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Paulfest flops needs to ask Benton and his apologists for donations to cover losses, not us

I donated to Paul 2012 on several occasions to elect Paul for president because it was not about the money. Organizers of Paulfest (not to be confused with event at Sun Dome stadium today) are trying to collect money for their supposed 5 figure losses by using a video tagged with a misleading subject heading.
I donated money to the campaign to elect Paul for president, not to advance any other agenda. I was not looking to change the Republican party, to audit the fed, to link our money to the gold standard, or to advance any other agenda if it meant leaving Ron Paul sidelined in the end. Many of us disagreed with the campaign's direction early on, but our voices were drown out on this website by a rabid element of the "faithful".
Months ago, we were allowed to donate our money, and there were plenty of cheers for that. But many of us who also donated were not allowed any dialog that implied we did not have full confidence in the direction that the campaign was heading without greif. We would be visciously attacked as "traitors", "tards", "operatives" etc...and our loyalty was questioned right here on the Daily Paul...among our own fellow libertarians.
Many people could see the wheels coming off the campaign bus early on, but legions of supporters on the Daily Paul held a blind allegiance to Benton and his campaign strategy. They wanted everybody to believe that the campaign held some magic feather and all we had to do was keep donating our money...because "they know what they are doing".
For organizers of Paul Fest to accept donations by blaming losses caused by the media's conspiritorial coverage of the hurricane is as lame as their event was. I guess all that video on tv showing the devistation in Hati should have been ignored for their profits. Professional organizers buy event insurance...and yes, you can even buy weather insurance.
I guarantee that more people stayed home because of Benton's dealings with the RNC than because of the weather. In fact poor weather would have been to our advantage. No Ron Paul supprter that I know would have been afraid to get wet in Florida. Many of us worked at night in windy sub-zero weather passing out brochures for hours on end and putting up signs in Iowa.
It is time to put the blame where it belongs...politics has always been dirty, there are no acceptable excuses for losing and there should have only been one goal. Or for some..is it all about the money?

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I was thinking that maybe, just maybe the problem here is there just aren't enough dumbasses in the world that would travel thousands of miles to cheer on a campaign of Compromise. Hell, i could go anywhere and do that.....

"If ever time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin."
Samuel Adams

I thought the P.A.U.L. fest was for the GJ

campaign. Are there not enough libertarians in Tampa to pull it off? Hmmmmmmmmm.... Maybe THAT is why RP has been working within the republican party. Let's face it, neither the republican nor the libertarian parties are anything right now without RP.

~Your perception becomes your reality~

good point

"They" cannot help themselves I guess. Instead of just gathering people together for a simple celebration people caught wind of all the back room deals being made as though we are just cattle to be counted. Who wants to spend their time and money traveling only to be treated as a commodity or as a political tool for political tools.
If we can not be buffaloed by the establishment, what makes any of these novice event planners think they can get us to empty our wallets while THEY are trying to play the flute?

I saw somewhere that they

I saw somewhere that they already got $10,000 from the Libertarian Party. They can go to them for more if they need it. People didn't attend because Johnson was speaking. It was an insult to the Ron Paul delegates to let Johnson campaign at an event meant to honor Ron Paul.

Blessings )o(

Too many didn't have access

Too many didn't have access to a certified Jesse Benton secret decoder ring. That is why the campaign was a flop.

you are exactly right

Our votes were taken for granted.
After Paul started polling well in the weeks before Iowa the campaign turned their backs on us while they were busy chasing votes that they did not have. This cannot be argued. There was absolutely no red meat thrown to our base after Iowa and we became too anemic to be effective.
No red meat to the base ....no base....simple politics 101, a lesson I am sure Benton will never forget provided someone puts it on the chalk board for him!

People stayed home

Because of the refusal of the Paul fest organizers to listen to their customers from early on. It's their own fault. The market is always wiser than any person. From the very first failed money bomb, the organizers should have listened and adjusted their program.

I wish that

I could have attended.