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Power Grab: RNC Passes Rule Giving Itself Power To Change Any Rule Without Delegate Vote

BuzzFeed - TAMPA — The Republican National Convention Rules Committee voted 63-38 to approve a new rule allowing granting the Republican National Committee — and Mitt Romney — sweeping new powers to amend the governing document of the GOP.

The move came at the encouragement of Mitt Romney supporters on the committee, including Romney's top lawyer Ben Ginsberg, who stressed that it would grant "flexibility" to Romney and the committee to adapt to changing political environments. The rule allows the RNC to amend the party's rules without a vote by the full Republican National Convention. And it offers the Republican Establishment a new tool to keep at by Tea Party initiatives that threaten to embarrass or contradict party leadership and stray from a planned message.

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So it's pretty obvious now

So it's pretty obvious now that what we have is a two party dictatorship who pick the candidate and where true elections don't exist.

"Pretty obvious now?"

Taking your comment for sarcasm. :-) And not that you are just now figuring this out!

Phil. 4:13

haha well, I guess what I

haha well, I guess what I mean is they are not even trying to hide it anymore.

If I were Rand Paul...

...I'd be embarrassed to speak on behalf of such a lawless, criminal organization.

The GOP is now beyond redemption. There is no saving it. It is an open conspiracy against the people and Constitution of the United States.

just imagine if he became President

"how you do anything is how you do everything"

Cyril's picture

Right there. One can see

Right there.

One can see Romney as a very serious and zealous student of Obama's "methods" for "Change".

Pretty promising, huh ?

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

LOL @ "changing political environment"

um, yeah, like Rmoney LOSING? HAHAHA

He's going to do that anyway, too bad he has to pull the whole party down with him.

This is dictatorship. GOP elite have become dictators.

If they take over without Paul, we will have a dictatorship. So do you want Dictator 1, or Dictator 2 ? So whether we go Democrat or Republican,I deduce, we will have a dictatorship. O boy ! :-( Have the Democrats ever gotten this dictorial ?

I motion to refer to Romney as Mao

because this is a lot like the card game where the guy in charge makes up a new, arbitrary, self-serving rule each round.

The other game this reminds me of is Calvinball.

If Romney is like this now, he will be like this as President.

People do not change generally. This is his personality. Is this whom you want for President ? Do you want a dictator? Plus they are not Protestants. One is a Mormon and one is a Catholic. The Protestants possibly will be in trouble. The Supreme court has no Protestants. Plus this probably spells trouble for atheists, agnostics, non-Catholics, non-Mormons etc. Tuttus against Zulus, Zulus against Tutus. etc. PS: This is not a anti-Catholic comment. What I mean is the Protestants founded this country and are usually more open and more free thinking. Afterall we did escape Catholic Europe to get religious freedom. The Protestants that are backing Ryan the Catholic and Romney the alleged Mormon, are possibly returning the Protestants to the persecution s they had in Europe. I was a Catholic so I can return and be a Catholic. But what about the rest of you ? Will they soon be saying "Checkmate"?


Queen Elizabeth the First was a protestant, and not too free thinking toward catholics as I recall. And, how free-thinking were those protestants that would not vote for a catholic for president in this country until Kennedy? Just curious about those more open and free thinking protestants. And no, I'm not trying to bash protestants, just trying to make the point that intolerance knows no religious boundary.

I'm ashamed to see that someone who calls himself catholic is running with Romney.

Michael, the Archangel, defend us in battle. Mary, Our Mother, protect us under your mantle.

What next?

They will certainly need immunity from prosecution, for breaking the rules they voted they don't have to follow. Just in case someone notices who is in a position to do something.


it means he can screw-you any time he what's
this is want he is going to do ASS president

now is the time were you go to Tampa and we all get a rested and charge us that we are mentally disturbs and thro us in to prison indefinitely just like the Marine

next they going to make a law to protect them self, only 2 party Democrats and Republicans no other party can make a run for president.

DICK-TATOR did I spells this right ????..



Ron Paul Running Has Brought Out The Good, The Bad, And

The Very Very Ugly so far in this election. I'm so glad that this is finally being realized.

If Dr. Paul wouldn't have run as a Republican, most of us may have never seen how much of a dictatorship we actually have running this country whether it is Republicans or Democrats. It is clear that the grassroots vote is being suppressed either way.

This realization now by the masses is a major accomplishment, to force the Oligarchy to rear its ugly head has been accomplished, and all are finally seeing it for what it really is. A mass awakening is among us.

