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My Enemy's Enemies Are Now My Friends - Sabotaging Mitt's Campaign

No more needs to be written about the criminality and thuggery by which Mitt "the flip" Romney disenfranchised every one of us, and stole the nomination. The question we each now have to ask ourselves: How do I respond?

I for one, have decided to not only withhold my vote from Mitt, but to go one step further and actively work to ensure his loss in November. I've convinced 15 people so far to never vote for him. My goal is to convince 100 before November.

If you choose to go down the path of making the RNC pay, here are a few ideas. Please add more.

1. Talk to friends and family about Mitt Romney's egregious behavior. Highlight what an outright liar he is.
2. Post negative news articles and videos on social media sites that highlight what a bad choice Romney-Ryan are.
3. Support any other other candidate who is on the ballots in November. I will personally put in 10 hours at a minimum, phone banking for Johnson, and anyone else I deem better than "the flip."
4. Vote! For anyone but Romney... (Extra credit if you withhold your vote for all establishment candidates for Senate and Congress as well)

When they lose swing state after swing state, I want them to know that it's bc of what they did to Paul supporters, and that we aren't, and will never be, their puppets...

I for one, will not make a deal with the devil. I will never support Mitt Romney.

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Why waste everything!?!? Dig in!

This is what the ptb want you to think. I'm 100% behind you on Romney, but they are going to lose no matter what. Don't funnel this energy into supporting Obama or others - the game was rigged anyway, it was about waking up our neighbors! Instead, you can spread the message of liberty as it is antithetical to all other candidates in some way.

While you are busy telling the right wing of the beast you are not a puppet, the rest of the beast laughs as you dangle.

Ron Paul has made his mark; its time for people to step up like he did and not lose sight of what is important.

Obama is going to win this election, and there may not be another; its time to double down and spread the love and liberty, not phone-bank for Obama!

I upvoted this at first

until I saw suggestions number 3 and 4. Obama and Romney are one in the same. There is no way I would ever compromise my principals and do something as foolish as campaigning for another evil. Number 4, "anyone but romney", you are using the same dirty tricks to prey on the ignorant people as the GOP. This is not going to further our cause.

All that will accomplish...

It will just give them a handy excuse as to why Romney lost.
They want an excuse.
Why not focus the same effort on getting some vets out of psych-detention instead?

Don't go too far

Don't go so far as to actually support Obama. Find someone who will actually support liberty.

I don't blame you a bit for sabotaging Romney, whatever that means for the election. I wouldn't suggest telling people Obama actually seem good, though. Remember, he's scum just like the rest of them and would have done the same had Dr. Paul ran as a Democrat.

The whole uni-party is corrupt.

Excellent point and should be the job of everyone ...

that loves Liberty and the Rule of Law.

I was absolutely shocked that Paul didn't sweep the nation in 2008. What more could someone ask for that an honest Constitutional candidate with a 30 year record to back it up.

Only then did I realize that the country has endured severe brainwashing by the MSM.

That, in my opinion is the problem, not the leadership. But the leadership offers excellent teaching opportunities to help people understand how they have been deceived to support the destruction of their own country, and blame it on the wrong people.

Our current economic situation and police state is a golden educational opportunity.

A great way to educate is to establish that rights are important and then let them explain how we have arrived where we are.


What would Ron Paul do?

I'm with you, but I'm so

I'm with you, but I'm so pissed off I'm actually toying with the idea of going a step further and voting for Obama as my way of giving them the big finger.

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