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We are Living Under the Tyranny of a 2 Party Duopoly!

After I watched the video posted earlier on DP regarding how manipulated and staged the national debates were I was inspired to do some searching and found my reason for starting this petition on Change.org... Rasmussen Reports' intentional excluding 3rd party candidates from their polling... MORE media blackout.

Being an avid Ron Paul supporter, knowing that he completely supports open debate and all candidates having a voice... that is now my goal... to help promote the nation realizing that they have more than two candidates to choose from.

Here is a petition I started last night and I've been editing it a bunch, but I'm still looking for your help in how to increase its impact and refine its message.


We are living under the tyranny of a 2 party duopoly!
When did "Live free or Die" turn to "Live free or accept what you're given"?
My possible vote for a 3rd more capable and deserving candidate is more important than choosing the lesser of two evils who's differences are only minor compared to the vast majority of their seriously troubling similarities.

NOTE: Regardless of who the 3rd party candidates are... they deserve to be a part of the debates. Your vendetta against Gary Johnson is the polar opposite of what Ron Paul's stance on the inclusion of real debate and 3rd party candidates getting their chance to be heard.

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1. Even though I already

1. Even though I already agreed with the non-aggression principle, I didn't know it had a specific name either.
2. Please source his inability to name a tenet of libertarianism. Are you implying that if a person's policies aren't 100% libertarian in every which way... they aren't libertarian? It's only a yes or no question? I'm pretty sure Ron Paul's "gray area" regarding abortion and the morning after pill clear that one up pretty well. There is a gray area on many of these issues... even for libertarians.
3. Please source his flip-flopping INCLUDING his reasoning for changing his position. I'm pretty sure that many people who come onto Ron Paul find an issue or two they "flip" their stance on. Maybe GJ flipped like many of us do throughout our lives... but please source every "flop" back on "every single issue but" that he's done.
4. He would have marijuana treated just like cigarettes or alcohol.
5. I would prefer a fair tax to what we have now... especially since it promotes austerity and responsible spending in a country where the vast majority were taught to live paycheck to paycheck in debt their entire life. They say that people that can't handle money well don't do any better with it when they are paid more (or get to keep more/all of their pay, for a reason. Last time I checked Paul was all for not taxing earnings, and increasing tax elsewhere. Taxing on spending alone sounds more fair than taxing on what we own (aka what we've already paid for including taxes). The poverty level "prebate" would cover not paying taxes on necessities. They say the starting rate would be 23% (that being under question and speculated to be much higher), but add in the large amounts of cuts to government spending and getting back to small government would mean taxes lowering throughout the future. And we know Romney or Obama won't really change anything tax wise.

I'm just going off his site regarding his budget platform... but can you give me the source of a thorough analyzing of his "federal state bailout" budget... where you got your credible information in detail about his budget?

Anything else?

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