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Michigan Primary Tue Jan 15 - Dems, Don't Throw Your Vote Away!

From the excellent Ron Paul resource page Primarily Paul:

Due to violating party rules, the Democratic National Committee has stripped Michigan of all its delegates to the Democratic National Convention. You can vote in the Democrat’s primary, but no Michigan delegates will be sent to the DNC to vote for you.

As if that isn’t bad enough, most candidates running for the Democrat’s nomination didn’t even register to be on the ballot or have withdrawn their names. Here is a list of people who will be on the ballot: Hillary Clinton, Mike Gravel, and Dennis Kucinich. So if you wanted to vote for Barack Obama, John Edwards, or any other candidate you’re SOL because they won’t even be on the ballot.

Instead of casting a meaningless vote on the Democrat’s ticket, you can vote in the Republican primary, helping bring a “win-win” ballot for the 2008 Presidential election by voting for Ron Paul. The war in Iraq has consistently rated the highest issue important to voters. Another issue not polled which I’m sure matters to voters is the restoration of our civil liberties.

Ron Paul is the only Republican candidate who is against the Iraq war and for the restoration of our civil liberties. All of the Democrats oppose the war in Iraq, so by voting for Ron Paul in the Republican primary you can help create a “win-win” 2008 Presidential ballot. It will be an anti-war, pro civil liberties Democrat versus an anti-war, pro civil liberties Republican. No matter who wins the election, the war will end and our civil liberties will be restored.

Original here. Spread the word.

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And The First Exit Polls in Michigan Say...


Currently halfway down the posts:


And The First Exit Polls in Michigan Say...

I'm surprised no one else has put this up yet. I'm hearing the first round of exit polls have Romney 35, McCain 29, Huckabee 15, Ron Paul 10, Giuliani 4. This doesn't count absentee ballots.

If this holds, the networks will be able to announce shortly after 9 p.m. eastern time...

Of course, all the standard disclaimers apply, and the later voters may differ from the early rounds, and the polls are still open, so if you're a Michigander, go out and vote for your favorite.

01/15 06:18 PM



government of the people, by the people, for the people

Fox News: Behind the Scenes


Fox News

"It does not take a majority to prevail. But rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men." ~Samuel Adams while plotting the Boston Tea Party.


Dems for RP

Posted this before, but it's fantastic - worth re-posting!

this Democrats for Ron Paul ad that RP supporters used back in November is just *perfect* to show to Dems!
It's basically just a nice comparison of positions/voting records - comparing Hillary & Obama... to Ron Paul!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Be FREE at last! MLK Day moneybomb - Jan. 21!

Working for US policy in the mideast that serves AMERICA's interests http://www.councilforthenationalinterest.org/

I am reading reports by voters from Mich and can make one

conclusion. Low turn out. All are indicating slow days at polls. Upper Mich has weather and low temps which may also have an affect, although northern Michiganders like snow.

I think the democratic delegate gig did not help and the Repubs didn't show up on the campaign trail until a few days ago.

If they don't steal the votes...which would be totally out of character, do I have the right to pray for challenging 3rd?

If we are the only ones that show up and the rest vote for Hillary...Some news would be really cool...

Go Michigans! Give it all ya got!


Quick correction, folks

This story is ALMOST correct :)

Michigan moved up its primary in violation of the party rules, yes. It is also true that only Clinton, Dodd, Kucinich and Gravel (as well as third tier candidates) are the only ones on the ballot.

It is NOT true that the Obama and Edwards did not register their names on the ballot.. they were on the ballot originally. The DNC sent out a request to all candidates to WITHDRAW your name from the ballot, and Edwards and Obama complied. Clinton did not. Kucinich tried, but his request came too late for the state rules.

Florida is in a similar state. The state moved up the primary (A republican legislature) knowing full well it would unseat the democratic delegates. In Florida, however, you MUST be on the Primary in order to be on the general, so their names remain.

Both Michigan and Florida will not have their delegates seated at the convention until a nominee is already chosen, at which point, the Nominee will seat them for the rest of the proceedings.

There is a parallel effort in MI to vote "Uncommitted" so that even though their delegates won't be seated, if Uncommitted defeats Clinton, that would be seen as a moral victory.

The effort to get MI Dems to vote for Romney came up on Kos. I don't think there are many supporters of that currently.


Help the Economy! - End the War!

