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Joel Skousen: Reforming Republican Party a 'False Hope'

From Joel Skousen's World Affair's Brief Aug. 22nd, quoting Justin Raimondo @Antiwar.com (Joel's commentary in brackets):

"[Even though, it might have been a symbolic gesture, the delegates behind Ron Paul were intending to at least get Rep. Paul nominated at the convention. It would give a great boost to the grand liberty movement Dr. Paul has built for the last 20 years and the rebellion against establishment control of the GOP. They only needed delegate majorities from 5 states to nominate the good doctor and to keep Romney from going uncontested before the convention. But alas, the illegal maneuvers of the RNC have robbed the movement of their last show before the cameras, and contrary to assurances by an “insider” within the RNC, Ron Paul will get no speaking slot.]"

“The Republican party Establishment is eager to crush any public expressions of dissent — both inside and outside the convention hall. Ron Paul’s supporters in the GOP learned that the hard way, as the Romneyites used their control of the party bureaucracy at the state and national levels [actually it wasn’t Romneyites, but the old guard elite inside the GOP that have always controlled things at the top] to retroactively change the rules in order to unseat duly elected Paul delegates."

“In Maine, Massachusetts, Louisiana, Oregon, Oklahoma, and elsewhere, the party bosses have disenfranchised Paul voters — closing down party caucuses, rejecting as delegates anyone under 50, and calling the cops when all else failed. And while Ryder’s rule change failed [changing the number of states to nominate a person from 5 to 10]— thanks to RNC’er Morton Blackwell — the Romney people did sneak in an amendment that would require delegates to state in writing who they intend to vote for on the convention floor at least one hour before the vote [and the vote is being moved up to Monday because of the coming storm that might force the cancellation of the convention]"

"[Hopefully, this will end the movement’s false hope that you can take over or reform the Republican party. Even if we did, the media and key politicians would suddenly claim the Republican Party was “captured by extremists” and move to form a new party which they would instantly grant majority status. That’s what they did in Israel when they formed Kadima.]"

"[And even if it were possible to finally expose the conspiracy which controls both parties, they would reform and create new parties with new names and fresh faces, but controlled by the same people. That’s what they did in Italy in 1994 when all the major parties were exposed for corruption. Fighting secret combinations of power in government is extremely difficult once they have gained control of a majority in Congress, the courts, and the media, not to mention the secret organs of enforcement in the police state.]"

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Why are organisational group-think-tanks the vehicle

(logically) for individual consumer-rule?

Answer -- They are not.

The Tea Party got hijacked -- effortlessly.


Because it was a "unionized" organization group-think-tank.

All organizations that operate in the medium to long run must (and will perfectly do so) become "socialist-like"

Name one long-run organization that has remained "effective" and in a purely "open source" environment.

Begin Free-market rant:

Unions in a free-society can only last in the short-run -- because the profit-burst for wealthy people happens in the short-run and no one has time to devote to long-run (pointless) unions.

Pointless (if) they do not have the authority or lobbying potential of "controlled" profits.

End Free-market rant:

Extrapolate the above and you can see that NO organization operating in a corporatist society can become anything other than corporatist.

Better yet -- no corporatist tool can produce anything other than corporatism.

Corporatist Tools: Voting and Lobbying
---A corporatist tool is any tool that cannot be had in a free-society

A Free-Market Tool: Daily Dollar Vote (that's it)

Justin Amash Sells Out

a new member of the GangOfPussies go along gang- Amash endorses Romney.

Good Night; Give Justin and Rand a break.

If they don't play along at times like these how will they stay in the party while the old guard is in control and take it over when the time comes?



All of this time wasted trying to take over the GangOfPussies from within. We belong together as a third party. A third party could grow and gain momentum before these hacks know what hit them.

How would a win running third party

ever get the necessary electoral votes? The republican party is being taken over and I don't get why everyone commenting here on the Daily Paul expected it to happen overnight. The majority of the party members in my county are 60 plus and many of them are coming around. It is only a matter of time when the younger liberty minded individuals take over the republican party. We had 60 votes for Dr. Paul and 120 for Romney from my district at the MI State Convention so we are 1/3 there. Get involved and the RNC rules can be changed back just as fast as they are being changed this week. It just shows how worried they really are.


Did you not read the article?

Skousen says if we took over the GOP they would create another party.

