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Delegate Walk Out

Delegates: If you have any hope or dignity left, for the love of liberty, JUST WALK OUT of the RNC.

If all liberty candidates walked out together, in front of the cameras, Especially while that god-awful Paul tribute film is playing, then the media could not possibly cover up that kind of embarrassment.

It is not right to associate the good name of liberty with these jackals!

Ghandi would say to do this.
Jesus would say to do this.
The Buddha would say to do this too.

Just tell the press on the way out that we now live under absolute Fascism, and that they should probably run away now before they are lawfully rounded up and detained indefinitely for reporting the news.

If you lay down with dogs you get up with Fleas. The WHOLE GOP is the dog now.

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Please, do not put Jesus in this category with buddah!
Jesus did not walk out of the temple!
Jesus drove the money changers OUT of the temple!
That's what Jesus would do!

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~

So wait, he's a coward for

So wait, he's a coward for sneaking in a sign and risking getting abused by police and put in jail for 'disturbing the convention', and walking out isn't considered that?

I'm done 'bumping' this topic, either you're really lost, or you're trolling. Either way, you slipped up enough in that post to tell me you're not worth even talking to right now. Go clear your head then come back...

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were you responding to my post? It doesn't seem to make sense with what I said. I was mostly making a joke.

Bad idea.

After all the hard work put toward getting people there, you just want to make their job easier and storm out like some insolent child?

They would just continue unabated. At least if people are there they can make it difficult for them.

"If this mischievous financial policy [greenbacks], which has its origin in North America, should become endurated down to a fixture, then that government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay off its debts and be without debts. It will hav

A worse Idea would be to bend over and take it up the...

Which is a worse idea?

Refusing to play their game, or to play it fairly but lose by a large margin because they cheated and there is nothing you can do about it but go home and cry that democracy died in front of you today and nobody cared?

Ghandi already had the perfect advice for this exact situation. And Ghandi WON.


The biggest problem here is

The biggest problem here is that you aren't very familiar with just how crafty the MSM is. For Romney to take a 'blow' from this, it would have to make it's way to prime time news. They've ignored our 'phone cameras' and 'pictures' of rallies so easily, and have made every attempt(quite successfully to most of the sheep) at making our movement seem small with simple tricks of the camera. It takes naught but a wave of their hand to aim the camera's at just the Romney crowd and make it seem like they are the 'center' of the convention. They've done it many a time before, they can easily do it again.

If we had a fair media, I'd agree this would be much more powerful, but we don't. We haven't had a halfway decent Major media outlet for the past few decades.

Why can't you see how un-ignorable this is?

You happen to be talking to the LEAST MSM-friendly person that has ever graced this website. You're simply WRONG in your assumptions.

The Networks of course can do what you say. But the Liberal networks like MSNBC and many other countries will not, and will be outside on the street looking for any kind of story to make Obomba look good.

When hundreds of delegates come out at an unexpected time, they'll have a HUGE story that no one could possibly hope to silence without a gatlin gun.


Then you've forgotten that

Then you've forgotten that both sides of the 'MSM' work to the same ends. MSNBC has often conveniently avoided discussing Paul when it would be DIRE to Romney, because get this, they work for the same people! How can you despise the MSM, but still believe their '2 party game'?

I don't.

Like I said, you are very wrong in your assumptions.

It is you that do not see where the weak spots in their armor is.

They work together at times but there is still competition.

Rachel Maddow just said today that even though the GOP moved the network cameras away from Roll Call where Paul voters plan to make a ruckas, she will be there and wouldn't miss it for the world.

She is clearly hoping to hurt romney and make obomba look good. The HuffPo would do the same. Ben Swann of course wants to make Paul look good. Dozens of alternate press like RT.com and infowars will be there to make Romney look bad. The word WILL get out and likely by someone like Maddow.

And once again, you keep ignoring the point about the official record. What can the RNC committee put down in their logbook when it comes to vote time? Most of the room was conveniently away from the room for all the votes?


They work in harmony and it

They work in harmony and it is controlled opposition. Just as the two parties work in harmony. In the 60's we had around 50 companies that owned the MSM today we have 6. It is much like all star wrestling.

The record doesn't matter much as 99% will never read the record.

Paul supporters creating problems at the convention will be used to support the narrative that we are a bunch of idiots and crazy people.

You know what? I might agree.

I would urge people who have no other way to protest a dishonorable leadership to express their feelings by simply walking out. But I think I would make a final attempt Monday to get the RNC to obey its own rules, and I would walk out then, before the "official business" begins.

Michael Nystrom's fists can punch through FUD.

No way will the Paul video be

No way will the Paul video be broadcast on tv... it just won't happen...

It doesn't matter

It's not about what the TV is showing at the time everyone walks out... The Media will be forced to address the fact that half the room got up and left!

Of course I'd leave it up to the delegates themselves to decide when the best point to walk out is, as long as they do it together.


I wouldn't put it past them

I wouldn't put it past them to just aim their cameras at the Romney camp for the entire thing... Remember, they are there to give a 'unified' appearance, and have stated thus. You'd be amazed how easily an entire 'crowd' of people can just 'disappear' on the other side of the lens. You'll learn this quickly when looking at many of the 'Romney rallies'(I remember the one with the fake signs, in which the cameras were angled just right to show a full set of bleachers behind Romney, but not the vacant spaces to the left, right, and throughout most of the gymnasium).

So? There'll be WORLD press right outside the door...

Of course they'll refocus the cameras that they control. But the RECORD will stand that most delegates REFRAINED.

Not to mention the world press is there and lots of cameras will see the walk out and get interviews on why they walked out.


You're putting far to much

You're putting far to much faith in the 'world press'(much of which is owned by people like Rupert Murdoch) to think they'll publicize that. The ones that do have tried with many events in the past, where did it get? The occasional mention of Paul's massive rallies on a European network never made a ripple against the MSM's propaganda at home. It's nice when we see it, and it invigorates us, but it's not enough to 'wake up' many people. You've got to put yourself in the shoes of the 'sleeping' voter if you're trying to make a message to them. A message between the Liberty movement of the distaste with the GOP and the whole system is redundant...it's already known to us.

Rachel Maddow and the Libs would LOVE to see that...

Rachel just said today that even though the GOP moved the network cameras away from Roll Call where Paul voters plan to make a ruckas, she will be there and wouldn't miss it for the world.

The libs and many other countries (most) would LOVE to see the GOP fall flat on its' face. They're rooting for it as loud as we are.

No one hates the media propaganda network here like I do, but there ARE ways around it... And a Walk Out is a way around it because it is simply too big to ignore... And the message is too powerful.

...And then there is the official Voting record too. Are you saying they'll mis-report that too?


It will be reported like

It will be reported like this:

The handful of Paul delegates in an attempt to put a final push at legalizing weed disrupted the convention with a walk out. In a interview with Jeff Spakoli (biggest pot head they can find) Ya man I support liberty and stuff... We need more weed man... Romney and Obama are okay but they just don't want weed.... or:

I support Ron and we need to do something about Bush directing the 9/11 hit. 3 buildings and 2 planes don't add up. They used HAARP to build this hurricane and attack the convention. Ron would stop HARRP.

Or ect... get the point... They write the story... Anyone can be a Ron supporter on the evening news....

I don't think you realize how

I don't think you realize how MUCH has been ignored before. A massive Paul presence on Romney's trip to Poland, that would be a massive hit to the GOP, mostly ignored. Most of the conventions that Paul won, only small tidbits on MSNBC, outside of Maddow's show, even though many of them were massive blows to Romney. Rallies, widely ignored. No, you don't seem to know the MSM well enough if you think EITHER side will spite their opposition's "Candidate" if it means praising Paul.

You mention Maddow, but how MUCH has her previous revelations of the GOP's treachery been ignored? How is her mentioning it on her show going to make 'waves' when all of Romney's dirty tricks before, that she had tons of dirt on, not make a dent in Romney's reputation TO THE AVERAGE AMERICAN.

I'm stressing that, this is all amazing for a person in the Liberty movement, but it doesn't 'bolster numbers' or 'efforts', it simply makes us feel good. That doesn't mean it's 'done' anything.

A walk out is NOT an option that does anything beyond make us feel like 'winners' of some lame argument.

Romney would want that

Dont get sucked into listening to negative comments on RP delegates http://www.dailypaul.com/250727/dont-get-sucked-into-listeni...


R$ would want for the whole nation to see that HALF or more of the room refused to be in the same room with him?

I kinda doubt that.

It will be the biggest blow to his confidence possible. His Poll ratings would sink to single digits within the hour.

Clearly a walk out would destroy not only his campaign, but the GOP leadership as a whole.

Would you call Ghandi's message of passive resistance "Negative" too?