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Write Letters Publicly Renouncing Your GOP Affiliation

I plan on writing 3 letters this weekend. All 3 will publicly renounce my GOP affiliation.

I'm writing the National GOP and telling them I will never vote Republican again due to their rule changes and games.

I'm writing the Mitt Romney Campaign and telling him that he will lose the election due to this non-sense and there is absolutely nothing he can get me to do to cast my vote for him.

And for once, I'm finally going to return the stupid Campaign For Liberty mailer that I get every week and tell them to remove my name from their list. The money they have been asking from people has been used to line their pockets as opposed to fighting the good fight. I want nothing to do with Rand Paul or Campaign for Liberty.

I encourage others to do the same.

Publicly renounce your GOP affiliation and re-register as something else

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I voted you up. Don't

I voted you up. Don't understand why this is being voted down!

Formerly rprevolutionist