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Joel Skousen: Reforming Republican Party a 'False Hope'

From Joel Skousen's World Affair's Brief Aug. 22nd, quoting Justin Raimondo @Antiwar.com (Joel's commentary in brackets):

"[Even though, it might have been a symbolic gesture, the delegates behind Ron Paul were intending to at least get Rep. Paul nominated at the convention. It would give a great boost to the grand liberty movement Dr. Paul has built for the last 20 years and the rebellion against establishment control of the GOP. They only needed delegate majorities from 5 states to nominate the good doctor and to keep Romney from going uncontested before the convention. But alas, the illegal maneuvers of the RNC have robbed the movement of their last show before the cameras, and contrary to assurances by an “insider” within the RNC, Ron Paul will get no speaking slot.]"

“The Republican party Establishment is eager to crush any public expressions of dissent — both inside and outside the convention hall. Ron Paul’s supporters in the GOP learned that the hard way, as the Romneyites used their control of the party bureaucracy at the state and national levels [actually it wasn’t Romneyites, but the old guard elite inside the GOP that have always controlled things at the top] to retroactively change the rules in order to unseat duly elected Paul delegates."

“In Maine, Massachusetts, Louisiana, Oregon, Oklahoma, and elsewhere, the party bosses have disenfranchised Paul voters — closing down party caucuses, rejecting as delegates anyone under 50, and calling the cops when all else failed. And while Ryder’s rule change failed [changing the number of states to nominate a person from 5 to 10]— thanks to RNC’er Morton Blackwell — the Romney people did sneak in an amendment that would require delegates to state in writing who they intend to vote for on the convention floor at least one hour before the vote [and the vote is being moved up to Monday because of the coming storm that might force the cancellation of the convention]"

"[Hopefully, this will end the movement’s false hope that you can take over or reform the Republican party. Even if we did, the media and key politicians would suddenly claim the Republican Party was “captured by extremists” and move to form a new party which they would instantly grant majority status. That’s what they did in Israel when they formed Kadima.]"

"[And even if it were possible to finally expose the conspiracy which controls both parties, they would reform and create new parties with new names and fresh faces, but controlled by the same people. That’s what they did in Italy in 1994 when all the major parties were exposed for corruption. Fighting secret combinations of power in government is extremely difficult once they have gained control of a majority in Congress, the courts, and the media, not to mention the secret organs of enforcement in the police state.]"

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Generational change required

Until then they will expend their energy, numbers and power to hold on. So... our job is to keep them on their back-foot, keep the pressure coming from all avenues, make them spend additional energy so that we accelerate their demise.

Been to a local GOP meeting lately? Looks like a graveyard - no new ideas. I doubt there is any brain activity at all, complete flat-line. Time... is on our side, yes it is.

But, don't rule out 3rd party support. In the least we need more opinions in the national discourse. 3rd parties also weaken the existing duopoly.

Next thing you know, candidates will have to EARN our vote rather than PRESUME they deserve it.

"One resists the invasion of armies; one does not resist the invasion of ideas" Victor Hugo

Great Article by Joel

Obviously the article wasn't written for the Daily Paul as the target audience. "reforming GOP a false hope" is a key phrase to turn the majority off. Try reading it again. Joel is realist. He didn't say you couldn't reform the GOP. He said if you were successful then you would see the GOP become irrelevant in the main stream media as it would be taken over by "extremist". A new party would emerge quickly to replace it.

Working in the GOP is a great way to win people to the cause of liberty despite the platform and corruption. Being realist on the subject means we don't place all our hopes that reforming the GOP alone will turn the tide. We need to be active in advancing complimentary solution as well.

“I’m fully diversified. I’ve got some under the mattress, some under the floor boards, some in the backyard.”

Not a false hope

The "party" is nothing but a group of individuals. If we become those individuals, we are the party. That's the goal. We have won MANY party positions in many States. It looks like we're going to end up controlling several entire State Parties, which means representation on the RNC. It's a false hope to expect instant success, but in the long run we're going to do it.

2016 - the year liberty wins

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

Skousen has always supported Ron Paul--

he just doesn't like the GOP--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

GOP is totally corrupt

time to walk away. Libertarian Party is on ballot in fifty states (in some fashion). Support them and hopefully, with your support, over time they will be a political force.