You might also want to mention to Michigan democratic and independent voters that ending the war will help our ECONOMY. The federal government SAYS it has $163 billion deficit, but adding in the wiped out Social Security funds and other obligations brings the actual deficit up to $344 Billion. The war in Iraq is estimated to cost us over 2 trillion dollars. And we borrow billions a day to pay for it. We have far over-extended our empire and the money wasted on foreign policy would be better spent at home. Ask the other GOP candidates HOW they expect to pay for this war? And ask the democratic candidates HOW they expect to pay for Universal Healthcare and where they think they are going to get the money for their economic stimulus packages (70-100 billion)?

Michigan State University student newspaper cartoon



Let's hope those Spartans turn out for us. We've obviously made an impression on their student newspaper's editorial cartoonist.

HAHA lolz thats a good one!

HAHA lolz thats a good one! Sell them the win-win ticket.

"But, indeed, no private person has a right to complain, by suit in court, on the ground of a breach of the Constitution. The Constitution it is true, is a compact, but he is not a party to it."

Dems are being told....

....to vote for Romney in order to mess with the republican party.

The Scam in a Nutshell


Good for a laugh but I doubt that actual people will bite.

if dems really want to screw w/establishment repubs

they should vote for ron paul. by and large, romney is a gop darling.

michigan UAW rally today

just read this article - anyone know how it went?

Michigan democrats

If they care about:

1. stopping the war and the eventual draft of both men and women ages 18-42

2. having honest economic reports so that cost of living adjustments are fair for labor contracts and social security instead of the falsified cost of living adjustments that were started by Robert Reich and Bill Clinton and continued by Bush.

3. stable monetary system and financial system so that subprime, adjustable rate mortgage fiascos do not occur

4. protecting our borders so only guest workers are allowed and not illegal immigrants taking away jobs

5. proper trade agreements so that jobs are not lost to cheap labor or child labor overseas and companies with no environmental protection

Then they will go on January 15, 2008 in Michigan and vote Congressman
Ron Paul for President

If not, they will be fooled again.



Unfortunatly I dont live in Michigan but but is huge for the campaign. Everyone who lives in Michigan needs to get this out to the people.I wonder if theres a way to get an email list to democratic voters in michigan to let them know. (also does anyone know if democrats in the michigan primary can vote republican?)

If Ron Paul wins Michigan

Mitt Romney will be screwed!! Mitt Romney said that it is do or die in Michigan himself.

If Ron Paul Wins Michigan ...

If He won Michigan I would ... I would , I don't know but I would do something outrageous in celebration ... but realy ...
Why wont he win Michigan?
If I am a democrat in Michigan right now, I would be so ripped at "THE PARTY" for telling me I have no say, nada, that I would feel compeled to vote Ron Paul even if I had no intention of voting in the general.
How could I vote for one of the hawks in the GOP or in "The Party"s meaningless beauty contest. It would be insulting to myself to play along ...
Are Democrats in Michigan TOTALY aware that their vote has been rendered moot?


Dont' forget this Democrats for Ron Paul ad!!

Print out this 1-page *awesome* "Democrats for Ron Paul" ad that RP supporters in NV used a few weeks back!


It's to-the-point & just PERFECT to hand out to the Dems!
(I like the Red color for Ron Paul's votes - nice to print out in color, too)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Be FREE at last! MLK Day moneybomb - Jan. 21!

Working for US policy in the mideast that serves AMERICA's interests http://www.councilforthenationalinterest.org/

Dont' forget this Democrats for Ron Paul ad!!

double post - oops

Working for US policy in the mideast that serves AMERICA's interests http://www.councilforthenationalinterest.org/

Sway the Democrats

Tell Democrats to vote for Paul



I Live in MIchigan and was

I Live in MIchigan and was out on the weekend putting out slim jims and signs. Does any one know if RP has been here in the last few days? I know there was an event here and Ron was invited along with the other Rep candidates and he chose not to attend. This is a perfect time for him to go to auto plants, we are having the auto show downtown I know the other candidates have events like these going on. There have been no tv ad's. This is a state that Ron could win especially with his views on nafta.

No TV ads in Michigan?

What about radio ads?

ASK them if they are Pro-USA and Anti-NAU.

Don't explain what NAU is. Let them figure out.

Ask them if they are really Pro-USA and Anti-NAU.

Make them prove that they are Anti-NAU and they don't support CFR.

But, don't tell them what NAU and CFR are.

Let them figure out.

government of the people, by the people, for the people

Let's get 25% this way!

Lead the way and we'll get 25% in Michigan! A HUGE turnaround for the campaign! I can feel it in my heart that we'll get 25%!!! I know it'll happen if we keep spreading the word!

