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Changing The Rules Is A Sign of Weakness

If the RNC has to change their own rules at this late hour, I view that as a huge sign of weakness for Romney.

Perhaps Ron Paul has more delegates than any of us could ever imagine at this moment.

IF Romney was a sure lock for the nomination, why is the GOP/RNC going to extremes by breaking their own rules?


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If we have more than half the Delegates in the room...

The way the rules are now, R$ will still win. They ALWAYS find a way to silence dissent.

However, if more than half of the room were to pick a time to Walk Out together, then no one could ignore that the majority hates Romney. (Even if he wins the nomination, which he WILL do anyway.)



Wait it out

We could still have support from more than 8 states.

"Believe half of what you see, and none of what you hear." - Benjamin Franklin

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If ever anyone doubted the fraud of the two party system

this says it loud and clear. "You get the nominee that we say you're going to get." They can control the masses more easily through the media than a smaller group of informed political activists. No unbound delegates- then no more republic, it's a democracy- an easily manipulated mass of uninformed voters.

Ding, ding, ding... show them what they've won!


If men are good, you don't need government; if men are evil or ambivalent, you don't dare have one.

Whatever happened to all the talk about

'stealth delegates" and "unbound delegates" remember all the love for Ben Swann..Gee you people have short memories...

Just one last kick in the nuts, then a final deathblow

I think we're winning!!!


I ponder this question to

I ponder this question to myself all the time. Maybe the tropical storm is in our favor?

I cant wait couple more days for the fate of the RNC


You are right on the money!

They are scurrying like mad right now.

This is not nearly over yet.....and I for one will not quit till all is said and done!

Remember chant President Paul, President Paul......and see what happens!

It's going to make us pretty

It's going to make us pretty weak in this convention and in future elections... The only fair vote was the hand and paper ballots of the caucus... Now the popular vote rules the delegates? The electronic machines? Number one concern and issue should be our rigged voting system.

Also possible...

They want to display "unity" and they don't want any hint that Romney is not the unanimous choice. That desire alone might be enough to cause these fascists to break "rules" as they don't see a difference between right and power.


Ron Pauls delegates were treated badly and bullied the last convention because of this big desire to project a unanymous vote for McCain. They want the same thing this time. No noisy, boisterous convention with unapproved non-Neocons getting any attention. Collectivists must have their unity at all costs!

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Good question and I've been

Good question and I've been wondering the same.

It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. – Mark Twain

I have been thinking

the same thing. Thanks for posting this.