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Best Way To Help RP-Go To The Library

I agree with: http://studentsforpaul.org/ron_paul_library who say one of their favorite RP sites is the "virtual library" where over 700 speeches etc. can be found, fifty added in the last few days!

Type in any contender's name and try to find anything comparable. I challenge you. As Students for Paul know, education is power. We have the resources on-line to counter any objection to RP with clarity, dignity and "hard to dispute" answers. Educate yourself so you can educate others about how we have to return to our roots...the Constitution..in order to begin fixing a government that is "broken" in almost every area. We are going for a "shift" in public consciousness and it is happening!

This "presidential library" has no physical real estate, walls, or membership required. It was built with no fanfare or publicity. And, yet, it is shaping up to be something quite fine. I salute whomever is responsible and encourage everyone to...Go To The Library. I'm hanging out there for a little while everyday.

PS. The Library is listed under Reference as Writings of Ron Paul. Is there any possibility this listing could be changed to Virtual Ron Paul Library?

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Fonta - Thank you for the PS

I am changing the link right now.

And a PS to all - in the side bar on the right are a ton of links to different websites, blogs, reference materials, videos, etc. I am constantly tweaking and updating this list. Please do take the time to look at it will fresh eyes from time to time. There is a wealth of information, knowledge, and wisdom there.

Thank you all!
Michael Nystrom

Tucker carlson gave Ron some good air time

Caught the last bit of the the interview but it looked like Ron got some good time. Even a discussion about the Read I.D. project. Time to write nice letters to Tucker. It seems like he's genuinley supportive. I wrote a letter stating my interest in Ron and my hope to see him on the show again.