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Liberty & Fairness Implode As RNC Rules Committee Wields Iron Fist

The Preamble to the Rules of the Republican Party state, “Be it resolved, that the Republican Party is the party of the Open door. Ours is the party of liberty, the party of equality, of opportunity for all, and favoritism for none. It is the intent and purpose of these rules to encourage and allow the broadest possible participation of all voters in Republican Party activities at all levels and to assure that the Republican Party is open and accessible to all Americans.”

As the committee was ready to adjourn yesterday, Florence Sebern, delegate from Colorado, bravely moved to strike the Preamble, as, “It’s inconsistent with what we did today.”

Her succinct comment was appropriate, and reflected in Jeremy Blosser’s comments today. Blosser, a delegate from Texas, has been attending all the GOP committee meetings coordinating, and encouraging liberty delegate members, in their efforts to bring fairness to the RNC. He writes:

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I am confused as to why the

I am confused as to why the preamble was moved to be striked out? I guess im still a layman, as i dont see what is terrible about that preamble statement.

It's time for the Paul campaign to reassess...

...and shift strategies. They tried playing footsie with the establishment, and the establishment just unsheathed an ax to hack their feet off. Time to stop playing footsie.

The Ron Paul delegates need to demonstrate on the floor their disgust with the lawlessness and thuggery of the criminal conspiracy otherwise known as the GOP.

Said demonstrations should be coordinated with:

1) Rand's surprise de-endorsement of Romney at the conclusion of his RNC speech, and

2) Ron's surprise announcement of a third party bid (perhaps a Johnson-Paul ticket in the LP, or visa versa).

Or, they could lick Romney's boots one more time, roll over, and die (politically), along with the country. It's their choice.

Chances of that happening

The chances of Rand Paul recanting his endorsement and of Ron Paul running for president with Gary Johnson are zero. Everyone in here is besides them with grief and anger but I think that Paul family and campaign are quite content - it is an amazing contrast.



it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Florence Sebern is a ROCKSTAR

Florence Sebern is a ROCKSTAR and is right up there with the ranks of Ron Paul in MY BOOK. COLORADO WOLVERINES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Florence Sebern and Bonnie Cannon i swear could really be ron paul's long lost sisters:) one of those 2 will be a future governor of colorado, mark my words!!!

Ron Paul 2016

One of these two rockstars will become governor

If and only if they move to the center politically - there are no libertarians in state-wide offices except perhaps Rand Paul but he is more of a Tea Party / social values conservative to me. Ron Paul ran for the senate seat from Texas and got 16% of the vote in the primary - I think that this is roughly the ceiling on what is possible for a libertarian candidate in a state-wide election - you guys do great at caucases and conventions but you always get killed when the folks vote in a primary of general election - you call them sheeples but they have rights too and they don't embrace or even really accept you - that is the core problem - win them over and you win - continue to call them stupid sheeples and this primary contest will be the high point of your movement - not the start of anything.

I wager that the Romney campaign will prove more welcoming to the RP delegates than will be the rank and file delegates who are on the floor of the convention next week. Romney and Ron Paul like each other which tempers the hostility between the campaigns even though they have serious policy disagreements - Romney got tough at the end but I think it was because there was this constant din from the RP grassroots - not from Ron Paul or his inner circle - that the delegates were coming to raise hell if RP didn't get the nomination - so it seems he made the decision to shut it down and Ron Paul is being remarkably meek about it.

Stay with the party at least

Stay with the party at least long enough to vote Preibus out of office....

I'll be ending my republican party affiliation AFTER...

...I WRITE-IN Ron Paul in November.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

You don't have to be a R

to write in Ron Paul.

just what do you good people expect ???

The RNC is a pack of psychopaths, sadists, traitors, liars, thieves, degenerates, and mass-murderers.
Do you really expect such creatures to abide by the FN Marquis of Queensbury rules ?????

This country is on the verge a TOTAL collapse (due to more reasons than i can keep track of), a few months after which these elections
will be a vague memory with all the relevancy of a tick fart in a hurricane.

Prepare to feed/defend your family FIRST.
THEN worry about some election if it pleases you.

