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Why Republicans are voting Obama?

Who to vote for? I still hold out for Ron. If he doesn't decide to do ANYTHING, then I will have to vote Gary ONLY to show that the American Public neither wants nor needs the two original parties and that a 3rd party is a valuable growing consideration within the American conscience.

Given that, this was written by a Republican over at Zero Hedge, and I thought to myself wondering how many other people will vote for this reason alone?

Personally if there was a gun to my head to choose Obama or Romney and I couldn't just bite the bullet myself from choosing, I would pick Obama, atleast I would know we would have a revolutionary war 2.0 under Obama, with Romney, people would be further hoodwinked, which is illustrated with the same reasoning as what the Republican wrote over at Zero Hedge.

"FACT IS >>>>> WE ARE GOING OFF A CLIFF WITH EITHER OBAMA OR ROMNEY. It is too late to change course. And Repubs endorsing a gold standard is laughable. We are looking at a currency collapse in the next few years. As soon as we loose our reserve currency status, our rates will spike and we will be TOAST.

Given that a majority of the US public is very uneducated from an economic standpoint, they are very likely going to blame this collapse on the politics on who is currently in office. I think we can agree that neither Obama nor Romney are going enact measures that will prevent this collapse.

Therefore, we need to ask our selves the following: Do we want an economic collapse under an “Overt Socialist” i.e. Obama? Or do we want the collapse during the administration of a RINO that supposedly (at least in the minds of the ignorant US public) stands for Free Market Capitalism?

I am scared of a back lash against Free Market Capitalism if the Economic Collapse happens during Romney’s administration. This could very well lead to the government enacting much harsher economic controls and lead to a totalitarianism state.

But if the Economic Collapse happens during the Obama administration, then the US public will more likely see the actual writing on the wall and finally return to Free Markets.

Therefore I will be voting for the man that is the furthest from my point of view. Obama. I think a collapse in his term would be better, he will get the blame and rightly so."

What's your take on this? Do you see a revolution more likely under Obama then Romney?

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Because eff Romney?

That's why.