a mistake, but it is impossible to judge from outside of the organization because we lack the crucial information about how the mistake came to be in the first place.

that guy said it at least twice

and when the moderator was trying to read the Chat questions would interject with "pfft. Another wishful thinking question." and they would skip the question and talk more about VIP tickets and Bus sign up.

It was actually getting funny - like I was laughing out loud - about how they kept getting questions about the buses. It was ridiculous.



With those kind of friends who needs enemies?

If my need to be RIGHT is greater than my desire for TRUTH, then I will not recognize it when it arrives ~ Libertybelle

Further proof...

that Ron's staff SUCKS! How many times have they "misspoken"?

I don't play, I commission the league.

Everyone makes mistakes

Anyone who has worked in PR, media, or communication knows that mis-spoken messages get passed around all the time. Romney and his staff have made mistakes, Obama and his staff have made mistakes, and thus, it should surprise no one that sometimes Paul and his staff make mistakes.

How convenient for Tate! Handy disclaimer to have a ...

How convenient for Tate! Handy disclaimer to have a 'misspoke' on staff... Those are always nice and very useful disinformation idiots!

Balderdash! How can one 'misspeak' on that phrase about an issue of such magnitude!

Some in the campaign are well paid, but out of touch with the reality of the grassroots, the suffering, the total dedication to victory with no compromise. Had there really been a misstatement of that magnitude, there would have been a logical clarification and correction which made clear the original statement!

Tate's excuse is silly and condescending!

Tate's comment that Paul would accept of course "if handed the nomination", is not only ambiguous and condescending, it is also misleading! Keep it simple Tate, 'Will Ron Paul clearly accept AND speak if he receives the requisite number of delegation nominations!?!? That is the real question!

'Handed the nomination' is a misleading phrase. No one is handed the nomination unless there is zero opposition! That will never happen.
Maybe the question for Tate should be: "Do you mean Ron Paul will only accept the nomination if 100% of the convention votes for him!?"

Many in the GOP are oblivious to the founder's real truth: the founders ceased prostrating themselves entirely! They did not revert to part-time prostrating but allowing all the evils of the tyrant to continue unabated in order to gain a seat at the table, or to gain acceptance or position!

They met force with force, the command to surrender with shots in defense of liberty. There was zero tolerance, no compromise with tyranny! It was total victory for liberty, or death, the only acceptable outcomes! This is the mindset of truth and liberty which Ron Paul has spawned. And it is good, it is moral, it is the way of liberty blessing for this nation and for all the world!

Match that up with the confusion bubbling from the leadership in recent weeks! Instead of a no holds barred fight in credentials it has become a small skirmish over how unified the Romney fun packed party will be. Instead of Paul vs. Romney for nomination it is who of the Paul delegates will get to have the first Romney perk... 'step up quick or loose your place in line!'

Beware the propaganda folks. If there was simple victory for Romney, there would be no squabbles over a few delegates! The fact that they are fighting now over credentials issues needs to be taken to every media outlet!

There will be no compromise, no unanimity, no fun party, no cakewalk! The grassroots should be running the campaign. Be assured, the grassroots will do so going forward!

As The New American magazine just published this month, a comparison of Obomny and Roboma leaves the anointed 'Quigley' choice a mere coin toss! That is exactly why there will be far fewer people voting at all!

It is truly a sad day to know the real choice of freedom and liberty is headed again to the dust bin of history, as is the nation which so needed that choice! It is no wonder all the rest of the world, already in bondage and fear, weeps as the light of liberty flickers close to extinction!

How can one 'misspeak' on

that phrase about an issue of such magnitude? One can't. This is bizarre.

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

big BUMP!


"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016

OK... PHEW Saying that Ron


Saying that Ron Paul "wouldn't accept a nomination" - sounded completely out of character for Ron Paul. I knew something had to be up



When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

A play on semantics

John tate is trying to equivocate, and tricking us into thinking that handing Ron Paul the Republican Nomination for President is equal to Ron Paul being nominated by his delegates from the floor thus being put on the ballot. Only a fool would not accept the former - being given the Republican nomination, and with the latter the campaing made it clear, they don't want to be nominated to the ballot from the floor.


Paul has been in touch with his delegates and you are not smart enough to know what they are doing, nor are you there- so shut up.

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016

Yes Ron Paul's campaign has been in touch

and they clearly stated to the delegates last night that he will not accept the nomination to be put on the ballot from the floor.

John Tates dishonest statement is for those deluded few who could never believe that the campaign would do such a thing thus confirming their delusion and making sure they still send them money so they can climb the ranks of the GOP.

So far you are the soul source of this information?


Free includes debt-free!


as i said, you are not smart enough to know this you are a conspirator, so , HUSH!

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016


And thus is the reason you are the gullible fool you are.