Quite A List

If you really think that then you should walk away today from the Republican Party - and don't think that your departure will be grieved by many - although those words you used are not the words of Ron Paul - we will see what he has to say about the issue and we will see what Rand Paul has to say too.

these ghouls "won't greive my departure" ??

i'm tearing up at the thought.


Do you really expect such creatures to abide by the FN Marquis of Queensbury rules ?????

The GOP is great at picking losers.

Dole, W Bush came close to losing in spite of electoral chicanery, and McCain.

The GOP put their efforts behind Scott Brown R-MA only to experience voter's regret. The RNC bamboozled the grassroots into voting for a Progressive hack and so Scott Brown won. And the big government proponents of the RNC, won again.

Ted Kennedy and Romney created Health Care tyranny in Massachusetts. Brown insured the nation it would be stuck with ObomaCare, enforced at gunpoint by the IRS.

Party proud the GOP waves it's banner, totally oblivious to the slavery they are promoting and the slavery they are welcoming. Will they wake up in time to see?

Their loyalty is admirable but misplaced.

Free includes debt-free!

The GOP record on winning

Of the last 8 presidential terms dating back to 1980, 5 terms were served by Republican presidents - 3 by Democratic presidents, Of the last 15 presidential terms dating back to 1952, 9 terms were held by Republican presidents - 6 by Democratic presidents. Today the Democrats hold the presidency and the Senate but the Republicans hold a large majority in the House of Representatives plus a majority of state governorships.

YOU MAY HATE THE REPUBLICAN PARTY BUT ITS HISTORY IS ONE OF A WINNER and I see nothing that will change that - regardless of whether Obama is reelected in this election or not. What has never, ever won in America is the libertarian philosophy - there are individuals who hold to its principles fiercely and there are perhaps more followers today than I have ever seen before BUT it is still a small minority.

One would have to be delusional to declare that the liberty movement has been a winner up to now and also delusional to confidently predict victory anytime soon - because there is simply no history of success to point to in support of this contention.

Say what you want about the RNC

they seem to be intent on taking hypocrisy
to a whole new level here.

All respect (and sympathy) to those such as
Mr. Blosser and Ms. Sebern who are in the trenches
fighting this.

DJP333's picture

This breaks my heart

I hope the sheeple realize the truth about what has happened this election cycle.

"Gold is the money of kings; silver is the money of gentlemen; barter is the money of peasants; but debt is the money of slaves."

Those who stuck by the RNC...

deserve the reaming their foolish trust opened them up for.

Republicans are Democrats now, but more uptight, clueless than ever before.

The GOP!!!

Ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha...LOL,LOL,LOL,LOL,LOL,LOL,LOL... what a joke.

Ron Paul 2012; Rand Paul 2016

First this preamble

Then then the Declaration of Dependance, followed by the Bill of Rights, eh, Ms. Sebern?

Might as well make it clear that YOUR right trumps everyone elses'.

Conscience does not exist if not exercised

"No matter how cynical you get, it's impossible to keep up!
---Lily Tomlin

My megabad

Very, very, sorry--There has been so much bad news about the RNC messing with the delegates that I had a knee-jerk reaction and missed the satire in the article.

Conscience does not exist if not exercised

"No matter how cynical you get, it's impossible to keep up!
---Lily Tomlin

perhaps you didn't understand--

she did it out of indignation, not because she doesn't agree with the principles--

she did it to show that the GOP/RNC are not following the rules--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Ms Sebern is right on target.

Ms Sebern is right on target. You must be on the planet mars or a romney zombie. It is pretty clear the preamble is useless after the corrupt rnc actions. Sebern never said her rights trump any ones. It amazes me you support corrupt unethical and illegal actions within the gop .Then you have the god damn nerve to attack Florence and her stating the obvious. semperfi is full of bs. sounds like your blaming florence sebern for the illegal and unethical actions of the rnc/gop and romney campaign. While you try to attack florence for calling it out.

Ron Paul 2016

She obviously did that to

She obviously did that to send a message, not to screw our rights. Im tired of everyone attacking each other in this movement.

One world, under government, with power and money for the elite

I enjoy the constant insults.

I enjoy the constant insults. it's entertaining. but you're right. this chick obviously said this to point out that the GOP is nothing but a parody of itself at this point.

At their inceptions, the #Liberty, #OccupyWallStreet and #TeaParty movements all had the same basic goal... What happened?