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Fc uk Mitt Romney. I am voting against Republicans.

I hope Mitt loses by a landslide.

I'm done with the Republican party. This is such a joke.

Gary Johnson will get my wasted vote.

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Utter nonsense...

Your criticism of Gary sbased on the party he is running with is utter nonsense. If you used that logic accross the board (and not selectively) none of us here would support Ron Paul since he ran as a Republican, the original neocons. So based on your own logic, Gary Johnson is better than Ron Paul? After all, at least libertarians have the "legalized dope" thing.

As far as his fair tax idea... I agree with your criticism. However, I do think a consumption tax is a much better idea than a tax on productivity. There's no way that we're going to go from our current tax system to absolutely no taxes. Gary does want to end the IRS and that's a pretty good start.

We need to break up the two-party duopoly. Gary can be the first step. If you have a better idea I'd genuinely love to hear it.

NOTE: I am not advocating violence in any way. The content of the post is for intellectual, theoretical, and philosophical discussion. FEDS, please don't come to my house.

Hungry for a consumption tax?

There are 3 taxes we should all be opposed to: income taxes, sales taxes, and property taxes. What does that leave us with? Tariffs are what the Constitution authorizes as the primary source of federal revenue. Ron Paul is not for tariffs because the globalists he works for don't want tariffs. They want third world wages for Americans. What other source of revenue can we find? How about a 1% tax on Wall Street derivatives trades? When the bankers and hedge funds are trading a million computerized trades a second in a rigged market based on inside information, the brunt of this debt crisis should be born on their shoulders, because they created it. Ron Paul talks about debt but not about credit. The Federal Reserve should be nationalized, not ended, and credit issued by Congress. Loans at 0% interest should be given to any American business engaged in producing tangible things (i.e., not financial institutions) and for infrastructure improvements. We need to revisit the question whether corporations have a right to exist. A nation of small proprietorships engaged in free trade on a level playing field is better than an oligarchy of unbalanced markets dominated by multinational corporations. Remember, the reasons we were given for the income tax was to pay for tariff reductions and war costs. Start the tariffs and stop the military-industrial complex, and the historical justification for the income tax is neutralized.

Neocon!? He opposed the Iraq

Neocon!? He opposed the Iraq War from the beginning and opposes massive cuts to the military budget. God knows, Johnson has flaws but you will have no credibility with that line of attack

I'm with you

voting for Johnson too, since its pretty clear that Mittens will be the nominee. I don't understand all the hate here for Johnson. No he's not Ron Paul, but he's a hell of a lot closer than the other choices. And we desperately need a valid third party option in this country.

Guantanamo Gary!

LOL and you're spot on. :)

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