Would be great if the

Would be great if the Libertarian Party became a force in the political arena. The problem is the Libertarian party will never have media access and the Republican Party will. the better choice is to reform the Republican Party and make it Libertarian in nature then join the two parties.

Forgetting the facts makes his statement false

Mr. Skousen has his eyes closed on this one. Ron Paul's strength now and in the future is with the young people. Even though Ron is retiring he will continue to speak to the young people and build the numbers. Let's say we take back the party and the OLD GUARD leave and start their own party. Their new party will be filled with older americans and the old party will now consist of the younger generation, or the future of this country. The young people will not gravitate to the new party and therefore that party will die as the participants die off and are not being replaced. Their new party will fall under the same rules as all third parties with regards to getting ballot access. Most of the current third parties will join the old Republican Party leaving the new party out on an island by themselves much like most third parties. Regardless of what the party thinks, the days of the old guard are numbered. Long live the Revolution!!!!

Just two problems.

#1. Sore loser laws.
#2. Ballot access.

Small problems to be sure. Just like ice was a small problem for the Titanic.


This article is designed to endforce apathy ans those who FEAR the GOP.

Much of what is being said was illegal, was not illegal (please don't confuse the illegal acts of broken bones as that is personal injury and the perpetrator shouyld be sued for damnages..

It's like if someone was to hack DP and write articles on DP and so everyone at the DP was being charged with hacking..

The GOP is very much like DP in that there are many people within who don't agree 100% with each other..

The committees have been "secret" in that they invited their friends to join.. RON PAUL INVITED YOU, he opened the door, and if YOU refused that invitation, as many did, it's not the fault of the GOP, but your own.

Defeatists bullshit.

Any organization can be taken over..including the GOP. Be silent about it.. Gain positions of power and effect change from within. They WANT you to leave. That has been their desire this whole time. The Neocons took over and they'll do anything to keep that power.. You have to be of stronger will and just as willing.

If you don't want it bad enough, then give up. I'm not.

Be diligent in good sense, most of all, in picking your "leaders". Do not compromise or justify a persons record.. boot their asses and get someone that is sincere.

We can do this. I for one will not give up. This has never been about winning the short game. I want my Freedom back. I want my country brought back to a place I can be proud of. I want peace and a sane economic policy. If I have to go to war to get that, I'm willing. You had better be too.

Patriot Cell #345,168
I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.


some organizations are simply too corrupt to change from the inside. The GOP is one of those.

I don't play, I commission the league.

When they start executing Secret Squirrel Ron Paul

Gop'ers once caught.. THEN I would agree. Till then, if they don't know.. They can't oust you.

Patriot Cell #345,168
I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

Ron Paul should lead his own movement

rather than seeking a coronation at the RNC.

Your ignorance is showing

There are 36 third parties, over 130 candidates running for president THIS election. Ron Paul went for the top, while you want to remain lost within the mass.

I said "movement", not "campaign".

Just because you don't have enough delegates doesn't mean you stop touring campuses.

Ron Paul says rEVOLution, not movement

Ron Paul chose the GOP, and folks like me abandoned our ideas and plans for Indy and third party development, to join him in the GOP.

Now that Ron Paul has a son who is a senator, several people running for congress, hundreds of people on committee seats (who vet delegates), Ron Paul will continue to lead us, the heirs to his message, in the GOP. He will not abandon us, for those who refused to do what he asked, hoped that he, and those who did what he asked, would FAIL, in an sabotaging effort to FORCE him to do things their way.

Unlike those who steal his name, ideas, and message for their own personal gain, he knows who has his back, and he will NOT abandon us for them.

I think it would be wonderful for college GOP clubs to invite Ron Paul as a speaker.

There aren't any third party candidates...

with the resources, the name recognition, the clout, and the guaranteed base that Ron has. He would easily be the most successful third-party candidate since Perot, and could even win the whole thing.

I don't play, I commission the league.

That is by design

Third parties are designed by issues and candidates to do one thing, marginalize those voters.

too late for that

I wish the good Dr. would give a full endorsement of Gary Johnson.


