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The Benton/Romney negotiations probably went something like this...

Benton: Our contributors are getting wise that we screwed them over and sold out to you guys. You gotta throw us a bone here, otherwise my gravy train will derail.

Romney Campaign: You really are a pathetic little worm, aren't you? As much as I enjoy watching you squirm, I won't make you beg this time. Here's the deal: You allow us to run roughshod over the rules and deny your grandfather-in-law delegate majorities in five states, thus preventing him from ever being nominated. In return, we will give you a sop to keep Paultards moneybombing new additions to your McMansion. How does a tribute video sound?

Benton: Hmmm. I don't know. Let me call Trgyve and see what he thinks. [Jesse rings up Trgyve Olsen, asks his advice.]

Trgyve Olson: I think it could only help Rand's future prospects in the party. Remember, we are playing the long game. It's very sophisticated. Only the most savvy of politicos (like yourself and Jack Hunter) could possibly understand it. Remember, it's all about Rand's tomorrow, not Ron's today. Never forget that. NEVER forget that.

Benton: Thanks for the advice, Trgyve. First rate, as always. What would I do without you?

Trgyve Olson: We do make a great team. I'm here whenever you need me, Jesse. You know that. [Trgyve hangs up, chuckles to himself, then breaks out into song: "Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you, tomorrow, you're always a day away..."]

Benton: Well, I guess a tribute video is better than nothing. I'll take it!

Romney Campaign: As always, it's a pleasure doing business with you, Jesse -- EXCEPT for that mailing list of Paul contributors you sold us! We're carpet bombing each contributor on the list with 3 to 5 mailings per day and, so far, we've gotten bupkis in return. You took us to the cleaners on that one.

Benton: Caveat emptor, but it's not as if you didn't get other value from that exchange.

Romney Campaign: Very true, Jesse. You are the gift that keeps on giving.

Benton: I hope I've shown you that I am a good RepubliCAN team player. Say, might Mitt have a job for me in his campaign or administration? I think I deserve one for all the good work I've done on his behalf, don't you?

Romney Campaign: Sorry, Jesse. Mitt values loyalty in his staff above all else. Blind, stupid, unthinking loyalty. Lemming-like, if you will. That's why Mitt likes to surround himself with mainstream Republicans. You know, the kind who'll mindlessly follow anyone with an "R" next to his name no matter where he leads them, even if it's over a cliff?

Someone who would sell out his own grandfather-in-law (and his legion of loyal supporters) for chump change is not the kind of person Mitt wants working for him. You are too much of a petty grasper, even for Mitt, and that's saying a lot. I suggest that you crawl back into whatever hole it was that you slithered out of. You're of no further use to us...or anyone else, for that matter.

Oh, and please give our regards to Trgyve next time you see him. Tell him President Romney has a very special mission in mind for him come January. Real cloak and dagger stuff. Right up his alley, but way above your pay grade. Strictly "need to know." I'm sure YOU understand. *wink* *wink*

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The Blame game a politician's tool.


Free includes debt-free!

Good comedy, but it's time to

Good comedy, but it's time to move forward and put the Benton's, Tate's and their allies in the rearview mirror. If C4L won't strip itself of Neo-Cons on foreign policy, then we should start our own liberty organization. Ron Paul was just one messenger of many in the cause of liberty. His consistency and being a gentleman statesman wowed us all, but we need to develop more voices and become a little more self-dependent and not overly dependent on just a voice or a couple of voices being out there.


for the creative mind that created this!
thank you. That was entertaining. :-)

You are very welcome...

...I'm still hoping the Paul campaign reassesses and goes on the attack. We need floor demonstrations, a surprise de-endorsement by Rand at the end of his RNC speech and a third party run announcement by Ron. Only then will the campaign be redeemed. Otherwise, this is a very sad end for Ron Paul's otherwise illustrious political career.

Too many Benton apologists here

You don't have to be a conspiracy theorist to see he did an awful job.

Glad to see...

...there's so much factless speculation on the DP designed to arouse hatred for Ron Paul and the campaign, that's what we need right now. /sarc

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

Now or never

You still refuse to accept that Ron Pauls presidential run is OVER. The big question is why? How did it happen? Who let it happen? How did Jesse Bentons so called genius delegate strategy (Doug Weads words) come crashing down on the supporters heads? These are the questions you need to be asking yourself.

What is even more hysterical is as I write this post the Romney/GOP are continuing to strip the legally elected Ron Paul delegates of their rights at he convention.

Ron Paul is retiring. Lets call a spade a spade and move this message of liberty forward. This revolution cannot have one leader, it must have many.

Romney to Benton

Romney: ..and you must bring me a ...shrubbery.

Benton: A what?

Romney: A very nice shrubbery. From a certified shrubber.
Preferably from one named Roger. Oh, and one more thing.

Benton: Yes?

Romney: You must cut down the largest tree in Tampa....with....
... a herring!

Benton: Cut down? You mean to make the tree the right height...

just like you said in your stump (pun) speech in Michigan?

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When I read post like this

When I read post like this all I can think is... how would Carol Paul feel if she were reading it? I would imagine a lot of hurt and anger would be involved and I, for one, would never want to be the cause of that. Constructive criticism is one thing but I don't even know what this is; maybe just downright ignorance and disrespect of Dr. Paul.

It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. – Mark Twain

What Carol Paul (and Ron, Rand, and Jesse, etc.)...

...ought to be thinking when they read a post like this is as follows:

A) If they weren't a party to the fraud and theft of Ron Paul contributors that their official campaign organization became, they should be mortified that so many of their supporters think they might have been, and work hard to rectify the situation. A good start would be straight-up communications and above-board transparency about how and why the official campaign organization went so wrong and the changes that they will make to any future campaign (and C4L) to restore accountability and trust.

B) If they were a party to the fraud and theft of Ron Paul contributors that their official campaign organization became, then they ought to do some soul-searching, repent of this folly, reprioritize and work hard to make it up to their supporters. For example, they could apologize, purge the campaign and C4L of the political parasites responsible, clawback the salaries of Jesse, Tyrgve and anyone else who was a knowing party to fraud, and issue a partial refund of said salaries to their contributors.

Either way, Ron Paul ought to consider having our delegates make a firm demonstration of our disgust with the fascist, thuggish GOP at their CON-job next week, coordinated with Rand's de-endorsement of Romney in his RNC speech and Ron's announcement of a third party run. That would go a long ways towards making up for the debacle of the last three months.

Or, they could lick Romney's boots one more time, roll over, and die (politically), along with the country. It's their choice.



What I still completely fail to comprehend is how on earth..

Some individuals on this site came up with this massive fairly tale of an idea that they somehow know more about RP and what's good for him and his movement than he knows about himself. How are you going to sit here and build up some imaginary story about Ron Paul's campaign manager secretly screwing him over? Do you really think RP is that dumb, naive, and oblivious? Who are you? You guys are making yourselves look like the biggest dumbasses ever by creating imaginary BFFL relationships with the good doctor. Here's some news for you--Jesse and Rand are RP's family, you are not. RP is smart as hell and he interacts with them on a daily basis, he interacts with you never.

Ron Paul is not your best friend nor does he sit around with blinders on while his son & son-in-law savage him for everything he's worth. Ron Paul is also not a push over. I don't even know RP personally, these are all things any person who has watched RP on YouTube knows about him. You may be unhappy about the campaign or how it was run, or about certain actions they took, but at the end of the day I hope you're smart enough to realize that the decisions being made by Ron Paul's presidential campaign are all RP's shots to call, and you'd be a fool to think that he isn't indeed making those calls.

And here come all the lovely residents of fantasyland..

Took them awhile to get here, but they have finally arrived! They are collaborating on a new project to create a political consulting firm. They are experts on how presidential campaigns should be run so it should work out really well for them!

Thank you residents of fantasyland for ruining dailypaul.com, it is greatly appreciated. Except not really, at all.

