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Washington State Files Delegate Challenge

The Reagan Wing.com: On August 6, 2012 Republicans in Washington filed a “Delegate Contest” with the Republican National Committee attesting that NO FEWER THAN 533 delegates to the Washington State Convention had been elected by illegal procedure, that proper and timely filed challenges to their credentials had been illegally adjudicated because of unlawful intervention in the Credentials Committee and State Convention by state party chair Kirby Wilbur, his subordinates, staff, and appointees. The Contest asks that the National Convention NOT SEAT 17 delegates to the upcoming nomination convention in Tampa.

What follows is the opening statement, limited to 1,000 words, filed with the Notice of Challenge. We present it, here, unedited, an exclusive of the Reagan Wing.com:

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Was an appeal filed in Tampa? What was the outcome?


Fantastic article


I sense a brawl coming on in Tampa

People have been really disenfranchised. It's incredible how insecure Mitt and the RNC behave.

Yea, and the NWO is camped directly outside, looking for a

reason to pull the trigger and murder us all...Be careful! The roids make them unpredictable..They will shoot and ask questions later. Know your limitations..

proverbially of course.

You know, the Ron Paul way.

Is it just me,

or does this seem like a common theme these days? I wonder if all the states did a similar count what the expected delegate turnout would have been. I will tell you this, if even half of the 533 delegates were Paulites (I expect that it would have been many more than half)... We would have surely been unanimous.