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A personal account on how government effects my life

Hello, I'm a 26 year old truck driver.

When I was 15 years old, I had serious depression issues. Because of government, I was forced to get a doctor to write me perscriptions on medications that were potentially harmful, just to deal with my emotional issues. This was costly, in comparison to a natural herb that, because of government, I couldn't obtain.

Keep in mind that this depression hasn't gone away entirely, even though I take medication for it. It has effected my life so much that I had to choose a career that, if I was sad, I could still perform effectively. Fortunately, I found out that GMO foods are a major part of the problem. Because of government, many organic foods are becoming more and more expensive, or flat out illegal.

I was doing well when the economy crashed, because I paid $4000 to obtain a CDL, something that government requires people to have; something that people didn't have to have to drive commercial vehicles a while back. This put me in debt indefinately. I got a local job, in which I was working 80 hrs a week. Most sane people know 80 hrs a week is crazy, but people had a hard time building competing businesses because it costs so much money to get permission from the government. This company constantly lobbied for more government, which seemed to monopolize the consumer and hiring markets.

I got fed up with the hard 80 hr a week labor, so I decided to do the long haul thing. After doing this for a year, I took some time at home, and decided to go out with some friends. Obviously, I had a few drinks, and proceeded to be in public. I wasn't stumbling around, but I blew over .08% and got arrested. I've been looking for a new job because I want to be home more often, but can't, because I now have a misdemeanor. I am also required to take 6 weeks of AA meetings. This is forcing me to have to quit my job, or go back to jail for violating probation.

What I really want to do is open up a small medical marijuana business, buy a little house with a couple of dogs, and raise a family. Unfortunately, looks like I'll be moving home pretty soon.

Back before the federal reserve, people could work mcdonalds or factory jobs and support a family. Ford paid their assembly line employees the equivalent of 20/hr. Raw materials used by ford, including hemp, made production cheap. If ford treated their employees bad, they would quit and go somewhere else.

Now, because of govt, Im sitting inside of a truck, depressed as hell, lonely after the girl left (no female can deal with an all work no play never home type of relationship). If the economy was better, better companies would be forced to offer better jobs. Now, they can treat you as they wish, because you goto make money. Its just too damn expensive to treat us any better...all because of government.

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