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Top 3 reasons the liberty movement failed

1. Ron paul never defended himself. Throughout the campaign we have seen it , the fraud , the abuse. Never once did ron paul call anybody out on it. Never once did ron paul stand up for himself. Sorry to tell you this but politics is dirty business , if you dont defend yourself you are going to get walked all over. And thats what ron paul and the campaign allowed them to do , walk all over us.

What if ron paul had gone off during one of the fox interviews? Directly said on national television that there is active fraud going on? Some would falsely argue that it would be "blacked out". This is false because this is the wonderful thing about modern politics. The other side would take this clip and use it as ammunition against the republicans. If ron paul openly said he was being cheated out of the election , the left media would be playing that clip 24/7. This would have caused investigations from the outside , and it would have caused romney to be exposed for cheating.

2. Conspiracy theories.
This destoryed the credibility of the movement and its supporters completely. You may have your own opinions on this , but im not going to get into an argument about it. The average person on the street sees a ron paul supporter as a extremist who believes completely insane conspiracies about our government. The truther movement is the biggest culprit. Nobody is going to join a movement that thinks the government blew up the trade centers.

3. Letting the media get away with propaganda.
The campaign never adressed the fact that they were also being cheated out of the election by biased media coverage. Going forward (if this movement survives) this is priority number 1. You cannot , in 2012 , win an election without fair and equal media coverage. No amount of "grassroots" bullshit will ever change this fact. I suggest somebody make a high budget documentary on the media coverage of ron paul.

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It is those normal people who

It is those normal people who will allow the Satan worshipping bastards who run the world, to continue to have their way.

Cos Cob, CT

probably the weren't prepared.

But, that doesn't explain why a the same template was used on the same straight line axis by 5 different major TV networks and a loads of of other obvious "cut and paste" type operations. There is a two hour documentary on Youtube showing the stuff in gory detail. You obviously haven't seen it. Anyway, this is as far off thread as I am prepared to go.

It looks like both you and the poster of the thread think (or would liek others to think) that the MSM are pretty reliable and not owned under the same umbrella of the Fed and the major corrupt corporatons of the planet, and especailly the ones president Ike warned about.

You both seem to think the libery movement has failed and that is about as short sighted as one can get. You both seem pretty intelligent so you can't rationally believe it, so you must have some other purpose, liek trying to dissuade people from it.

Over and out.

Some Perspective Please

The liberty movement didn't begin with Ron Paul and his supporters. It's been going on for a long, long time. Ron has done more than his share to keep it alive and growing, and hopefully there are plenty of people willing to step forward to do the same. It's an ultra-marathon which requires psychological endurance, patience and tolerance of critcs (some take longer before they "get it").

without ron paul i dont see

without ron paul i dont see how you will grow the movement or maintain it.

Knock it off

Ron Paul has already won and everyone paying attention and being honest KNOWS it. The GOPs cheating and blatant circumvention of the voters proves it. The liberty movement is growing exponentially, it is by definition independent of the state. Ron Paul is waking people up, educating a dumbed down populace, which is what he does best. In fact, he just MIGHT spread MORE liberty by NOT being elected and concentrating on teaching, speaking, fundraising for true liberty candidates, even simply by running his own website explaining to the rest of us what is going on with current events. Why should RP take the heat for the economic devastation caused by the Neocons and socialists? I hope the delegates pull out a miracle, I still think it's possible, but I know God works in mysterious ways.

A BlameFest. I guessed right.


Free includes debt-free!

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Maybe your short term goals failed, but the

Liberty movement is alive and vigorous and healthy and growing -- and it will win the hearts and minds of humanity before I'm finished! Who ever thought the fight would be won quickly or easily with no set backs? The only thing wrong with our movement is the naysaying that afflicts those who aren't in it for the long term.

I didn't

hear no fat lady singin'...

O.P.O.G.G. - Fighting the attempted devolution of the rEVOLution
Ron Paul 2012...and beyond

failed . . . no--

It would make as much sense for me to say that your spelling and punctuation are why the 'liberty movement failed', which I also don't believe--

*lighten up*


not only has it not failed, but the three things you mention are--

--not true; Dr. Paul is the success he is because of this

--conspiracies are part of reality and don't need to be denied; I agree that a person can talk too much about them, but truth prevails and . . .