Oh for heavens sake get a damned clue already

When all the MSM channels MSNBC,FOX,CNN,ABC ect. had Ron Paul winning Iowa and Ron Pauls own company that he uses to do polling that is never +- more than 3% polled that he was going to be the clear winner and that went sideways everyone was dumbfounded and you can see it on Rands face onstage from that night.He was pissed because he knew his father had been cheated right then and there.

It wound up resulting in 3rd? There is not an excuse under the sun why Jesse Benton didn't take fast decisive legal action to get to the bottom of it because something was really wrong with the results.

Jesse as campaign manager could have taken steps within the GOP process to get to the bottom of it and that would have put the GOP on notice that the campaign was not going to put up with fraud. A recount should have been what he should have pushed for immediately to find out the truth.We would not have seen the blatant fraud in State after State after that had he done so.

So the hell w/Jesse Benton because that clown probably cost millions of people their lives because it is a fact by the CRFB report that Ron is the only candidate that can stave off a full blown economic collapse.

Independent mathematical proof that all candidates except Ron Paul collapse the dollar.

Primary Numbers: The GOP Candidates and the National Debt
February 23, 2012

The Committee For A Responsible Federal Budget


November 6th 2012 I voted for Dr.Ron Paul
"We must remember, elections are short-term efforts. Revolutions are long-term projects." ~ Ron Paul

Get a script

, bro.

So you're saying RP might not have been running to win?

Is that what you're saying?

Please clarify.


What I'm saying is RP is a realist. He lives in reality. Also, Ron Paul is a family man, so working your ass off for RP's campaign and becoming successful while doing it are not mutually exclusive.

quickbrownfox - Your reply makes YOU look like the

biggest dumbasses ever

quickbrownfox Quote
Do you really think RP is that dumb, naive, and oblivious? Who are you? You guys are making yourselves look like the biggest dumbasses ever by creating imaginary BFFL relationships with the good doctor. Here's some news for you--Jesse and Rand are RP's family, you are not. RP is smart as hell and he interacts with them on a daily basis, he interacts with you never.
Ron Paul is not your best friend nor does he sit around with blinders on while his son & son-in-law savage him for everything he's worth.

Why didn’t Ron Paul fire Jesse Benton when Jesse Benton himself made remarks as if Ron Paul is out or Not going to get the Nomination when, Ron Paul himself never made any such statements.
Jesse Benton and Rand Paul are traitors to Ron Paul, Ron Paul's Campaign and Ron Paul's supporters.
Do a little background check on the traitorous posts by Jesse Benton if you want to see the truth.
Rand Paul came out in support of Romney while his own Father was/is still running for President and while Romney has NOT to this day became the Republican Nominee for President.
Talking down about Jesse Benton and Rand Paul does Not show disrespect towards Ron Paul or his wife, it shows people that Jesse Benton and Rand Paul are traitors to Ron Paul and his wife and his supporters.

Tempted to upvote this post just so people can see your reply!

well said.

It's really easy to murmer against people we are ignorant of

I don't have any inside info. Although, I've been backstage at several events around the country, and I've always seen Benton working hard and up late talking with people.

Does he look like an a$$hole?, sure. I mean, just look at him!

But what do we really know?--for all we know, the campaign might not have gotten anywhere at all with someone else. 1/2 of those who complain would think Adam Kokesh should be running public relations, for crying out loud!

Ultimately, when you attack him, (I'm not talking about good criticism) you are also, by default, attacking Ron Paul who is responsible for keeping him on staff. So think carefully.

Check out http://iroots.org/
"If you’re into political activism, at least for Ron Paul if not for anyone else, I strongly recommend spending some time with iroots.org." - Tom Woods

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Just when the battle for delegates was at its worst,...

Jesse Benton shows up at Freedom Fest as well as months of silence just when the state conventions were occurring. When he was needed the most, he could not be found. I know that he could have done at least as much as the rest of us were doing. He could have issued press releases that the campaign was fully behind those state delegate battles. The silence on his part was deafening. His failure to engage in this battle and his failure to actively support our efforts is what I have issues with him about.


I'm sharing this!