That's right Senator McCain, we don't trust you

John McCain now claims he will round up and deport the 2 million illegal alien criminals that he admits are roaming our streets. Too bad, as a 27 year U.S.Senator from Arizona he didn't propose anything of the kind until he decided to run for President. This is why many people do not trust their government Senator McCain and this is why conservative republicans should not even consider voting for you


Confused! This Happened 01Dec07!


Why are we hearing this now? Why hasn't the national media even made a peep about this? So are they "pretending" to the public?

Billary doesn't mention Michigan or Florida!

http://www.johnedwards.com/# (see States up top)
Neither does the rich lawyer (30,000 sq ft home) who cares about the poor and the environment!

Obama bin Laden lists "IA" NH" "NV" "SC" under Early States!

I love this!!!

Wow... I live no where near Michigan... How can we get this out there to Democrats in Michigan??? Imagine... Mitt has said "It is do or die in Michigan" How can we help get this word out besides keeping this on the front page of Daily Paul?

America: Freedom to Fascism

I'm in New York but why have you all not made 1,000's of copies of
America:Freedom to Fascism and give them out. Everyboby who sees that DVD understands what is going on in this country. It's our best
selling tool because it effect people's money. We should make several
millions of this all across America. Imagine the Establishmet going
CRAZY when million of people wake up to what they are doing to this

I think the best tool we have when we go door-to-door is the DVD
"America: Freeedom to Fascism" it speaks for it's self. We should ask them to see the video before they make a decison. I don't see why with all our resources we have, and all our people al

Or "Hacking Democracy"

Or how to explain why Billary hates caucuses (literally sued...good lawyer) and REALLY likes Primaries (her friend Diebold)!

HBO Documentary: Hacking Democracy
Watch it at:


Hey people, they are SCREWING us bad!!!

Bump! Keep this us up!

After our bad karma in IA (Huckabee's evangelism, etc.) and NH (all sorts)--this is a chance to actually benefit from golden karma. Let's go for cross-over Democratic votes like starved hounddogs chasing a fat rabbit. Dems must be pretty ticked off at their own party heirarchy to boot--maybe we could even hold some for the November vote.


Bump! Important thread



Help! Senior moment...

What's the name of that fellow who funded the NY Times and USA Today ads? Contact info for him? I've got it somewhere in my files--but can't locate it at the moment. Maybe he'd help out with print ads in Michigan QUICK (we can't wait for a fund-raiser). The Democratic National Committee (bless their souls) has inadvertently handed us a marvelous, unexpected opportunity---it'd be lunacy to let it get away.


For Peeps

That Run In To The News Letter Issue Say Dr.Paul Isn't A Rat.If He Knew Who They / Them Were.He Would Not Rat Them Out! He Is To Principled To Do That.

Focus on MI Districts 5, 12, 13 and 14

I did a bit of datamining and noticed that all of the republican congressmen from MI has voted for Iraq war in all sessions they have attended. Unless there has been a significant momentum shift in those districts I don't see RP having a chance against war mongering McCain or Romney (Districts 2-4 and 6-11).

Districts 1 and 15 belong currently to Democrats but the congressmen from there have mixed voting record on Iraq. 15th district is also very close to Detroit and thus likely an expensive media market. 1st district is a small district measured by population and big square miles - might be too big to canvass.

So the focus should be on 5 and 12-14 where Democrats are the congressmen and all of them have opposed the war on all sessions. Don't know how close calls the races for office have been but at least majority of the primary goers should oppose the war since some of the Republican voters also don't like the direction. we just need everyone of them to vote in Republican primary and for RP.

Whether the war is the question in MI or is the winner just the guy who makes the most outrages empty promises about bringing jobs to MI not sure of.

See more: http://www.reuters.com/article/wtMostRead/idUSN1234509720080112

RP:s message about the on-going depression doesn't necessarily sound too good for the unemployed however stopping the wasteful spending in Iraq and using the money at home might.

My 2 cents.

Good Info!

I may be a vegetarian, but I'll defend to the death my right to eat pork!

I may be a vegetarian, but I'll defend to the death my right to eat meat!

combine the threads

okay, if that is the case, then we should people to donate for guess who... operation broadcast for freedom. I thnk if we spend time on Congressional district 5, 12, 13 and 14 with the strategy of democratic voters choosing paul over obama or edwards. My friends please help boost the efforts in MI we can have a good showing there.

Broadcast for freedom is running ads in Kalamazoo (District 6)

And the Chipin widget is closed.

I hope it helps but the congressman, Fred Upton, is very pro-Iraq (has visited there) and won the election in 2006 by wide margin (61% to 38%).

