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It's time for a Johnson/ Paul Ticket

The Republican Party is a joke. We need to cut the cord before we go down with the ship. Johnson has good executive experience, similar values and principles, and the libertarian party. Dr. Paul has the movement (a.k.a us) and the congressional experience to be the best VP ever. Together they have at least a shot at toppling these weak parties. Even if we don’t win, I am sure we could beat the Romney/Ryan ticket, making the GOP a party of the past. Johnson/ Paul would be awesome and a huge force in November.

Support for my argument:

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Its not Johnson

thats the Problem. Its the Party that sucks. You think in this 2 party system Johnson has any chance of becoming President?!

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?

Is the Johnson campaign donating to this site?

If not, why are the Johnson posts not being deleted. This is the Daily Paul, not the Daily Johnson.

WTF is going on?

No true Ron Paul supporter would consider voting for Johnson. Period!

“I have joined your revolution and I’m proud to be part of what you want to do.” - Ron Paul

I'd only get behind it if it was...


Your time

has not come. Your idea is rejected. You are a troll

Corrupt Bob Barr strikes again

Libertarian party is now completely rehashing '08 with this crap.

Fight the Ron Paul blackout on the Daily Paul (now 'P AU L'), put his removed poster back as your avatar:

I said this before in a

I said this before in a similar thread but..

Not possible. Gary already chose his VP running mate - Judge Jim Gray, and he's actually a very solid libertarian

I think the LP

may shift somethings around to accomadate Dr. Paul.

Columbus, OH

Boy do you have that order backwards

You don't realize what an insult that is to Ron Paul to be VP to anyone?

Get it straight. Ron Paul does not *do* VP, he only does President.

And why are you pushing Johnson while Ron Paul still has a chance, no matter how miraculous, to win the GOP nomination?

And if that doesn't happen, then Johnson should step down to VP and allow Ron Paul in his slot -- if he's interested.

Titles dont matter

as long as the agenda and ideas are consistent. Dr. Paul would be very good at leading the senate as VP because of his exp in congress. Having the ideas in the white house is more important than whos who anyway. Either way it would be a dream ticket.

Columbus, OH

I agree...

It's time for the Paul campaign to reassess and shift strategies. They tried playing footsie with the establishment, and the establishment just unsheathed an ax to hack their feet off. Time to stop playing footsie.

The Ron Paul delegates need to demonstrate on the floor their disgust with the lawlessness and thuggery of the criminal conspiracy otherwise known as the GOP.

Said demonstrations should be coordinated with:

1) Rand's surprise de-endorsement of Romney at the conclusion of his RNC speech, and

2) Ron's surprise announcement of a third party bid (Johnson-Paul or Paul-Johnson ticket in the LP).

Or, they could lick Romney's boots one more time, roll over, and die (politically), along with the country. It's their choice.



Columbus, OH

can't we postpone this talk till after the convention?

I need to see how the whole thing plays out, first.
Also want to hear Ron Paul's impression of the situation once this week's performance is over and done with.


It's at the convention

we should spring this. All delegates, all Ron Paul suporters should walk out and promote Johnson/ Paul. This would have a huge impact. I agree that we should probably wait until all of the dictatorship-like rule changes the RNC has made get rubber stamped. This will erase all doubts that the GOP is a party that is closed to grassroot efforts and only available to big money.

Columbus, OH


Only if you have 1 billion to spend on a campaign, and then you still won't win

Prejudice Is a Fence That is Almost Impossible to Penetrate

Anything that can keep the message in motion would be a good thing. But third parties are think tanks and not viable methods to elect candidates other than in some types of local races.

The difficulty of trying to get the Republican nomination was nothing compared to the impossibility of trying to get a mere notice from the voting majority as a third party. Whereas Ron Paul supporters were a nuisance to the RNC, they would not even rise to that level as a third party.

There are people who are prejudiced against the Democratic Party and would never consider voting Democratic. There are others that are prejudiced against the Republic Party and would never vote Republican. But the worst prejudice is against those who are not running on either party.

