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Who here pledges to never support Obama or Romney?


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said it a very long time ago...

Dr. Paul or obombya...

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
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Anyone who seriously puts in the time to do their homework on these guys would have to be crazy to support either one of them.

Well, duh

Of course that's got to be the easiest pledge I have ever made. And I am old.


No Romney! No Obama!

Take back the GOP and Restore America Now.

I seriously hope that the

I seriously hope that the handful of people here on the DP who have said in the past that they would vote for Romney if he was the nominee no longer will do so. I hope that they have seen just how despicable Romney is and how low he is willing to go to win.


I'm pretty sure that's a no

I'm pretty sure that's a no doubter for 99% of the people on this forum.

Here, here! NO support for Obama or Romney

...or any other traitor to the cause of liberty.

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Count me in

I will take it a step further and pledge to never support any CFR backed puppets whether they have a R after their name like Obamney a D like Robama or a L like Gary Johnson


It was him. Let's get him fellers. (Simpsons reference)
Truthfully, once you recognize the machine you can never support it if your an honest person. I will never support r0bomney or 0bama. They are the reflection of each other. They share the same friends on wall street, and the same love of giant sized government. Both are first class republicrats who would wipe their backside with the constitution without a second thought. Both are repulsive to personal liberty and responsibility.

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I do!

And if Ron does not get the nomination, I think the next step should be a massive call to G. Johnson to step aside so Ron Paul can run libertarian. I am sure the libertarian party would gladly accept him and he could be on the ballot on all 50 states...just sayin...


That is precisely what Doug Turner of the CFR put his puppet GJ there to prevent. Earned ol Doug a promotion into the CFR leadership. While the bulk of the LP was supporting the revolution the door was left open for the Koch brother's brand of "libertarianism" to take control. Giving us first Barr who was at least a lot more convincing at playing a libertarian than Johnson who is an etch-a-sketch to rival Mittens.

Still pledged

not to vote for either.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.