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If Ron Paul Runs 3rd Party, And Obama Wins...

The GOP has nobody to blame but themselves for ignoring their own rules, disregarding Ron Paul, his supporters, his delegates - and for breaking the "law," whatever that means...

But I honestly do not think Ron Paul would lose if he were to run as an Independent... About 34% of registered voters in America are Independents. If Ross Perot could get almost 20% of the vote back in 1992, could Ron Paul get 40% of the vote and win in 2012?


Obama recently announced how his public rallies had to be scaled back, due to a lack of attendance.

Mitt Romney can hardly fill a fish bowl at his public speaking, "rallies."

Ron Paul does not have the same problem as does Romney and Obama. He's popular, they are not.

Remember how the media constantly asked if he would run as a third party candidate? Did they know something?

He never ruled it out.

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He's not gonna run 3rd party...

If he had that kind of fight in him, he wouldn't have let his campaign give up his delegates to Romney... The writing is on the wall and we all are confronted with another very harsh truth four years later... That is bad enough for most of us. Don't make it worse by pushing for things Ron Paul has already stated he would never do. If for no other reason than to block Rand's ascension in the party, even if it is to only do what they allow him to...