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Ron Paul's aura leaves GOP, Romney in tricky spot

TAMPA, Fla. — Mitt Romney loyalists, seeking a show of strength and solidarity at next week's GOP convention, struggled Friday to placate restless Ron Paul supporters while also weakening the powers of such insurgent candidates in future Republican primaries.

Pre-convention haggling annoyed devoted backers of Paul, the 77-year-old Texas congressman who was among Romney's primary challengers. One Republican National Convention panel voted to replace 10 delegates from Maine who are supportive of Paul, deciding that they came to Tampa through a flawed state selection process. A second pro-Romney committee moved to adopt a rule narrowing the routes for delegates to national conventions in 2016 and beyond.

"It sends the message that when the establishment doesn't get the outcome they want they will use the process to change it," said Mike Rothfeld of Virginia, who tried in vain to block the ouster of Maine's delegates partial to Paul. "It will not be good for the party. It will not be good for Mitt Romney."

Romney, the former Massachusetts governor, comfortably has more delegates than needed to win the nomination. His bid to unseat Democratic President Barack Obama is on course to be tight in November, leaving little room for error.


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The article said

Ron Paul didn't win a single state. Hogwash! He won them all but mittwit Oromney stole them calling it for Oromney when 1% of the precincts reported....AND EVEN AS SOON AS THREE DAYS BEFORE THE STATES ELECTIONS.
Again Oromney can't get more than 20% support. Never has and never will. Now that he may be coronated he thinks people will back him. NO NO NO. Mittwit OROMNEY IS UNELECTABLE.

Keepin' it real.

egapele's picture

Article is spot-on.

Thanks for posting.

What a joke of an article,

What a joke of an article, painting Paul supporters as cheaters. All of this is just too much.

"Paul was not expected to address the convention though he had plans to headline a rally Sunday at a Tampa college football stadium. Paul's son, Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, scored a prime-time convention speaking slot next week. Rand Paul is seen as an heir to his father's political machine."

What. This has got to be a joke. Scored? Political machine? They don't even say the name of the stadium or how it sold out or how many will be there. And thats just one paragraph I chose randomly. This is beyond words.

...I've been angry and frustrated the past couple days... Even over stuff unrelated to all this. I need to regroup and be calm. I really do wish I was more like Dr. Paul.

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I think we all feel like you do.

I feel a very deep sadness in my heart. This is all a hoax.

If you want a pick me up, there was a thread created last night called predictions for the RNC. I think you'll enjoy the overall message. It gives hope for the future. let me see if i can find the link for you.

Here ya go: