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Electronic Voting Verification

Note: I'm not advocating for disposing of the caucusing that some states practice.

Basically, the crux of my argument is that every voter will be able verify their voting results via a website that contains everyone's voting results and an associated anonymous voter identification.

For example, I receive an absentee ballot with a random number (maybe this can be something detachable that indicates your random number and which election this number belongs too). I send in my vote, the vote is counted (i.e. scanned) and the random number which is linked to me is flagged so that I cannot vote more than once. The results will be displayed openly the public, but only I know my random number (and therefore I can verify my vote), so my vote remains anonymous. And if all results for everyone are displayed, it's easily verifiable to count the actual numbers.

If a certain number of people make a complaint (500? 1000?, probably the lower the better) after finding that their results do not match, the proper steps may be taken for a recount/re-vote.

And I can certainly see the internet being used for voting. A secure log-in with your name, voter ID, SSN, etc where you can vote, have your vote flagged that you voted, display the results via your anonymous ID, and mail/e-mail a copy of your vote to yourself.

I think this would also work well in conjunction with ongoing efforts to update active voters lists (although not within a few months of an election), so that if there was cheating, the number of available voters is from a smaller pool so candidates cannot have the deceased or illegals casting votes for them.


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were warned by others here at the beginning of this campaign. They warned that if we didn't get some sort of transparent, tangible voting system in place, then all of our time, effort, and financial resources would be wasted.

In the back of my mind I was thinking to myself, how in the hell are we going to be able to change the voting system, when we are about to go full steam ahead into a campaign for RP?

Now, here we sit, wondering if our votes were counted or even WILL be counted.

I don't know who originally said "if voting made any difference then it would be illegal," but it seems to ring more true every day.

I don't know what it is going to take to turn this thing around, or if we will even be able to, but we need to start thinking about hacking at the ROOTS instead of the branches.

The notion that our votes are supposedly going to be (electronically) sent overseas and counted by some Spanish company is infuriating.

I agree. If we can attack the

I agree. If we can attack the root of the problem and have transparency, then people would feel that their votes count and not have the "He/she's not gonna win anyways, so why vote for them?" or the lesser-of-two-evils mentality.

So is there any grassroots effort to draw up this type of legislation and get it passed on the state level?