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PBS Debate

So far so good. Huckabee's doing well (though still playing to the audience). I hate Keyes more every time he opens his mouth. Tancredo still hasn't learned about any other issues besides immigration. Brownback and Hunter are both just doing their best to play to the audience. Paul's sticking to the issues and putting out his platform (as always). What do you guys think?

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What Debate?

As far as I'm concerned there was no debate. A debate is a formal interactive argument. There was no argument. Everyone is starting to copycat RP's stance. I would like to see an actual debate. This just appeared to be more of the talking heads doing their usual pandering.

Ron Paul did a fine job getting the message he had through, and his supporters are helping him even more by posting that message everywhere on the net.

Not a debate format

The format was "questions and answers", not debate. It was like a number of 10 minute interviews performed simultaneously. A debate on the other hand, allows for the participants to dispose some of their own time freely to interact with each other, to comment on what others have said and to themselves ask direct questions to each other.


...When DP came onto the stage he looked a bit frail and tired. At a campaign pace he is facing, that certainly will make anyone stumble, be less creative and have less retort.

He did stick to message, and that is good. However, he has been better in the past in follow-up and painting a more connective response to the questions. That is, he usually elaborates an application of how a policy affects not just one aspect of our society, but many. He missed some of that last night. I think Huckabee is the only one that gave him some real game. Duncan is narrow. Tancredo whines. Brownback is phony and placating. Keyes is effusive.

This is a good opportunity for him to say: "I am the original champion of the constitution in this campaign" and specifically separate himself from the copycats and cite a bill he's passed or proposed that illustrates that.

With a good night's rest, I'm sure we'll see all of DP's cylinders firing.

What this debate has done is put a bit more pressure on MSM to include some of these candidates in their coverage. Tavis and Co. were harsh on the invitees that didn't show and there will be some blowback for them. CNN yesterday covered that these frontrunners weren't showing....end result...there will be more coverage for DP.

I'll have signs-a-waving tomorrow!

Ok, you want my comment?

RP did a good job, not as good as in the past but he was good. Yeah yeah on the brownback, huckaboo, hunter blahh blah blahh crap. Now go easy on the Ambassador. This guy is so articulate that in a one on one with any dem, he would cream them like lemon morang pie. Everytime I hear him I am in awe. A bit religious? yes... but so were the founding father... Do I agree with everything? No, but 50% gets some respect. He really is a hell of a speaker.. Tom,,,, all I can say is thank God he didnt scream out deport them all.... He is the closest of any of them to RP... He should be the Defense Secretary when RP gets in office. Get rid of DHS, INS, CIA, DIA and roll it under Defense.. then let him have at it.... Put Keys as the U.N. Ambassador and let him light that Sh*t hole on fire before we throw them out of N.Y. and this country. The only issue I have is who is the V.P.? Kucinich? Might be a good move.. give him a pair of scissors so he can cut the ribbons on all the new army outpost along both borders... then give him a eco-friendly Land rover so he can go to starbucks and get the daily latte's...

Alan keyes is shakespearian

Alan keyes is shakespearian panderer of epic proportions. He is not articulate, he said that we should keep the death penalty, which is fine but here is his reason. "So that god can sort them out". That is a dangerous mentality, and one that i morally resent.

Ron Paul 08

Ron Paul 08

where are you?

I'm in the REPUBLICAN primary, courting REPUBLICAN votes, trying not to scare away the REPUBLICANS here in my REPUBLICAN party. Care to join me, or are you more infatuated with talking about putting Democrats on this REPUBLICAN ticket than winning the REPUBLICAN primary?

Republicans will behave predictably if you tell them you want a Democrat on your ticket: they will snort in disgust and take their vote elsewhere. I'm all about making that NOT happen.

Get active NOW to put Ron in the general election. ronpaul.meetup.com

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.

Blatantly obvious...

I think this is the first debate where I hear the words, "freedom", and "free markets" from people other than Ron Paul. It is blatantly obvious that they have looked to him for success and will now begin to emulate him.

Off on a tangent however, was Alan Keyes, pandering to emotion and not to factual, Constitution based solutions to real problems. That comment he made about an "American Fortress" that only looks inwardly and forgets about the problems of the world, was such a cheap shot. Ron specifically said that the Government had no Constitutional authority to subsidize the world's problems but endorsed the freedom and personal responsibility to do something about it if you felt morally obligated to intercede on behalf of the needy. There's nothing wrong with charitable groups raising money to help those in need.

Where do these candidates think the money is going to come from if we keep doing what we're doing with this world Empire? They talk about how compassionate we are and that we can't abandon the world and that we just need to keep on giving. How can society prosper when a Government, through coercion and force, plunders it's citizens and goes around the world, bankrupting the nation in the name of good will?

A lot of people pull out the "Well it doesn't matter how your finances look, if you are right with God, he will continuously keep you in his graces and lift you up." This is hogwash and the American Empire is not one that aims to do God's work around the world, in fact it is quite the opposite and precisely the reason why the country is going bankrupt.

This moral excuse of feeding and clothing and protecting people around the world is just the smoke screen that breeds complacency and allows Government to build this Empire and it has to stop. If people really care about those things, personal responsibility and charity will do more than the coercive hand of Government can ever do.

Obama mentioned the

Obama mentioned the constitution in a speech today. Like he even knows what it says. What a toolbag. I don't understand people who vote for vapid ignoramuses like him.