--the 'liberty movement' is working to dispel the MSM myths and neutralize the brainwashing machine--

You're just having a bad day; go back to bed!


Don't take offense--

please. :)

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

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Is a week that long to wait for threads like this?

I agree that the situation is grim, but let us see this thing through before we say that we failed. I also don't like the word failed. That sounds too absolute. We did not win this time is how I look at it.

If everything becomes as bad as it appears now, we can say the following:

1. We did extremely well considering the stacked deck we were given. Anything that could have gone our way, in the end did not. Anything that already was not going our way from the beginning did not change. Despite this, we should be proud of our effort.

2. People are dumber than even we could have ever believed. This is the main reason for our lack of success, IMO....asleep at the wheel, unmotivated people. Although more joined us this time around, our numbers were still not high enough to make the difference we were expecting.

3. The level of corruption in politics is much worse than even we could have ever suspected or imagined. This corruption was seen at the county, state, and especially at the national levels. Outright blatant disregard for their own rules and for us was shocking and stunning to witness and experience. From the first straw polls to this shame of an RNC convention about to happen, the system is completely unmovable and fraught with corruption.

4. The MSM is nearly totally in bed with this political tyranny. The reporting of what was actually occurring was the exception and not the rule. Most of the time neglect and outright lies were what was commonly seen. Truthful reporting was rarely found.

That is what I believe to be true.

I agree with you--

and like you, no matter what happens this 'weekend', I am not giving up on liberty OR giving in to Romney--



it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

You are...

confusing the Liberty Movement with Ron Paul's run as a republican for the presidency.

Hollywood teaches us that we as individuals are helpless and that we need some superhuman Hero to rescue us. The only real hero is all of us united together. Stop looking for myths to be your leader.

Our enemies are laughing at us. They want us divided and we are doing their job for them....

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

Hear, hear!

Sharp observation

You are despicable in your

You are despicable in your disregard for those of us who actually care about the truth. We are not conspiracy theorists about 9/11, you are! You believe in the official government conspiracy theory. Stop projecting!


the burden of proof is on YOU nutjobs to prove and explain how our inept government could ever keep everyone quiet. All it would take is one attention-seeker with a publishing deal for the whole house of cards to collapse. Don't you think the Democrats would have run these theories into the ground in '04 if there was any truth to them?

I don't play, I commission the league.

You obviously know nothing

You obviously know nothing about Sibel Edmonds and other whistleblowers who did come forward, only to be fired by the government or ignored by the media. Your ignorance about this issue is simply infuriating. YOU are what is wrong with this movement. You still believe only little people are capable of conspiracy.

What a nasty fool you are.

What a nasty fool you are. The burden of proof is ALWAYS on the purveyors of a theory, and the government is the main conspiracy theorist about the events of 9/11.

Just do us a favor and read Debunking 9/11 Debunking so you can know enough to make such nasty accusations.

It's not that the government

It's not that the government did it, it's the people who own the government... The people who control the money. They control both the republicans and the democrats. Naturally the dems wouldn't challenge it, they're part of it too.

you've obviously not researched any of this. Here are a few things to consider:

Building 7... explosives, the report of the collapse of building 7 BEFORE it collapsed

The numerous Bush family members who worked for different organizations with offices in the twin towers who all happened to be out of the office for unrelated reasons that day

The Rothschild-owned operations that abruptly terminated leases (and paid heavy penalties for doing so) on 9/2/01

The multi-billion-dollar "terrorism insurance" policy taken out on the buildings in late august of 2001

The Israeli "students" seen celebrating and videoing the towers... they were set up on a roof-top with cameras aimed at the towers BEFORE the first plane hit

The explosions reported by the fire-fighters

The numerous experiments run to try to make super-thick steel melt and collapse

You're either misinformed, a shill, or flat-out stupid.