Very few people who have commented so far...

...actually read the article. The point I would like to hear some discussion about is Skousen's assertion that even if Ron Paul supporters "take over" the Republican party, the establishment "would suddenly claim the Republican Party was 'captured by extremists' and move to form a new party which they would instantly grant majority status."

That is exactly what they did

That is exactly what they did in nevada.

It doesn't work like that

Least you forget that we have to take loyalty oaths, oaths to the constitution, register with the county and state...

That's why no one disowned the GOP when the Neocons (former democrats) took over.

Well, he makes a very valid

Well, he makes a very valid point about power and organizations. It is one of the reason we need to not organize. Can't co-opt a non-existant organization. We just all need to know what our goals are and act independently toward that goal. No leaders, no meet ups, no clubs...just individual action - pick a goal and pursue it!Don't wait for someone to "organize" and motivate the group and then hand out instructions, and no need to talk about it...just go DO IT!

If my need to be RIGHT is greater than my desire for TRUTH, then I will not recognize it when it arrives ~ Libertybelle

No, we must continue to organize.

But we must stop seeking approval from statist organizations.

Withdraw Consent

What makes government legitimate. The answer is simple, it is Consent. Accordingly, I do not like the choices of government and their respective political parties. Accordingly, I withdraw my consent
which means I do not vote and express my opinion as such to others.
This is the message that statist organizations will eventually receive. Once again, we must withdraw Consent.

Then your enemy has a target.

I humbly disagree, for all organizations can be targeted co-copted and redirected to fail.

Militas: Co-opted
Tea Party: Co-Opted
Occupy!: Co-opted

Just look at the one organization, about as non-statist as you can get, that we all believed in: Ron Paul 2012 campaign...co-opted.

The opposition will always send in a mole(s) to spy and then redirect any organization when that organization starts to threaten the power base.

What do think the CIA has been doing all over the world to regimes who do not fall in line with the plans of global elite? They send in moles and foment war and regime change. Now that's the Big Time Co-Opt Action going on on the planet.

Know your enemy and do not project your intentions. This is impossible in an "organization". I have come to the conclusion that organizations with leaders, action committees and a paper trail can and will be co-opted, and that only by gathering a general consensus on goals, and then decentralized, independent action toward those goals is the only way to prevail against entrenched power.

TPTB will be overwhelmed with reactive action, not proactive prevention.

That is how we win in the long game.

If my need to be RIGHT is greater than my desire for TRUTH, then I will not recognize it when it arrives ~ Libertybelle

"I humbly disagree, for all organizations can be targeted,

co-opted and redirected to fail"

Hear Hear!

Well Said!

Thanks for the clarification.

I agree. Organize WITHOUT leaders. Leaders ALWAYS betray.

With all due respect, you

With all due respect, you missed my point! It's not just the leader, and they do not always betray. It's the spy(s) in your midst who gains your trust, for the sole purpose of subverting your goals, that will destroy the organization. We must stop seeking the security of the organization around us and act as individuals.

Have faith in yourself, believe that individal action can work, pick an action that suits you, be it writing or video making or blogging or use their tactics by becoming a mole yourself in an organization that is not liberty based (school board, city council?)but needs to rethink it's philosophy. You gently insert yourself and gain trust and quietly co-opt them with your message of Liberty.

It is what Ron Paul has suggested we do to the GOP, and the GOP is reacting as the WHIGS did in the 1800s. Look around, do you see any WHIGS? They imploded due to the power grabs and corruption within the party. And I believe the GOP will too. They have now created rules that go against their stated purpose and mission and now must change the preamble to the GOP rules for their new rules are in direct opposition to their stated purpose. (I LMAO reading that!) We are winning the battle of ideas if they must go to this extent in an attempt to stop us. But truth is power and force is weak.

These are the actions that over time will prevail in the bigger picture when you have truth and freedom on your side.

Most important, pick an action and DO something!

Forever in Freedom!

If my need to be RIGHT is greater than my desire for TRUTH, then I will not recognize it when it arrives ~ Libertybelle

Great Add Joel Skousen to the

Great Add Joel Skousen to the stop supporting the Ron Paul Revolution & give money to him instead camp.