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This may piss some people off, but i just want an honest opinion - Paul/Palin Palin/Paul

I dont really trust her myself, but she HAS said some decent things about Ron Paul and his ideas since around 2010.

Who here would be willing to accept a ticket with Palin and Paul on it?

And if yes, which orders would you vote yes/no for?

A decent compromise for the RNC i think!

If they play hardball on compromise, would you accept this?

Paul but i dont like/trust Palin?

Would you accept Paul as VP for someone else?

UPDATED: Theres a lot of comments on "Id wait to see who Paul picks as VP" or "they would never allow Ron Paul as VP"

Just wanted to remind you, its the delegates who choose the VP and noone else.

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Now this is just getting a little crazy

Just cause she said some nice things about Dr. Paul doesn't mean she belongs anywhere near the Whitehouse. I never understood why people went crazy for this lady.

If she was on that show "Are you smarter than a 5th grader" she won't get the first question right.

crazy scenario

never happen either way...but go ahead and dream for a few more days.

We need a media network that can challenge the MSM...for the future...or we are toast.

I wouldn't mind a

Paul/Palin ticket. But I'd be hesitant with Palin/Paul - I hate her foreign policy.

This would work. I don't

This would work. I don't usually support women candidates, but if she can put this together she has balls.

And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.

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What if...

Palin really believed in small government and fought corruption in Alaska?
What if Palin was causing problems for the GOP in Alaska so they gave her the VP slot to get her out of the way and because they thought she was naive and could be easily controled?
What if Palin wasn't perfect and had incorrect policies?
What if Palin learned the truth from Ron Paul?
What if Palin and Paul worked together? With Palin carrying the sleeping people, and Paul working to wake them up?
What if the GOP didn't know this was going to happen until a few days ago?
What if we get a Surprise! on Monday?

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I've been fantasizing about this since last November.

Please read my article reprint from November, 2011:


Here's a campaign poster I made up: http://hillbuzz.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/Paul-Palin-20...


"Evil is powerless if the good are unafraid." - Ronald Reagan

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I don't know if he could win with her. She is too polarizing

The media would make it impossible....except FOX.

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it would be a gamble

but... there are people who would be fired up for Palin. There are people who would be fired up for Paul. Is there anyone fired up for Obama? NO! and McCain didn't lose by that much to Obama. Right now the mantra is Anybody but Obama. Paul and Palin would win it. The media has already lost credibility with conservatives and independents. I don't think they could stop it.

There are tons of people

There are tons of people excited for Obama. Try to balance out where you get your news, because that's complete horse shit to say he doesn't have a base.

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he has a base but no enthusiam

I don't think people are as excited about him today as they were four years ago. I shamefully will admit that I voted for him in '08(I thought he would end the wars and repeal the patriot act) and look at me now. I'm on the DP at 1am! He's not new and promising and the college kids like Paul now. Obama still has a base- but he doesn't have the enthusiam. There must be WAY fewer people willing to go to the voting booth for him this time. Do you really think nothing has changed for Obama?

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"Polarizing" is code

...for "bi-atch." It's a label the LSM pinned on her to marginalize and dismiss her because she's a woman. It's a sexist insult.

"Evil is powerless if the good are unafraid." - Ronald Reagan

Public Relations Consulting

i wish Palin really was

i wish Palin really was libertarian. i honestly don't know what she is. she can go along with kissinger and then say ron paul is o.k. occasionally. just like glen beck.

these people are weird creatures, going with the new world order just enough to have the presstitues care what they're doing, and then....

yeah, i'm not sure it's even controlled opposition. Maybe there aren't enough people that will sell out. people like richard beltzer is coming out and speaking against the illuminatti on the alex jones show while christopher walken wants to talk about cooking.

As Alex Jones says, Reality is over the top.

It's just like the Cathars were hoping for some of the kingdoms of spain to help defend their land, but realizing at the time that their friends were too weak to help and had to think of preserving their own skin.


It would be a STROKE of GENIUS

NOT that it would be great. Or that Sarah doesn't suck (but I like her as a person). But it would get a media BUZZ going and would be so unexpected that it would SHAKE the ROMNEY GAME PLAN UP THE WAZOOO


I'd vote for Ron Paul as President

with Palin as his ambassador to the moon.

david icke says the moon

david icke says the moon didn't come from the earth when it was formed


umm well

If it had to be I would say Paul/Not Palin. Im sorry OUR foreign Policy is too messed up. Sara doesnt Understand that. How are you going to cut spending if you dont cut MILITARY spending...its outta control and for what, nothing.

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?

Survey SAYS!!-


I would take Palin as VP to

I would take Palin as VP to Paul. While I would be weary about it, if something were to happen to President Paul in which Palin had to replace him, she couldnt possibly be any worse than the current people.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

My only condition with Paul on the ticket is

that Ron Paul will be unleashed!

No one will tell Ron Paul what to do. He will be his own master and use his delegated powers under the constitution to do what he believes is best for freedom & liberty.

Romney fatigue

I'm so disgusted with Team Romney and the GOP and their antics that I would take a ticket with Palin at this point on it for sure.


personally i would leave it to dr paul to decide. Im not smart enough to make his decision.
but if i had to i would say yes to palin because i havent ever seen anything bad about her except msm doesnt like her which is good enough for me.

Paul/Sarah 2012? maybe

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016

I'm happy with Paul as VP

for anyone as pres. At least with Paul as VP, Ron won't disappear into the abyss as he retires from Congress.

VP has very few responsibilities. Therefore I'm sure Ron will use his free time as the VP to help the freedom movement reach all new highs.

OP, please remember, Ron Paul will never be given the VP. They won't allow it.

Any issues I may have...

...with Palin are like a needle in the haystack compared to the issues I have with Obamney.


Eatrthquake isn't messing around, They are doing what Ron Paul asked ALL of us to do. We nned to be on those seats so we can remind them that Ron Paul's message IS what we want materialized in the deal.

What a pointless question

Neither Ron Paul nor Sarah Palin are running for president. In what universe do two people who aren't running for president end up on a ticket together?

I seriously hope you joking

otherwise you have a lot to learn still about politics.

1. Ron Paul IS running for president.

2. As much as they try and make you think otherwise, anyone can be nominated from the floor. I could be nominated without being there, with only 1 person knowing my name.

How does it feel to be such a

How does it feel to be such a terrible troll?

Not pointless

in view of the capricious nature of fate, especially in this race that has seen so many twists and turns.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

Any ticket with Ron Paul on

Any ticket with Ron Paul on it is good. Although I do dislike Palin.

"Believe half of what you see, and none of what you hear." - Benjamin Franklin

I'd vote for that ticket in any order.

I'd vote for that ticket in any order. Palin has improved since May of '11, specifically on foreign policy. She said nice things about Ron Paul too. For more info pls see some of my recent posts. At work on my phone atm.

Long live the DP!