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Romney losing delegates at the convention - NEW

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Bah comercial trash for Gary Johnson

No way no how, just another pied pipper to lead the oposition off the cliff or back into the fold. I dont want govenrment I want freedom.



Whos that cute girl, she looks rather fishy to me :)



What you did there,

I see it.

Screw Gary J

Ron Paul or no one at all!


This is why Ron Paul...

... supporters have such a bad name... there are too many stooges among them who have no clue what Ron Paul is all about. Ron Paul will endorse Gary Johnson, next week, after the GOP convention.

Plano TX

and I didn't downvote you, sleuth--


I don't think those who love liberty should hide from the truth--

I am sorry for Gary Johnson--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Ron Paul has been about . . .

fidelity and principle with regards to his personal life/marriage--

Gary Johnson can't stand up to that--

I'm sorry for him, sort of--

but he lost a wife because of his one-track mindedness about his career, etc.--

How a man behaves in his personal relationships really does matter. No man is perfect, but what Gary did doesn't prepare him well for the things that confront a president that have to do with 'heart' and moral integrity--

I'm not saying that Gary Johnson's wife was perfect; people with undiagnosed, serious, life-threatening illnesses are often not easy/helpful companions--

but . . .

Gary failed that test--

not that there can't be redemption for him personally, but--

I could not admire or respect him, in spite of the words that come out of his mouth--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--