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Ron Paul Can Still Win

I know, I know...things don't smell like roses tonight, especially after getting a whiff of the GOP's dirty diaper. But what's important right now is the fact that Ron Paul and his delegate strategy has literally made the GOP crap their pants with skullduggery.

They have changed their own rules, made new rules up as they go along at their convenience, and have had to bend over backwards to stop Ron Paul's delegates while everyone is watching. Hello! Are they stupid or what? As if people aren't paying any attention to what they're doing...

Something stinks to high heaven, and the stench of corruption is thick in the humid Tampa air. Every single delegate can smell it. The delegates are not senseless to what's happening within their own party. They are not impervious to word of mouth, the internet, and their own curiosity.

In that past six months or so, how many Romney delegates have had a political epiphany and converted to Paul? How many Santorum delegates have made the same conversion? How many Gingrich delegates have the same passion and desire to defeat Obama, can't stand Romney, and like Ron Paul now after watching a few youtube videos?

There will be at least 500 Ron Paul delegates at the RNC.

But what happens if the majority of Santorum and Gingrich delegates decide to vote for Ron Paul? And what happens if half of Romney's delegates decide to do the same thing after watching Ron Paul's speech from the Sun Dome this Sunday evening?