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RNC Tribute Video to Run Tuesday Night at Convention

WASHINGTON, August 24, 2012 — A video tribute to Congressman Ron Paul has been added to the Republican Convention schedule on Tuesday night, August 28, according to Romney campaign strategist Russ Schriefer during a news conference. Congressman Paul (R-Texas) ran a strong and persistent campaign during the presidential primaries.

Ron Paul and Mitt Romney, the presumptive presidential nominee of the GOP, “have had a warm relationship,” one of “mutual respect,” Schriefer explained, so when Paul supporters asked if a tribute could be incorporated into the schedule, the Romney campaign was happy to oblige. Congressman Paul’s son, Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.), will be a speaker during Monday night’s session.

The question of when Romney’s wife Ann Romney will speak is settled, according to the campaign. She is scheduled to speak at the opening session on Monday night, August 27, and there is no talk within the campaign of moving her to a different night, even though at this point all three of the major broadcast networks, ABC, CBS and NBC, have said they will not be covering the convention that night. However, Schriefer was optimistic that at least one of the big three will carry her speech. Ann Romney has been a very popular speaker on the stump and some have dubbed her Romney’s “secret weapon.”

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How convenient.
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