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Ron Paul gathering in Tampa draws sparse crowd

"TAMPA, Fla. — The first day of Paul Festival, a three-day celebration of Ron Paul and the movement he led, kicked off Friday with a sparsely attended gathering in the cavernous hall at the Florida State Fairgrounds. Organizers had initially hoped 40,000 would attend the three-day event, but are now hoping for 5,000, attributing the smaller numbers to Paul throwing his own rally on Sunday and the possibility of inclement weather."


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I looked at livestream twice and saw nobody. Just empty chairs

The most I saw were on the stage when Qadoshyah Fish spoke.

I just saw an article on

I just saw an article on Tampa Bay Online that says that, according to the organizers, they are now expecting 2,000 people.

Wait...only 2,000 are expected???

Wouldn't that HAVE to mean that less than two thousand tickets were sold in advance?

I ask you all...the drama that the past 6 months of Paul Fest has brought...the constant in-fighting between the organizing committee, the mean-spirited smearing that was the bulk of the promotional strategy, the attacks on Ron Paul's campaign, the lies about the RNC, the added tension put between the Paul campaign and the RNC, the money bombs, the finances invested in this party as opposed to the delegates, the damage done to the unity of this movement at this CRITICAL moment...was it really worth doing it for 2,000 people, especially when they knew all along that they hadn't sold more tickets?

I wish I could be in tampa

but hotels were crazy expensive... but I do think charging $35 bucks was a bit much for a political rally

i didnt buy tickets because

i didnt buy tickets because the prices were too high to begin with.. it's what happens when the organizers didn't plan well or do "organizing" the right way


This is just how things are done. We are having a liberty fest here in Grand Junction, CO on Labor Day. Some might view it as amateur but we are having a full set of local candidates and local speakers talking about NDAA, Sound Money (ME) and local liberty musicians. We might not have a huge crowd but we are doing what we can.

All the haters sitting at home doing nothing can hate all they want.

I knew something was up when

I knew something was up when they started offering deals on the tickets that were at one point outrageously expensive. guess the numbers show that Dr. Paul has the most faithful supporters.


Not going to johnson fest...and obviously many others decided not to either.

You should have seen this coming

when you all endorsed GJ saying he'd be at Paul fest. Eat it up. You are now paying for the consequences of your actions.

Keepin' it real.

And the fallout from Paul

And the fallout from Paul fest begins.

Blessings )o(


I agree with all three messages above my post.