Not to pick fly spots out of pepper...

but you're actually 2/3's there. You only have to have 91 votes to constitute the majority.

Which is the point. We don't have to convince everybody... we just have to convince enough.

I'm not sure I understand your first question.

If you win a state, regardless of what party you belong to, you get that state's Electoral votes.

If you win enough states with enough Electoral votes to reach 270, you win the Presidency.

You asked how would winning as a third party get enough Electoral votes? That makes no sense. If you win, you win, you HAVE the Electoral votes. That's what defined you as "winning."

Are you under the impression only Democrats and Republicans can get Electoral votes?

if we cant reform it, maybe

if we cant reform it, maybe it needs to be taken over.

That's the whole point - you can't.

They aren't trying to just "reform it." They ARE trying to take it over.

They were trying to reform the party BY taking it over.

And it isn't working. It was never going to. It is wasted energy.

More distractions from a scared establishment

There seem to be a lot of establishment plants running around our discussion boards lately trying to make us rage quit and leave the Republican party. This is exactly what they want! Taking over the Republican party is the only way we will achieve any form of power. The establishment is afraid of us and have resorted to blatant fraud and corruption in an effort to end our movement. The only way we can continue the fight is if we run for local PCP/precinct committee positions and force out the establishment.

My friends and I dealt with the corruption at my state's convention first hand as PCPs, but we didn't run away like an angry child. We took half of our state's delegates and are continuing to organize our takeover of the state GOP and planning for after the election.

Don't take the cowards way out. If you don't run for your local PCP positions or support other liberty minded candidates then you are not helping. Hiding behind a third party and being an "internet warrior" doing nothing of consequence in real life will not help the liberty movement. Just because the convention/election is over soon doesn't meant our work is done. Fighting for liberty isn't just a part-time job or an event that occurs once every 4 years, we have to continue the fight nonstop. Meet up with your local Ron Paul supporters, organize, run for low level party positions, and help our takeover of the GOP.

And there are plants in this movement trying to sucker everyone

into continuing to buy into the 2-headed party doupoly lace with compromise and holding your tongue as you beg for scraps from on high, just so you can imagine they'll let you in close enough to stab them in the back - yeah right.

We got to where we are today because people continue to falsely believe the only viable path is through the letter D or R.

Haven't you learned ANYTHING yet?

Good point

#F the neo-con 'bomb Iran' RR2012 crowd

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sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

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spamming everyone's threads please. I know you think you're above the rules, but it's getting annoying. Also stop self bumping your twitter twiddle thread. thanks.

get on your state central committee!

look, the RNC is a committee of elected people! elected by your state central committees! the point is, if you get yourself elected as a delegate to your state central committee and elect a liberty friendly chair, national committeman, and committeewoman, they will be the RNC! These rules can be CHANGED BY US. Even better, as soon as you get in this spot, you can recall your RNC delegates (based on their corruption in supporting this cheating, credentials contests, etc) and replace them immediately.

Lots of counties are doing their nominating committees now (the role of the nominating committee is to be sure they will have at least one qualified candidates running for all positions). In Oregon, the qualification is to have been a republican for at least 180 days.

you need to get your same folks who registered as PCPs and voted at the cd/state conventions, to turn up at your county organizational meeting and vote as a block for liberty state central committee delegates!

so get out there, get off the couch and get elected to your state central committee so we can change this ! And, do it in all the parties!

It is high time everyone read

It is high time everyone read "The Party System" by Belloc and Cecil Chesterton, with its introduction by Ron Paul:


Skousen's a good guy, but I

Skousen's a good guy, but I think he's wrong on this one. We can't get a presidential candidate elected right now because we're not a strong enough faction within the party yet. However, that's changing. We're getting liberty candidates in the House and in the Senate. We're getting local party leaders and other positions filled with liberty minded individuals. A couple more cycles of ramping up our numbers (if the country can hold on for that long) and maybe then we'll be able to elect a presidential candidate. We'll have more power and influence to get things going. Even without a presidential nominee, if we have a liberty block in Congress, we can have a big impact on the direction of the country. What else are you going to do? Magically hope 3rd parties aren't screwed over every step of the way and hope the Libertarian party suddenly becomes 50 times more influential than before? Yeah. Good luck with that.

We seem to be split on this issue, but I'm with this guy.

We seem to be split on this issue, but I'm with this guy.

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir