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A message to Justin Amash from the Liberty Movement

If you haven't seen Gary Franchi's report on the latest news concerning the future of the Liberty Movement, please take a few minutes to check it out:

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Update: I realize that the report of Justin Amash's endorsement of Mitt Romney may have been untrue. I do not believe this is relevant to the serious issue of our movement's preference for giving in to the GOP at this very important time.

Dear Justin Amash:

If you're not standing firm in your convictions, then how can we be expected to take you seriously? Compromise isn't capable of leading to anything other than abandonment of principle and selling out to the power structure.

This trend of following fellow traitor to Liberty Rand Paul into the Go-Along Get-Along Gang is going to kill this movement once and for all when such candidates start getting widespread support from voters. And even worse are the sheep who try to point out the principled voting records of these guys. I mean, are we trying to stop spending billions every day killing innocent people, protect Civil Liberties, and end the corpro-fascist cronyism in this country? I know I'm not. I'm busy trying to make sure everyone who says they're for Liberty never makes even the smallest compromise, even if that means spreading Liberty on Facebook from their mom's basement instead of the floor of Congress and the White House.

The fact that these guys Benton and Tate have the audacity to infiltrate Ron Paul's inner circle and work to undermine the efforts of the Revolution SuperPAC really grinds my gears. I can't understand why people don't see how obvious it is that Ron Paul has absolutely no control over these guys' decisions. How can we expect someone who's been representing hundreds of thousands of people in Congress for decades to have any amount of influence on those running his campaign? It's as if people have no idea how politics works in this country.

Have we already forgotten how Ron Paul came to find the message of Liberty? If Dr. Paul hadn't missed his flight and happened upon that RevPAC ad back in 1971, he would likely never have been woken up politically; he'd probably just be wandering around aimlessly, pausing only occasionally to vote in support of statist corruption. Flash forward to 2012 and we've got Ron Paul campaign donors unknowingly supporting efforts such as phone banking and targeted mailings. Hello! This is politics! You don't get votes by persuading people on the issues about which they feel most passionate. You do it by overwhelming them with positions they have never before supported and have been convinced are unelectable. Sure, maybe some people get turned off by pictures of flag-draped coffins and have a harder time coming around to the ideas of ending the Department of Education and the IRS. And those people don't deserve Liberty!

Thomas Jefferson himself said it best: "Without Gary Franchi and the Super Brochure, the American Revolution would likely never have caught on." All these selfish "volunteers" who "dedicated" many months to traveling around the country with Ron Paul's campaign were doing more to sabotage the movement than anyone. Even someone who's never heard of InfoWars knows that the only individuals doing anything at all to help Ron Paul get elected president were either working for RevPAC or sitting on their computer sending money to financially support the blanketing of Congressional Districts everywhere with Super Brochures.

St. Mark's words are truer now more than ever: "What good is it for a man to rescue America and the world from this corrupt system that would make our founders cringe, if you have to forfeit an endorsement of your own party's nominee?" I've heard some of these elitist traitors try to point out that there's not a single person in this country that will be voting for Mitt Romney because of Rand's and your endorsement. Irrelevant! This isn't about the country. This isn't about the world. It's about those of us who already agree with everything Ron Paul says knowing in our hearts that we never compromised an inch! Ron Paul's dedication to running for president not once but twice (contrary to popular belief, he didn't actually run for president in 1988 as a member of the Libertarian Party - I mean, come on, are you seriously accusing Ron Paul of compromising his principles by leaving his purist party just to introduce his convictions to a greater audience?) has proven to us that he is the only human being that will ever deserve annointment to the presidency. It's that same dedication, of course, that prevented him from being able to instill in his own children even the slightest bit of the principles of Liberty bestowed upon him by RevPAC.

If you endorse Mitt Romney, Mr. Amash, it will undoubtedly mark the definitive end of the Liberty movement as we know it, leaving us true patriots with no choice but to direct all of our time and money to the efforts of Restore the Republic, the only solid effort of any kind actually working for the principles of Liberty.

And, to Gary Franchi, I would like to say: Thank you. Thank you for your selfless dedication to Liberty. The way in which your efforts have held strong as the only beacon of hope at such troubling times has been nothing short of heroic. Your almost stubborn refusal to profit financially in any way from your efforts is an inspiration. I salute you for a job well done, sir. The rest of us will now do our best to take it from here by immediately giving up on any sort of pragmatic, real world solutions, and instead fight the real fight by sharing this report to our favorite social sites, liking you on Facebook, following you on Twitter, and taking action with our fellow patriots on RTR.org.

Yours in Liberty,


Update #2: It is a very sad reality that I feel the need to clarify: None of the views expressed in this post are serious. I simply believe that this satirical approach is the best way to properly convey just how ridiculous the views expressed in Gary's "Report" are.

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Says a lot...

The steady stream of downvotes on this post further illustrates the challenges our movement will face moving forward.



Truth is Treason...

Thank you

Good to know we'll have at least some people left to continue this movement forward after Dr. Paul retires.