At their inceptions, the #Liberty, #OccupyWallStreet and #TeaParty movements all had the same basic goal... What happened?

actually i approached the

actually i approached the idea with open arms , the problem with the 9/11 conspiracy theories is they have no actual supporting evidence.

Be it "nano thermite" that doesnt exist but in a patent was somehow "detected" at ground zero by retards who didnt know that the outer facade of the trade center was almost completely made out of aluminum and is one of thermites main ingredients.

To the silly "Free fall" fiasco that is easily disproven by watching debris of the trade center fall faster than the mass of the building that is falling slower. Like i said watch the videos.

I could come and knock out every single little theory you have , but it would be time consuming and chances are it wouldnt change your opinion knowing you have probly invested money in the truther movement

Duh. that is because the

Duh. that is because the building was being exploded from the top down, and the main mass fell at virtual free fall speed. Debris was exploded outward, upward and downward.

I approve of this thread and

I approve of this thread and learning from our mistakes. I do not agree with saying the liberty movement has failed. A Ron Paul victory was never very likely. More importantly, we've swayed the hearts and minds of thousands. More people are awake than ever.

We may have lost the battle, but we are not even close to losing the war. The liberty movement is only just getting started. There is a long, arduous road between here and restoring our nation and you best be prepared for it.

Too soon to tell

You should have at least waited another week before making such a thread.

1. You are paying more attention to what Ron Paul hasn't said than what he has said. He has on numerous occasions (more so in Jan-March, go back and watch some of those interviews) called out reporters for asking loaded questions and using ambush techniques. He called Rick Santorum a fake right in front of his face on national television.

He has said in even more recent interviews talking about the campaign that his delegates followed the rules, and on some occasions, the other side has not followed the rules.

He will not say X committed fraud against Y; the only time Y says something like that to the press, especially during a Presidential campaign, is when there is pending litigation against X by Y. Otherwise it opens up Y to legal action for slander, and marginalization by the press. Ron Paul has been in the game a long time, and chooses his battles wisely.

2. You may be right, and is a case-in-point for number 1. Talking about monetary policy is good, blaming a hurricane on the Illumunati is bad.

3. This is a valid reason why the liberty movement could fail, but I don't think it has failed. I think people perceive it that way because it is not moving as fast as they would like it to. Today's culture is all about instant gratification. But I'm with you on #3, once the convention is over.

Biggest mistakes:

1. Trusting the corrupt GOP and complicit MSM to play fair

2. Trusting Jesse Benton

3. Trusting turncoats like Rand Paul, Kurt Bills, and Justin Amash

4. People buying into the preposterous "birther" and "truther" conspiracies, diminishing our credibility

5. Refusing to attack Willard during the primary/caucus process despite Ron having singlehandedly derailed Newt and Frothy's campaigns with devastating (and truthful) attack ads

I don't play, I commission the league.

pretty good post

pretty good post

I'm not going to address your reasons...

...since your premise is flawed; the liberty movement did not fail.

If you thought this was an all or nothing game, you never understood what was going on. The campaign was a huge success, much better than 2008. We are making progress. Getting Ron Paul the nomination would have been wonderful, but was never a very realistic goal. The campaign was about building the movement, which it has done on a massive scale. And the movement is not over.

2016 - the year liberty wins.

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

"the liberty movement did not

"the liberty movement did not fail"

yes it did , The goal was to

1.win the election
2.expand its influence in the republican party

neither were accomplished. period.

open your eyes man

Did you sign up to become a Republican PCO? In my county Republican party the Ron Paul supporters are now likely the majority and come Jan 1 will start voting out the old status quo members.
Many of us ran unopposed in my district and were handed the PCO positions. After our 2 year terms we can run again and likely be unopposed again. That will put us in position here to give us automatic delegate votes come the 2016 primary as well as let us control the process in our county. This involvement has happened all over the country.

I'm not saying this is you, but the only failures of this movement are the people who have whined about everything and done nothing to change it.

how many of them will show up

how many of them will show up to vote next year without ron paul on the ticket? not many , just like the amount of people showing up for paul fest