If Ron Paul didn't run as a Republican, we may have not known for some time that our voting rights appear to have been virtually eliminated. They have rigged this election entirely so far from the voting machines all the way up to the National Convention. From what I understand, the processes of suppressing the grassroots vote are similar in the Democratic Party.

Absolutely amazing, I wonder just how many government officials and past presidents have been elected due to the rigging? Too many to count, I'm embarrassed about what we thought was America.

The "lawsuit" argument states:
"The fact that the Republican Party is a private organization becomes legally irrelevant when the party convenes a National Convention for the purpose of selecting a candidate for Federal Office, in this case, President and Vice President of the United States. For all purposes the convention is an "election" subject to 'Supreme Court case decisions and Federal Statutory Law.

The Convention of a national political party is a "Federal Election" subject to the laws established by the United States Supreme Court and the Legislative Branch of the Federal Government when signed into law by the President of the United States.

U.S. Supreme Court Decisions and Federal Statutory Law preempt any contradictory Party Rule or State Law that attempts to deny a Delegate the right to vote in accordance with their own conscience free from any attempt to bind the Delegate to vote for a particular candidate.

42 USC 1971 (e) the word "vote" means all action necessary to make a vote effective."

If the RNC and it's rules committee make rules and follow procedures that disenfranchise or cause to disenfranchise voters and delegates from being able to "vote", which it seems are many of the rules that the RNC has adopted, take your pick, it appears they are essentially violating federal election law and therefore may rightfully be arrested, charged with criminal activity, and may not be allowed, according to the law, to place a candidate on the general election ballot.

-LibertyG ... 2 Corinthians 2:16-17 "To some we are a scent of death leading to death, but to others, a scent of life leading to life. And who is competent for this? For we are not like the many who make a trade(for profit) but as those with sincerity...

here, here

Well said! Well said indeed!

With all due respect, I will no longer be a voting prostitute for Constitution rejecting harlots.

The logic and

The logic and constitutionality of the lawsuit argument are sound, but of course the federal courts are not. If it were otherwise then there would not even be a reason for an RP campaign. The founders truly did give us a framework for a minimally intrusive government, but keeping it did require vigilance on the part of citizens interested in keeping it so. When we lost interest, that's when we lost our liberty.

In the same way that RPs campaign has exposed the utter corruption of the political selection process, so too should the lawsuit go forward if for no other reason than to expose the same or even greater level of corruption in the federal judiciary.

It'll be good stuff for future historians working on explaining how the great American experiment in liberty failed!

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein

The Republican Party is a Communist Party already ! Wow !

Unbelievable. It is a Christian Communist Party. The Christians in the GOP are being greatly deceived. They are drinking the kool-aid.

Christo-Fascist Republicans

another reason why next week

another reason why next week I will still either be a republican supporting a Ron Paul nomination or an Independent supporting either the Constitution Party or Libertarian candidate. The Romney has bullied , lied and cheated and changed rules has made me want to leave the GOP for good.

The question is...

... if Dr Paul doesn't get the nomination and you end up voting libertarian, who's to say your vote will even count? Diebold can just flip your vote. Maybe Lew Rockwell is onto something with his "withdraw from the process" comment.


http://imgur.com/xrkng !

When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift

The lesson to be learned here:

NEVER rely on mere words on paper to defend your rights. You see how easy it is to change?

And they were ready for this, complete with a ring of jackboots.

They got the jackboots, and this is what they can do to the rules.

It Appears the RNC now stands for

Romney National Convention and the GOP is now the GOR aka the Grand Old Romney! It just shows when your tied to the Fed's ponzi scheme, you can buy what ever you want? We need to promote how 'we used to be a part of the GOP, but refuse to support the Communist takeover called the GOR'! I refuse to vote for the Totalitarian Corporatist named Obamney!

SteveMT's picture

RNC = Rules Newly Created

What a miserable organization!

RNC = Republic Of North Korea


I can just see the signs in Tampa..."Welcome to the Republic of North Korea"

I'm sure the FBI is watching me now...oooohhh

And the GOP...

stands for Gang of Pukes.

I don't play, I commission the league.

IS this a preview of a Mitt Romneyl presidency?

... then I want nothing to do with it.

Mirand Sharma

Four more years of Obama....

would be VASTLY preferable to 8 years of the Romney syndicate. At least with Obama, the neocons will just obstruct everything he does because of their zealous hatred of the man. Eight years of Bush-era "conservatism" on steroids would be disastrous.

I don't play, I commission the league.

A point to this......

......if this Romney gets in, a lot of gun owners will become complacent because he is an R (I have no idea why they would, but they would. It's that R thing I guess).

As long as Obama is there then they will be on guard.