Regardless of how polls are interpreted, the general electorate, as a group, believes that voting third party would cause them to lose something (waste their vote?).

However, a $billion might be able to penetrate some of that mind control. The problem is that the Libertarian Party has $5,000 in it's treasury. That would not be enough to win a local election in any of the large states. Ron Paul might be able to bring in another 30 or 40 $million, but that is far from a $billion. In NJ, Corzine spent about $60 million running on a major party just for the senate seat that he won. And NJ is only one state.

Gene Louis
Supporting a Needed Tool for Government Feedback:
A Citizen-Operated Legal System.

If the goal

If the goal is to spread a message then yes a 3rd party can do some good. Just don't expect to win, and don't expect much in terms of donations or volunteer time etc.

Dont need to win

Just need to have enough of a national presence to wake more people up. People will see thru the ruse soon enough we just need to keep telling them.

Columbus, OH

The GOP is not a joke

It's a very powerful political party that has lost it's way and why there are so many empty seats. The GOP and MSM do everything they can to disenfrancise, turn people off, get people out, they push folks away because they want ALL that power in very few hands that are more than willing to get dirty to keep that power.

Ron Paul has tried to show people, getting the message of liberty established has more chance through taking the GOP seats than "voting your conscience" for GJ.

We are being PLAYED to reject the GOP, and when you reject the GOP, THEY WIN.

We need to occupy the GOP, pressure them, hold their feet to the fire.. our response to what they have done to Ron Paul and the delegates is to take the party, not run away to remain marginalized for evermore.


The GOP is only powerful because it has money. Almost all of that money is dirty money. There is no way for good, liberty minded citizens to ever have access to that dirty money without sullying ourselves in the process. Thats why we need to dump them.

Columbus, OH

MSM attention

Did you become a Republican?
Did you try to become a delegate?
Did you try to get a committee seat?

Your FEAR, is false evidense appearing real, it's marginaling you and forcing you into the trash bin of votes.

Ron Paul showed me the light and that's my path now.

Better in the trash bin

than for Romney or Obama. Atleast then I can sleep at night.

Columbus, OH

Enjoy your trash bin

I have no problem sleeping.. I LOVE being on a committee.. best political move of my life THANK YOU RON PAUL!!!!!!!!

Glad your on a committee

I'm sure your helping bring some change about. Unfortunately the RNC has changed all the rules so that people like you will never get on any committee's from now on. Good luck to you, you're the last of your kind.

Columbus, OH

Keep listening to MSM and YouTube propeganda

NEVER go to your local GOP committee meeting. NEVER go see for yourself, or make it YOUR business. ALWAYS accept other people's words, especially MSM's, perspective on the RNC. RUN as fast and far from the truth. There is no need for you to be set free, or work to achieve liberty. It is better to accept defeat and loss. It is better to rage against the machine and feel that you have real friends who have your back as long as you side with them, and keep yourself in the dark about who is on your GOP committee, what issues they are wiorking on, if there are empty seats.. who cares? Not you. Your committee doesn't care.

It could be like mine, two old people eating Chinese food in a restuarant known for human trafficting. Why fight them? If we do nothing, we can make jokes and let them win. It's so much easier.

I'm far from the last of my kind, fortunately I'm not even alone on my committee, where no one wanted a Romney sticker.

But hey.. let's not rock their boat.. let's put Ron Paul's message out to anyone who needs a message because they don't have one of their own, eh? Support them, vote for them, abandon Ron Paul Republicans, who thank you for the good luck wishes, we will need them, eh?

I hear it's called

a Johnson.

There you go again...

with the anatomy puns... Between these and the insults no wonder nobody wants to drop by those committee meetings... But then again, maybe you DO fit right in with the GOP establishment...


The GOPwants us to go away. If you listen and walk away you are helping them win

If we go away

the GOP will win nothing and weaken as a party. Thats exactly why there is a chance for a third party to make some noise.

Columbus, OH