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Rand Paul 2016

First I would like to address an issue:
I am NOT trying to say Ron Paul doesn't have a chance anymore.
Nor am I a troll.

The GOP WILL LOSE this year.

What would all of you think about Rand for president 2016? Would you support him?

There has been a lot of criticism of Rand on the DP ever since he endorsed Romney.

I know, Rand Paul is not Ron Paul.

But no one is. Ron is one of a kind.

And Rand may be the only one to carry this liberty movement on.

(P.S. Gary Johnson people out there, go away.)

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Rand has made it very clear...

by his words, actions, and who he associates and distances himself with and from, that he does not want or need our support.

I'd vote for Gary before Rand

He didn't endorse a status quo politician that is part of the problem and instead stuck to his convictions and is fighting against the problem.

So would I!

Rand sold out.

Formerly rprevolutionist