Unfortunately it looks like the money and ads might be wasted but let's hope that half of the 38% that voted for Democrats and 1% libertarian with the 4% (7% poll of the 61%) of the Republicans vote for RP and we win the district.

We can get 25% if we focus on these districts!

Win these districts and we'll get 25% in the whole state! That'd be HUGE, maybe even enough for 2nd place!

Hope that happens but...

To be realistic MI seems to be a pro-war state (thus fertile for McCain's war mongering) with high hopes on getting (empty) promises on jobs from a son of former governor (Romney) and a man who isn'tt afraid to create jobs through higher taxes (Huckabee).

The club for growth add might even work for Huckabee's advantage if it brings Bill Clinton liking Democrats to him - hope not.

I think realistically RP can finish 4th statewide in popular vote but with four or five districts wins giving him 4-8 delegates placing him 2nd or 3rd in delegates gained.

My question is

My question is will Ron Paul place TV ads and radio ads and print to get out the democrat vote to vote for the only anti-war republican candidate?

My guess is no.

And that's sad.

Which is why I continue to call for the resignation of the top two running this ineffective campaign. Snyder and Moore.

MI Meetup Group Can Implement this Strategy

Call to Action Alert to Daily Paul Subscribers. Please contact the meetup group Michigan for Ron Paul Victory Group. They have over 880 members if I can get 100 plus people to contact at least 8 people on this list we reach them all via e-mail in the next hour. http://ronpaul.meetup.com/39/ this is the link

I agree

Snyder and Moore ran an incredibly ineffective Nh Campaign. The battle continues despite them. I wrote 4 letters to Michigan Newspapers online today. I will write a few more tomorrow with the anti war pro freedom message.

The Grassroots must do everything....

....if it's going to get done.

With dems we can get 25%!!!!

If enough dems cross the line we can get 25% in Michigan! We've got to get out and pound the pavement and pick up the anti-war dems! Post on every Michigan message board you can think of to spread the word!


None of us here in Ohio were aware of any straw poll being held in Cleveland. Ron Paul WON the straw poll held in Lordstown Ohio last month...even though some people were stuffing the ballot box for Romney. However...the results have yet to show up at the RP campaign site yet. And they have been contacted with those results at least four times now.
So...go figure.
Follow this link to read the low-down on what went on with the petitions here in Ohio, and how we almost got left out.

And that is...The rest of the story.


Ron Paul should be winning the home schoolers in Michigan

and everywhere else for that matter.

WHY then is Mittzy picking up supposed votes per this article. NOT one word mentioned about Dr. Paul.



NEW Web and Meetup for Troops and Veterans for Ron Paul

CONSTITUTION CITY, USA (Jan. 5, 2008). U.S. and World for Ron Paul announced today a new and unique www.envirosafeshop.com/myweb/troops.htm Troops and Veterans for Ron Paul website with a companion http://ronpaul.meetup.com/1509/meetup group. Ron Paul has been endorsed by many troops and veterans and have donated more than all other candidates combined. This has spawned a need to develop a strategic plan to recruit Troops and Veterans for Ron Paul. The sole mission of the plan is to inspire and activate troops and veterans to create their own local, state and even national meetups and companion webs to create a surge in their participation in the marches and parades throughout America. U.S. and World for Ron Paul also offer many other groups such as small business, farmers and homesteaders and Pastors.Peruse this meetup and website. Your comments and ideas will be appreciated. Launch this grenade now on your posts. Anchors aweigh!



If someone is not votiong for Ron Paul,

1) ASK why he or she is voting for a CFR candidate
2) ASK if he or she supports NAU (or USA constitution)
3) ASK if he or she knows DRAFT is a real possibility

We have a serous presidential candidate who is running against CFR propaganda. This is our chance to expose CFR.


government of the people, by the people, for the people

michigan is but a click away

Guys, here is a link to major media outlets in Michigan:


Think about this: in here we are just patting ourselves on the back how we all love Ron Paul. But how many Michigan residents read DP? Not many. Why don't we spend some of our online time in the next few days there.

As an example, I set up an account with Detroit FreePress (takes about a minute) which will now allow me to comment on Detroit Free Press Articles and spread the message to its readers. Please follow me there or choose your own outlet for MI campaign. You can do it from your home. Let's not waste this opportunity. With Obama out of the picture, we can capture many Independents for Dr. Paul.

To become a registered user of Detroit FP, click here:


and then click on any article that has comments, click on Post Comment and then look for "set up your profile". Here is their election forum:


Come on, there are hundreds of readers in MI who need to learn about the true Ron Paul.