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If Ron Endorses Mittens


If Ron endorses Mittens, this site will need to change names. I suggest "The Daily Liberty". I'll admit that I'm fearful Ron is going to do it...

Clay Anderson
Albuquerque, NM

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Amash Endorsed Romney today

I am hoping Ron Paul won't endorse Romney . I am not going to Tampa because I am so afraid that he will. I can't bear to watch Rand suck up to Romney and Jesse Benton glad handing with the GOP scumbags. I am leaving the Republican Party after 35 years. I'm done

why on earth

would he do that after the Romney camp has basically slapped his delegates in the face???? Dr. Paul, unlike Romney is very principled. I am wandering what third party candidate he endorses, if he even endorses anybody.

I'd be sad...

Because Ron Paul knows more than anybody that the candidates are merely puppets, and knows who is behind the scenes pulling the strings. If he were to endorse Mittens, it would mean he has compromised or accepted some kind of "deal" which is why we love him to begin with. He doesn't make "deals". An endorsement of Mittens would be an endorsement of the false "left vs. right paradigm, which is what he has worked so hard to break over the decades...It wouldn't take away from all of the great work he has done in the past though, and i would continue to use his words as a reference to wake people up. But in my opinion, it would severely diminish his words of wisdom in the future- lets just hope it doesn't happen.

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He hasn't endorsed any

He hasn't endorsed any jackasses yet, I don't see why he'd start now.


He endorsed Lamar smith in 2010


Sorry to the other guy...

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- President John F. Kennedy