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Jerry Doyle Show Today - Mark Willis, National Committeeman Elect for the Maine Republican Party

On the Jerry Doyle Show this afternoon


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no it's not subscription only, I'm listening right now.

'Jerry Doyle' show is usually a good interview.

The ANSWER to the question of why are the RINOS doing this

if they've got it all wrapped up for Romney?

The answer is because the RINOS concience says, "you know they're right about things & you can't argue with them"..., but the conscious says, "no, you've got to get rid of them, because of Al Quaeda!...you've got to eradicate them completely...nothing else matters!"

It's like a robber who knows he's doing wrong but continues robbing, saying to himself that he's got to keep robbing because he needs the money & that it doesn't matter that he's taking from the public's savings accounts...all that matters is that he's got to rob!

The ANSWER is that the REPUBLICAN PARTY has become IRRATIONAL, end of story, IRRATIONAL.

Thanks OP. Tried to listen to

Thanks OP. Tried to listen to it live but it's SUBSCRIPTION ONLY. Bleh

Subscription only from

Subscription only from YouTube?

Hmmm, I didn't have that problem.

As Mark Willis Said

If Romney has the nomination all wrapped up.......why are they so concerned about 20 delegates from Maine!

To all the Delegates .........keep just one word in your mind ....WIN.....and you will see it!

Believe it and you WILL see it.....no matter what!

Cool off or take a shower

Remember how cult sect leaders regularly predict Jesus coming at specific date using the same rational - trust and believe. Well, after the date is passed, the sun is still up and the believers are crushed. Liberty movement is not 100m sprint. It is the battle to persuade majority to accept our ideas. Even that is not enough - after we win, each generation must maintain vigil to preserve that majority.

It's not so much of a sprint

It's not so much of a sprint for you guys in the US, but the time-frame is a little more important for Iran and the other countries that are likely to be invaded for the next 4 years under Romney or Obama.

The rest of the world is getting a bit sick of sending our soldiers over there to die because of trigger-happy dictators in the US.

I am not sure

you heard RP in May 2011. RP said that if Israel thinks it is in her interest to bomb Iranian facilities, she can do it on her own.

Israel may be still thinking about chances to go alone, but if that sand monkey (Iranian president) continue spewing his nonsense more-and-more, Israel will strike.

If you really worry about Iranian people, urge them to press their president to refrain from making stupid remarks.

PS. If 10,000 US soldiers refused to be deployed, the wars would be over. Moreover, the public would rise up to prevent them from being jailed long term. It happened in Israel, when 500 or so solders refused to go to Gaza - Israel does not go there ever since.

You're missing the point.

You're missing the point. It's none of America's business. Let Iran and Israel duke it out if they want, the US needs to keep it's nose out of it.

The US has made plenty of comments recently about shady election practices in African/Middle Eastern countries, implying "sort it out, install a US favorable President and we won't invade you". How are you going to feel if Europe decides to send "peace-keepers" into the US because of all the shady election fraud happening there?

Sorry you do not

understand the reason we have endless wars. Weak minded think it is about oil or Zionists, but it is mainly for the following.

1) Domination and military threat - is the only way for USA to force other countries to accept paper dollar as gold. There is no other way.

2) Since both GOP & DEM have accepted "mixed economy" of fascism (private property is allowed but fully controlled via regulations & taxes), our stagnated economy does not feed many. Therefore, our endless wars and nations building employ MILLIONS. Wars cannot stop.

3) 1) and 2) are symbiotic.

You can justify wars however

You can justify wars however you wish, but eventually the US is going to over-extend, and collapse. Just hope that you're allowed to heal and rebuild, and that other countries don't come in like vultures to carve up the pieces and pick the meat off the bones.. as happened with Nazi Germany.

On that I totally agree with you.

As soon as Intellectual top understand that they should not sacrifice individual men for their idea of better tomorrow, as soon as solders and their families on the bottom understand that they should not sacrifice themselves for society or sell their soul for free education, we can expect improvement.

Keep in mind that under good economy our ideas do not sell well since religious right and collectivist left share the same morality of sacrifice. Thus, Ayn Rand stood alone in 50's and 60's. Austrains retreated into academic classrooms.

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At 2:10 in is where the interview starts.