The Obama vote is a vote for change.

People see Obama as being the "change" candidate for the Dems and many see Hillary as the business as usual Washington insider. Obama is also by far the best speaker on either side. In this election Hilliary is the elephant in the room. Guiliani or Romney would be destroyed by a candidate who is not very divisive (any Dem but Hilliary). The "Anyone but Hilliary" vote, however might be enough to get who ever isn't Hilliary elected. Obama isn't Hilliary. I don't think and GOP candidate could beat Obama except maybe McCain and probably Ron Paul. Obama isn't polarizing enough to vote against (unlike Hilliary) so the GOP candidate will have to convince voter to vote for him based on his merits instead of widespread dislike of the other candidate.

Also, Obama has Fred Thompson appeal. He doesn't say anything specific so there is nothing to specifically disagree with.

here here, I second that

here here, I second that

Dr. Paul has got to slow

Dr. Paul has got to slow down (to the extent you can with only 30 seconds to answer). He seems nervous; at times frustrated with the questions. He's skipping the joke and going straight to the punchline; he's got to qualify his positions.

They can and are, parroting his ideals. He has to distance the field by showing his working knowledge and understanding of each issue.

Answering the Darfur question the way he did cost him; we on this forum understood his intent but those just tuning in, tuned him out.

Little disappointed that his performance has not improved.

But still going out this weekend to hang about a hundred signs baby!!!!!!

Ron Paul '08!!!!!!!


Look at the number of users on DP after this debate. I've never seen this many. Kind of gives me a warm feeling.

And by the way, the thermometer just turned over 601,000... :)

weak debate

but RP didn't show his views very good.
All same stuff but not very well presented (one good speech about healthcare and ending war on drugs).

One thing I agree with you, that other candidates follow the RP on issues :)

And one thing - Brownback said, that congress voted for war (on comitee, as RP reported, they voted against). It's not true, I don't understand why RP didn't take a comment on that..


are there any polls on who won?? Ron Paul for President!!

When freedom is at stake, silence is not golden – it is yellow- Tom Anderson writer patriot. 1910-2001

"Any people that would give up liberty for a little temporary safety deserves neither liberty nor safety." Benjamin Franklin

bad debate

This debate was horrible. Dr. Paul did his usual; and I say he was the most well received official there. This debate really didn’t further dialogue anymore. Give the candidates ample time to respond to the questions; don't take 15 minutes at the beginning of the debate to talk about social inequality...we all understand it exist. No one could have won this debate; it was setup to promote a specific agenda. One thing I did notice at the end though that put a smile on my face; the audience was chanting "Ron Paul" when everyone was shaking hands.

I don't know if any of you

I don't know if any of you listen to talk radio, but I was listening to Hannity and he was talking about the Republican candidates lacking core values and principles like Reagan. Yes, Hannity. Paul's views are being heard. The revolution is gaining steam (I just hope the people see that it started from Paul). It seems Gingrich was pushing this. Starting Monday, if Gingrich raises 30m in 3 weeks he's in the race.

Brownback "We need a culture of life"


Hahahahahaaa yeah I have a

Hahahahahaaa yeah I have a culture of life its called Dannon Yogurt and its in my freekin fridge..... what a goober.....


My favorite was:

"We can teach children of all colors, we've proved it!" - Tom Tancredo


It sounds like a Ron Paul echo debate. Wow, these guys have heard Dr. Paul's message and are like Parrots but there's only one Ron Paul except no imitations.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

To be honest, I like it. I

To be honest, I like it. I want to see President Paul swear in as much as anybody, but it makes me really happy to know that even if he doesn't get the nomination, the one that does is probably going to get there on Ron Paul promises. (And trust me, America will REMIND them of those promises...)

Lots of folk playing Ron

Lots of folk playing Ron Paul cards. Perhaps they've noticed that he's right.


I noticed that too. Brownback's all the sudden big on free markets. Huckabee's talking about the welfare state. Nobody copies someone who's LOSING. Looks like the other candidates got a look at the fundraising thermometer on rp2008.com :)

Brownback leaning over to copy RP's notes

Anyone else notice that? I'm going to find the time on the replay and point it out.

Look At All The Happy Creatures

I noticed but I don't think

I noticed but I don't think he was leaning over to copy his notes.

Like cheating on a test

Really? It looked like someone cheating on a test. I'll have to really watch for it on the replay to be a good judge, but it sure looked like he was looking at his notepad.

Look At All The Happy Creatures

They are clearly stealing

They are clearly stealing his talking point's. I think partialy the reason he was so angry was because his colleagues are blatantly trying to cop his notes, and present them with their personality.

Ron Paul 08

Ron Paul 08

Isn't that a good thing?

I think this has been said before, but about the whole stealing of ideas, this isn't a game where someone gets points for having the correct answer first. Its a good thing that we are starting to hear some of the same viewpoints as what we have been applauding. It is the message that it the point and not the messenger. Now, it might depend on how much you trust the messenger, but I think of the guys that were there that I would tend to believe they might be starting to think along the Ron Paul lines more than the ones that weren't there, and I don't think for a second that Ron Paul would be angry that others are "stealing his thunder". I say the more the merrier.

To me, it seemed like Ron Paul drank several Red Bulls before the debate. He seemed a little rushed on the answers and one thing I would criticize about Dr. Paul is that when he rushes the answer he isn't as coherent as he otherwise would be.